Erika’s No-Knot Barefoot sandal tying methods

Erik's Barefoot Running Sandal Tying method

Erika Berglund has been on FIRE creating new tying styles. Enjoy these 3 videos (Erica reports that she’s switching all her Invisible Shoes to the 3rd style she shows in these videos):

First, a few tying tip:

Lacing tips:

Erika’s No-Knot Tying Styles

This video makes a reference to our old name, Invisible Shoes. And it references Sonja’s tying style.

And since there’s exposed lace under your foot, I recommend coating that part of the lace with Shoe Goo for added protection.

5 thoughts on “Erika’s No-Knot Barefoot sandal tying methods

  1. Thanks so much for these videos, i Just laced up my new Contact shoes and they look and feel great!

  2. Ah, random trivia, how I love thee… The ends of shoelaces are called aglets. And I had to search the bobby pin question so I don’t feel entitled to answer that one!
    I’ve developed a bit of a dislike for shoes this year. But every day I look at the glass all over the ground on the way to university and sort of cringe at the idea of walking barefoot.
    These look amazing. Simple, relatively inexpensive, customisable, good for
    so many different situations… Plus the zombie apocalypse mention in one video SOLD me. Now to work out the semantics of getting a pair!

  3. aglets are what the end of laces are called, and bobby pins were named for being used for ladies styling their hair in a new style called the “bob” do I get double bonus points and double prizes?? hint, hint 😉

    1. Did you have to look those up or did you know them both? 😉

      1. I actually knew both of the answers! I worked for several years in a sporting goods store hence, laced many shoes and I have always had the habit of picking up tidbits of knowledge and storing them away. I have volumes of trivial knowledge tucked away. 😉

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