Penny Hoarder Affordable Hiking Boot

The Daylite Hiker is an Affordable Hiking Boot

Hiking boots can be expensive, but because Xero Shoes are designed without a midsole, we eliminate some of the cost while still retaining a technical, stellar hiking boot! Penny Hoarder features the Daylite Hiker as one of the best lightweight hiking boots on the market!

Prevention Names the Z-Trail as a Podiatrist-Recommended Sandal

Prevention recommends Xero Shoes’ Z-Trail as one of the best hiking sandals. If you want to hike with a sandal, which is great when you’re ending your hike at a lake or crossing creeks, the Z-Trail can hold up to different terrain while retaining traction. People love the Z-Trail for the adjustable straps and the […]

Xero Shoes’ HFS is one of VeryWell Health’s Best Shoes for Bunions

Bunions are a struggle for many people, and part of the reason is that our shoes aren’t designed for our feet. That’s part of what makes Xero Shoes so comfortable for every activity: our shoes have a wide toe box, non-elevated heel and foot-shaped design. Read more about why our HFS shoe was named one […]

SELF Recommends Best Hiking Sandal from Xero Shoes

What Xero sandals made it into SELF’s Best Hiking Sandals? Our Genesis sandal, known as our truly minimal sandal. Even though this sandal is the closest to barefoot you can get, our Xero Shoes’ fan and a mountaineer, Chuck Garcia, has worn these on trips out and about in the Adirondacks. Our sandals are just […]

Xero Shoes Named One of the Best Walking Shoes by Penny Hoarder

  What’s better than a comfortable walking shoe? A shoe that’s affordable. And that’s why Penny Hoarder picked Xero Shoes’ Terraflex II as one of the 6 Best Walking Shoes. If you’re looking for a hiking shoe that can still handle varying terrain, but isn’t an ankle-height boot, the TerraFlex II is a great option. […]

Xero Shoes Fan Embraces Running after Cancer Diagnosis

Part of why we created Xero Shoes was because we wanted to make shoes that change people’s lives. And for our Xero Hero and affiliate, Randy Kriell, our shoes were part of his transformation story. Randy’s story was featured in his local hometown paper, Dayton Daily News: Cancer diagnosis leads man to embrace running in […]

Chris McDougall Wears Xero Shoes on Good Day New York

So many of us were inspired by Christopher McDougall‘s book, “Born to Run.” In fact, it sparked the barefoot, natural running movement. We’ve always been a big fan of Chris’, and it turns out, he’s a big fan of ours, sharing several social media posts about wearing Xero Shoes. We’re working with Chris and Eric […]

Forbes Vetted - Naboso

Forbes Chooses Xero Shoes’ Naboso Trail as Best Hiking Sandals

Forbes Vetted names Xero Shoes’ Naboso Trail as one of the “Best Minimalist Hiking Sandals”! In a roundup of  The 12 Best Hiking Sandals For Fairweather Treks, our Naboso Trail tops the list as the lightest sandal out there, at only 5.4 ounces each. “…This model not only offers a super thin, highly flexible outsole, […]

What Shoes Did WIRED Pick for Beach Running? Xero Shoes

Two times in one month, two Xero Shoes are featured in WIRED!  They ask, Want to Run on the Beach? Start With the Right Shoes. Experts recommend you’re better off NOT running barefoot in the sand, and that’s a good thing because our barefoot-inspired shoes give you the protection you need while still allowing your […]

WIRED: Z-Trail EV Best Barefoot Trail Running Shoe

WIRED’s list of “Our 6 Best Trail Running Shoes” includes Xero Shoes’ Z-Trail EV as the best barefoot trail running sandal. Editor Scott Gilbertson swears by these in many other WIRED reviews.   The Z-Trail EVsandal stands out from other similar sandals because it’s 70% lighter. The sandal’s triple-layer sole, which includes a foam layer, offers […]