5 Tips to Help Prevent Running Injuries

While it’s not possible to never get injured when running (or living, for that matter), here are 5 tips to help keep injuries at bay.


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3 thoughts on “5 Tips to Help Prevent Running Injuries

  1. To my opinion this tips apply mostly to performance running. For recreation low intensity run one may follow them but as well may not sans collateral damage.
    My few tips (recreation runner, 50+, 100-200 miles a month, no injuries – clean record for 6000 km), keep knees warm at cold weather, perish the treadmill – outdoor experience only, natural breath control – just listen music, do not compete nor adjust with others – maintain your own cadence. Oh yes, and run as much barefoot as you reasonably can )

    1. A lot of the studies done on things like strength training show that it’s effective for runners of all types.

  2. Good tips for prevention of injury. I have 2 suggestions to improve your tips
    Regarding point 1- change from strength training, to strength, balance and stability training (this is why the rox is such a good tool!)
    Regarding point 2- while 6-8 Oz per 20 minutes is a good target, carrying water and drinking to thirst is better advice. The reason for this is hydration needs can be significantly effected by environmental differences. Humidity and temperature play a big role in hydration. Fun fact, in certain conditions you can have more water loss from respiration than perspiration!

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