Adjust the Z-Trek, Z-Trail, Venture and Cloud for a perfect fit

To get a perfect fit, there are a few adjustments you can make on the Amuri Z-Trek, Venture and Cloud barefoot-style sandals.

If you have the Z-Trek or Z-Trail, check out this video (Cloud and Venture are below). Note that the Z-Trail and the newer models of the Z-Trek don’t have the “hook” option shown in the video:

Some people like to know how I get in and out of my Z-Trails. Like this:

Here’s how to adjust the Cloud and Venture:

Most people aim for “snug and comfortable”.

You can adjust the tension of the front section (above your foot) by pulling lace through the ankle holes (pull more toward the heel to make things tighter, pull more toward the toes to make things looser).

If you tighten your heel lacing and end up with “too much lace”, you can shorten the laces by following these instructions:

  • Ed

    It seems to me that the amount of lace is a fixed amount. So when I tighten the heel, It seems to me that this would loosen the toe area.
    Is this correct.

    If not, where does the lace go to?

    • Hi Ed,

      The heel and toe areas can be tightened and loosened independently.

      The laces aren’t a loop. There are 2 “free” ends… pull them through the tensioners in one direction and they tighten things… draw them back through in the other direction and they loosen things.

      In other words, when you tighten the heel area you’re making the ends of the laces longer (in the same way that when you tighten your shoe laces, you have more “free” lace).

      That help (it should be self-explanatory from the video).

      • Edward

        Thank you Steven
        That clears up a mystery for me.
        I am always amazed at your helpfulness. Most CEO’s are too busy to talk to anyone.
        I am going to get these shoes fitted perfectly so that I can wear them in my Zumba classes. I am 86 and the only man inn both classes. I shaped them with scissors and sanded them smooth so they match my feet exactly. They look great and I can’t to hear what the women in my classes will have to say.

  • Matthew Ashton

    Do you think these require more of a break in period than normal xeroshoes? Personally I noticed a difference…I got a big blister on my toe from the rubber thong…although this could also be due to not having them adjusted to fit in the same way was my traditional Xero’s…and the fact that I was so excited about them I went out and immediately ran 3 miles…so I may have overdone it for some new shoes, but the ventures are amazing, I will say that. I do a lot of hiking and such as I’m preparing for an ultra this summer and the heelcup was a very nice addition to keep all those little rocks out.

    • Hi Matthew,

      To be clear for others reading this, there’s no “break in period” for the SHOES… that is, they don’t change shape or density as you wear them.

      Your question, it seems is about the WEARER getting used to them, yes?

      I think you answered your own question, actually. If you adjust these to have the same tension as your DIY kit shoes, they’ll perform the same way.

      Most people find the toe post LESS noticeable than the laces once they have the tension dialed in.

      Hope that helps.

      • Matthew Ashton

        Yes, I agree…I think my toe posts were a little too loose because i normally keep my DIY laces tight against the toe webbing and I got the blister further up my toe…so I’m gonna go with my own fault. 🙂 But like I said, these shoes are amazing Steven… I love them all, my DIY connects, and my two sensori ventures. I don’t wear anything else…ever