Best Xero Shoes Sandals, According to Top Media

Media are constantly looking for the best sandals and spend months testing different types of sandals for hiking, walking, wearing casually and travel.

Media rave about Xero Shoes’ sandals, citing the lightweight, barefoot-inspired design and versatility as two of the key differentiators.

Check out the list below of media’s top-rated, best Xero Shoes sandals.

VOGUE: 6 Summer Sandal Trends

All Terrain Sandals

“City dwellers or those who appreciate functional fashion will love these sporty rope sandals. Seen on the runways at Miu Miu, these hiking-inspired thongs have both technical components (an adjustable strap) and fashion relevance (Muiccia’s approval). You won’t ever have to worry about them slipping off, which despite their adventure-ready aesthetic, look surprisingly cool with a sundress.”

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Who What Wear: The Viral Sandals of 2024

Sporty Rope Sandals

WIRED: Best Barefoot Shoes for Minimalists

“Modeled (somewhat) on the running sandal of the famous Tarahumara runners, the Genesis sandal was my first exposure to Xero Shoes. You buy either a DIY kit to make your own sandals or opt for the premade Genesis. These are fast becoming my favorite shoes.”

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Good Housekeeping: Best Barefoot Sandals

“These minimalist sandals from Xero Shoes are the perfect choice for anyone who loves letting their feet breathe. They’re about as close to barefoot as it gets while still giving you some protection from the ground thanks to a thin rubber outsole.”

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SELF: Best Barefoot Hiking Sandals

“If you’re ready to dive into the world of barefoot-style shoes (popularized by the running shoe world), Xero is one of the best budget-friendly brands to try, with lots of fans in the hiking community.”

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The Modest Man: Best Barefoot Sandals

“The Genesis combines elements of a flip-flop and a sandal, offering a practical barefoot sandal design.”

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Gear Patrol: Best Sandal for Shorter Hikes

“Weighing in at a scant 5.4 ounces, the Z-Trail EV is as light as a hiking sandal gets… The Z-Trail EV is best for shorter hikes and water activities, or for people who want a protected barefoot walking feel.”

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Travel + Leisure: Best Barefoot Sandals

“For hikers and water sports enthusiasts looking for a trail sandal that doesn’t weigh you down, the Xero Shoes Z-trail EV Sandals for women and men are your answer. This minimal-yet-supportive shoe is built with a three-part underfoot construction… which offers just enough protection and rebound without losing the natural feel of the ground.”

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Outdoor Life: Best Ultralight Hiking Sandals

“This barefoot sandal is the lightest sandal on our list at around 8 ounces…. Its shining qualities are freedom of movement, comfort, traction, and lightweight.”

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GearJunkie: Best Minimalist Hiking Sandals

“Riding low and providing an absolutely grounded experience, these sandals take obvious cues from the huarache running sandals of the American Southwest and Mexico, and anyone who embraces the barefoot movement will immediately respect the idea behind them. “

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HiConsumption: Best Zero Drop Hiking Sandals

“For those who want a lightweight option without sacrificing any comfort or support, Xero Shoes’ Z-Trail EV Sandals are your best bet.”

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Field & Stream: Best Thru-Hiking Shoes for Camp

“The Xero Shoes Z-Trail EV sandal has long been one of the best camp shoes for its lightweight design and comfort. … after extensive interviews, the Z-Trail emerged as a resounding favorite for those valuing happy feet during well-deserved breaks.”

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Packable Life: Best Barefoot Running Sandal

“My pick for the best barefoot running sandal for those who don’t like ‘thong-style footwear’ is from Xero Shoes — the Z-Trail EV, a standard sandal style without frills and weight.”

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Treeline Review: Best Camp Sandal

“Geared towards hikers, runners, and campers looking for a minimalist approach to the outdoors, Xero offers us a way to get just a little bit closer to nature with a zero-drop, barefoot feel.”

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Field Mag: Best Ultralight Hiking Sandals

“Xero Z-Trail sandals are super flexible and wildly light, with the comfort of a sportier sandal and lightweight packability of your old flip flops.”

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InsideHook: Best Ultralight Hiking Sandals

“Xero sandals are incredibly lightweight and as close to barefoot hiking as you’ll get (without actually hiking barefoot). But their ultralight status doesn’t mean they skimp on comfort or performance.”

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Stylecaster: Podiatrist-Recommended Beach Sandals

“They’re designed to promote the natural movement of barefoot walking with a little protection, and the black color looks stylish.”
– Recommended by Dr. Alissa Kuizinas, DPM

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GearJunkie: Best Hiking Sandals

“It’s tough to improve upon a classic, but Xero about nailed it with these new kicks. Testers loved the all-rubber outsole design that’s nice and thin for a grounded feel. The 4x adjustments with a secure huarache strap system offer a connected feeling to the ground.”

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“The Z-Treks are the perfect packable sport sandals for a day hike or a backpacking trip and make a great lightweight camp shoe.”

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Stylecaster: Podiatrist-Recommended Walking Sandals

It’s a natural shape for people who have wide feet, and adjustable straps around the ankle provide heel stabilization. Another benefit is the 5,000 mile sole warranty, so you can get a lot of wear testing out of them.”
– Dr. Stephen Bui, board-certified in sports medicine and podiatric surgery

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