Good luck to our Xero Shoes Olympians!

Did you know we are the footwear provider for a couple Olympic teams?


We got a write up about this in the Denver Business Journal.

We provide footwear for USA Artistic Swimming (formerly “synchronized swimming”) and USA Archery.

Here’s a fun pic of the swimmers wearing their Colorado.
artistic swimmers in Xero Shoes

No, they don’t actually wear our shoes when they’re competing. They did this for fun.

We also got them some Z-Trail sandals to wear to and from the pool, some Aqua X Sport water shoes, and some HFS for when they are (HOPEFULLY) on the podium any time they win a competition

And here’s a pic of archer, Brady Ellison from his Instagram. He’s in the Mesa Trail which, while it was designed for trail running, gives great grip for archers (and, we hear, golf, Frisbee golf, and ultimate Frisbee, too).

While we love the idea that we’re on a world stage along with multi-billion dollar brands, we’re happier that these athletes think they’re performing better thanks to Xero Shoes.

Look for Xero Shoes when you’re watching the Tokyo Summer Games.

And BEST OF LUCK to the Xero Shoes wearing athletes.