XeroShoesCanada.com and cheap Xero Shoes on eBay – FRAUD!

DO NOT BUY Xero Shoes from these sellers!

In short, if you see NEW Xero Shoes for sale at significant discounts, they are not authorized sellers and you will most likely be giving your credit card information to thieves who are engaged in various types of ecommerce and credit card fraud.

The latest site to be violating our copyrights and stealing from potential customers is XeroShoesCanada.com. This is NOT an authorized seller of Xero Shoes. They do not own the product they claim to sell. If you purchase from them, you are putting your credit card data at risk

NOTE: If you do not see a retailer listed at https://xeroshoes.com/stores/ there is a high likelihood they are engaged in some sort of fraud. If you’re not sure, email our Customer Happiness Team — [email protected].

Similarly, there are a number of eBay “sellers” offering New Xero Shoes at significant savings. You can spot them because they’re offering multiple sizes and/or colors. They are engaging in fraudulent behavior, and do not own the product they claim to be selling. If you purchase from them, you will not receive your product and could be putting your identity at risk.