Can you workout in bare feet? ABC 10 Sacramento finds out

Can you workout in bare feet?

Your Life California asked that to Xero Shoes CEO, Steven Sashen

To answer the question, think about baby feet.

Yes, baby feet… those cute things at the end of their legs that we like to tickle and nibble.

When a baby learns to walk, do you want to squeeze its toes, mess with its posture by elevating its heel, put it in stiff shoes that don’t let its feet bend and flex, get in the way of the sensations its feet are sending to its brain (so the brain can learn how to move)?

Of course not.

Well, that’s what most athletic shoes do to you!

There’s a reason that powerlifters deadlift in socks or bare feet.

Or why when we do pushups we spread our fingers (for balance and strength).

Treat your feet the same way.

Let them do what’s natural.

Xero Shoes give you that barefoot experience, but with a layer of protection and style.

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What do you think?

Have you worked out in bare feet? Or Xero Shoes?

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