Shoes so Comfortable, You May Fall Asleep Wearing Them

Xero Shoes are so comfortable and addicting that out of our 53,000 5-star reviews, a surprising number of customers have literally fallen asleep wearing Xero Shoes!

“My toes feel free enough that when I fell asleep in my office yesterday, I forgot I was wearing them.” —Randy M.  “These shoes are truly a miracle. I can walk in them for hours! I have fallen asleep in my chair while still wearing them.” —Rodney S.  “As soon as I unwrapped my Z-Trek, I didn’t take them off for two days. I literally fell asleep with them, forgetting they were on my foot. These sandals allow for the pureness of barefoot life with an added layer of protection.” —Ryan S.  “I didn’t think I would like them. I bought them for the price. Lo and behold, I wore these an entire weekend and even fell asleep in them.” —Omar O.  “I was amazed, one day upon waking from a comfortable nap, that I still had my Xero Shoes on! For the first time in my life (73 years old)…I fell asleep with my shoes on. Now THAT’S what I call comfortable.” —Maxine B.