Forbes Chooses Xero Shoes’ Naboso Trail as Best Hiking Sandals

Forbes Vetted - Naboso
Forbes Vetted names Xero Shoes’ Naboso Trail as one of the “Best Minimalist Hiking Sandals”!
In a roundup of  The 12 Best Hiking Sandals For Fairweather Treks, our Naboso Trail tops the list as the lightest sandal out there, at only 5.4 ounces each.
“…This model not only offers a super thin, highly flexible outsole, but also the stimulating action of a Naboso insole. So as you hike in a more natural, grounded way, the bottoms of your feet receive some pleasant attention. If you’re not a fan of sandal thongs and think you could get on board with the idea that less is more, this is the perfect option.”
The stimulation of the Naboso Trail comes from its proprioceptive insole, created by Dr. Emily Splichal, a podiatrist committed to natural movement and the benefits barefoot.
In addition to this hiking shoe, our Z-Trail sandal is a great hiking sandal. Or for a closer-to-barefoot experience, hike in our Z-Trek sandal.