Lee Chase’s “Extra Comfy” Huarache Tying Style

Lee Chase's Barefoot Sandal Tying Method

Lee Chase developed this variation of one of the tying styles on the Tying page.

The only thing I’d do differently: Take the end of the lace and put it back through the half hitches to lock it in place.

First, a few tying tips and notes:

Tying the Lace knot:

This is the knot we most commonly use, especially with our 100% polyester laces.

The “Lace Bead”:

This is the smallest “knot” you can make for your Xero Shoes.

Tying a Figure-8 knot:

If you have our original laces with the nylon core, you’ll want to use this knot.

Lacing tips:

Lee’s “Extra Comfy” style

Step-by-Step instructions coming soon!