How to tie huaraches sandals – 3 new ideas!

There are so many ways to tie huaraches barefoot running sandals.

I want to show you two cool pictures that’ll probably give you more ideas of your own.

First, Zach Bergen didn’t want the knot between his toes (even though you’ll probably never feel it, since it’s in between your toes and flattens out pretty quickly). So with a bit of thinking, he came up with this solution:

(notice the knot on the TOP side of the running sandal)

Then, here are 2 stylish knots, one invented by my wife (and huaraches walker) Lena Phoenix, and the other invented by me when I couldn’t remember what Lena invented ;-):

For the first one, tie your huaraches the way you normally do. You’ll have a loop pointing toward your toes (see Zach’s picture, above). Then take the “leftover” lace and just repeatedly loop it around the toe loop (think about threading a needle, over and over).

For the second one, just take the leftover and encircle the toe loop, over and over. The “trick” it to make each revolution below the previous one.

I’ll make a video with these if I have to (do I have to?).

4 thoughts on “How to tie huaraches sandals – 3 new ideas!

  1. The loopy version is so fun and whimsical. my daughters love it.

    I have noticed that barefoot runners run like children. It is beautiful and we have forgotten – I’m working on remembering.

  2. please make a video. 🙂 these look great!

  3. Would it still be considered business casual if i wear these with my work attire?

    1. We have lots of customers who wear their Invisible Shoes with their work attire (especially if they use the decorative tying styles and/or add some beads/charms).

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