Raving about Xero Shoes in Wired.com

I have a small number of fantasies.

One that I’ve had since 1993 is to be in Wired magazine.

I’ve been a subscriber since issue #1 and, back in the 90s I was more actively involved in the tech world, which was Wired’s domain.

But as technology became more ubiquitous, Wired expanded its reach into more lifestyle-oriented content.

So, given the “non-technology technology” of Xero Shoes, I hoped that, one day, they’d write about the value of natural movement.

Well, that day is upon us!

Scott Gilbertson just published a WONDERFUL article about his experiences in Xero Shoes titled The Best Shoes I’ve Ever Worn Are Hardly Shoes at All

Click on that link and check it out. Add your comments here and on Wired.com.

And if you want to see the shoes Scott raves about, click here for the Z-Trail sandal, and here for the HFS running shoe.