Does knowing how to make huaraches running sandals give you super powers?

Having now made hundreds of pairs of huarache barefoot running sandals, and having spoken with many others who’ve done the same, I’m here to report a startling fact.

Knowing how to make your own shoes — even making minimalist running shoes like Tarahumara-style huaraches — definitely gives you super powers.

Oh, I don’t mean the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound (or even two or three bounds), or the power to fly, or the fun of invisibility… instead, I’m talking about something much super-er:

The knowledge that you can make your own shoes!

If you haven’t yet made your own running sandals, you probably don’t know what I mean. You probably don’t get why I would say that being able to make some running sandals is a super power.

But, I assure you, that’s only because you haven’t done it yet.

After I made my first pair of huaraches, and was walking around in shoes that I MADE with my own 2 hands, I was overcome by a profound sense of self-reliance, a comforting knowledge, a feeling of value… just knowing that, if things get bad, I can make shoes for myself and others.

And in a way that I can’t explain, that knowledge felt like having a super power.

I don’t have to explain it to other people who’ve made their own barefoot running shoes; they’ve told me they have had a similar experience.

It’s like growing your own food… there’s something really comforting about knowing you can take care of one of your basic needs.

So, if you haven’t yet, I highly encourage you to see what I mean and develop the super power of making your own huaraches running sandals. And, honestly, I’m not just saying that because I’m in the biz… it’s such a fun feeling, I want you to have it yourself. (But, hey, if you just want me to increase my super powers and order custom-made huaraches, that’s okay with me 😉 )

Anyone else want to chime in about what it was like when you developed your super power?

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