Run and Walk Better with “Instant Biofeedback”

Why do experts say that if you want to learn to run naturally, or barefoot, you should start on a smooth, hard surface?

(Hear Harvard’s Dr. Irene Davis talk about this on the podcast she did with Dr. Peter Attia here)

The answer: Because that’s how you get the most feedback about your form… and feedback leads to change.

In short, doing it wrong hurts and your brain figures out how to move your body differently to stop the pain.

It just so happens, those gait changes that get rid of running pain lead you to using your muscles, ligaments and tendons as the natural shock absorbers and springs — better than any cushioned running shoe.

Those gait changes lead to what we think of an Natural Movement.

But what if you’re not a runner?

What if you don’t want to be barefoot?

Well, Xero Shoes wearer and auto technician, Scott Hogan (@greasemonkeyfitness), accidentally discovered a SUPER elegant solution for giving you the feedback your brain needs to adjust to a more natural — and comfortable — way of moving.

Check it out here:

Try out Scott’s idea and let me know what you experience in the comments below.