Chris McDougall Wears Xero Shoes on Good Day New York

So many of us were inspired by Christopher McDougall‘s book, “Born to Run.” In fact, it sparked the barefoot, natural running movement. We’ve always been a big fan of Chris’, and it turns out, he’s a big fan of ours, sharing several social media posts about wearing Xero Shoes. We’re working with Chris and Eric to promote BTR2 and help people discover how to run joyfully!

August 29th, Chris and his co-author and coach, Eric Orton, set off to promote the sequel, Born to Run 2: The Ultimate Training Guide.

They’re stopping in multiple cities across the US, joining local running groups to teach free running form clinics, using tips from the new book.
Before their first stop in Harlem, NYC, Chris and his wife Mika joined Good Day New York to share of the best running form drills.

“We get conditioned to buy shoes with cushion for fashion, but we forget that our feet are designed to run naturally. Just get all that obstruction out of your way, and let your feet respond.

These shoes are specifically designed to feel the ground. They’re called Xero Shoes, and they’re as close to zero as you can get.”

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