The Phoenix Flower – Barefoot Sandal tying style

huarache barefoot sandle - Phoenix Flower

Here’s something simple and decorative to do with your extra lace.

Plus it means you have extra lace with you if you need it!

Step-by-Step instructions coming soon!

4 thoughts on “The Phoenix Flower – Barefoot Sandal tying style

  1. This is by far my favorite tying style for my new huaraches. The only problem is that I can feel the knot underneath my toes pretty distinctly when I walk on anything harder than carpet. The knot looks like it has flattened out pretty significantly in the last day, but it is still painful to walk on. Is there any good way to remedy it while maintaining the basic tying style, or is it something that your feet just acclimate to?

    1. You shouldn’t feel the knot since it *should* be in between your toes and flat/small. You could try one of the even smaller knot styles (see

  2. Hi Hi.
    Today will be my first jog/run in my new Hot Salmon running sandals! Tied and ready to go. But for real It’d be nice to have a PDF of all these tying styles.

    1. Agreed, Joshua… and we’re working on it (if there were only a few more hours in the day 😉 )

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