Barefoot MYTHS debunked on Fox31 Denver

What are the Myths and TRUTH about being barefoot (whether you’re walking, running, climbing, lifting, or just getting into a store)?

Xero Shoes CEO, Steven Sashen, takes a look at a few of these on @KDVRDenver

* MYTH — being barefoot is dangerous. TRUTH — for a looong time, humans have been barefoot on terrains WAY worse than anything you’ll encounter. BUT… if you feel you want some protection and still have that fun, natural, barefoot-like experience, that’s why we made Xero Shoes.

* MYTH — you can’t go into public places, stores, and restaurants barefoot. TRUTH — while some of those may have *rules* about wearing shoes, there’s no law against it.

* MYTH — you can’t drive in bare feet. TRUTH — 100% false. There is no law in any state preventing you from doing so. It’s totally legal.

For those times where you want a bit of protection, some traction, and a stylish way to have a barefoot-inspired feeling, check out the performance and casual shoes, boots, and sandals at