Adjust the Z-Trek, Z-Trail, Venture and Cloud for a perfect fit

To get a perfect fit, there are a few adjustments you can make on the Amuri Z-Trek, Venture and Cloud barefoot-style sandals.

If you have the Z-Trek or Z-Trail, check out this video (Cloud and Venture are below). Note that the Z-Trail and the newer models of the Z-Trek don’t have the “hook” option shown in the video:

Some people like to know how I get in and out of my Z-Trails. Like this:

Here’s how to adjust the Cloud and Venture:

Most people aim for “snug and comfortable”.

You can adjust the tension of the front section (above your foot) by pulling lace through the ankle holes (pull more toward the heel to make things tighter, pull more toward the toes to make things looser).

If you tighten your heel lacing and end up with “too much lace”, you can shorten the laces by following these instructions: