Customer’s Favorite Xero Shoes to Pack for Travel

Whether you’re heading to the mountains for a hike, escaping to a faraway beach or exploring a city on your bucket list, you need a travel-friendly shoe that’s versatile and comfortable, no matter where the day takes you. And due to their minimalist design, Xero Shoes are so lightweight they can bend in half, making them easily packable in even the smallest luggage, saving precious weight.

Instead of packing multiple shoes for every activity, reviewers boast that these travel-friendly Xero Shoes are the only ones they pack on a trip!

Best Xero Shoes to Pack for Travel

For a shoe that you’ll use not just for all the city exploring on vacation or walking during airport travel days, but when you want to sneak in a workout. The HFS is an all-around favorite that’s much more lightweight than other running shoes.

We recently returned from a three week trip to France traipsing through airports, through the train station, climbing spiral stone steps up to the top of a castle and up the many, many steps Mount Saint Michel, tramping over numerous uneven cobblestone streets, over some rocky areas in Normandy, through vineyards, and through oak orchards following a truffle-hunting dog. Some days were a bit long with tours both in the morning and the afternoon. But through it all my feet felt wonderful; liked they’d been massaged all day! For the first time I’d never had the feeling of “I can’t wait to get back to the hotel or ship to kick my shoes off.” Even on the airplane, I didn’t take off my shoes – a first! All that traipsing around and my shoes hardly look like they’ve hardly been worn. Diane O,

“These are my travel shoes now. Perfect for runs and the gym, super comfortable on flights, great for walking and exploring. The black color blends in well enough to work for pretty much every situation, in my opinion. I wear them with jeans or dress pants… I just can’t stand to wear any other shoes anymore…” Daniel J .

Want a comfortable, no-frills shoe that you can easily slip on and off? The Aptos Casual Hemp Canvas Shoe is a great pick for sightseeing or recovering from a day of active travel.


“I am on a trip from Arizona to Helsinki Finland right now and can’t say enough good things about my new shoes! I stepped into my Aptos shoes and didn’t suffer the usual blister or rubbing that I have always had with a new pair of shoes. These are so comfortable and work so well for me. I can now travel without fear of damage to my sole lol.”Barb P.

Just got back from a trip to Europe and a pair of black Hana’s was all I took with me. Perfect walking shoe. Classy enough to dress up for some nicer dinners. Just comfortable all around. If you wanna save space in your bag, skip the sneakers and get a pair of these. And yup, these are my everyday shoes at home too! –David T.

The TerraFlex II Hiking Shoe is an all-purpose hiking shoe for adventure travelers that fill their vacations with hiking, trail running and more!

I wore these shoes every day during an extended 26 day work trip overseas…They are perfect travel shoes as they are light weight and easy to pack and most importantly, comfortable! The performance during the hikes was really impressive- great grip in some pretty steep and snowy situations. While city walking, I was happily surprised that they kept my feet dry even on rainy days when I was dodging puddles…. – Rhonda W.

Walking in the City, Hiking on a Trail, Working out inside or outside; or out to dinner anywhere in the world, these shoes get you there, look good, feel good and you don’t need to pack another pair of shoes. They have immediately taken pain out of my knees and tightness out of my shins. I know walk 6 miles every morning on the Broad Walk on Miami Beach in these. I bought a second pair because the colors all look so great. 58 Years old, 5’9, 200 and I feel i can move again like I was 15 years old. Will be walking up to Machu Picchu in these in 3 weeks. – Scott S.

Hitting the beach or a tropical vacation and still want to get in your workouts? Whether you’re beach running or creek crossing on your hike, the Aqua X Sport Water Shoe sheds water easily so you won’t have to worry about wet feet.


I traveled to Japan with these and they got me through days relaxing on the river, road runs in the pouring rain and a hike to the peak of Mt. FUJI. The hike up Mt. Fuji consisted of heavy rains, mud and Rocky trail and the Aqua X Sport performed better than I could have hoped. Thanks Xero! – Kirk B.

If you’re headed to a warm-weather destination, pack the Z-Trail EV Sandal, which can withstand hours of walking or paddling without any blisters. At just over 4 ounces, you’ll barely realize they’re in your luggage.

“I bought these before a 2 week trip to Greece. I wore them the entire time and my feet were never sore. They were the perfect adventure travel shoe.” – Aaron O

This sandal has been my day to day sandal used while travelling in Italy and it’s perfect for all types of activities.  – Pascal P.

Plus, several research studies tout that daily activity or just walking in minimal footwear strengthens feet. And if you’re headed out for a super long trip, Xero Shoes has a 5,000-mile sole warranty, even for our performance shoes. (For reference, most performance footwear only lasts 300-500 miles.)

However, we want to say that any of Xero Shoes are great for travel!