Best Selling Barefoot Shoes Now At

If you are anyone you know is in the EU, they can now buy Xero Shoes from our NEW website,

We’re so excited to have this new site so our European Union customers can save time and shipping costs and VAT.

One thing to note for you barefoot and minimalist shoe lovers: Crazy as it may sound, if you’re in the UK, Norway, Switzerland or other European-but-non-EU coutries, it’ll probably be less expensive to order from our US-based website since the cost to ship into non-EU countries is often more than shipping from the US.

Since Xero Shoes started, a significant number of our customers have come from the EU, but many more didn’t order because of the extra time it takes for orders to get across the Atlantic, as well as delays that occurred once the products got to customs or to the local mail delivery service.

If you have any questions about our new site for barefoot-inspired shoes, boots and sandals, feel free to email our European Customer Happiness Team at [email protected]

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