Hurache running sandals. Hurraches for running.

You may note my weird spelling of “huaraches” as hurrache and hurache (or if you’re using both feet, hurraches and huraches 😉 )

Regardless of the spelling, if you want to run barefoot, you need to try a pair of these minimalist running shoes.

Why? Well, they’re the closest thing to barefoot, but with the protection a real shoe (here at Xero Shoes we use 4mm Vibram Cherry, as well as both 4mm and 6mm of our own FeelTrue Rubber for the sole material… it’s exceptionally light and quite sturdy).

You may have heard about hurraches (I’m going to use all the weird spellings I’ve seen), in Chris McDougall’s book, Born to Run.

I knew about them before reading that book, but as a sprinter, it never occurred to me to make a pair for myself.

I’m glad I did.

I use my huraches to warm up for sprinting — I’ll run a mile or two on the track and even use them for intervals.

In fact, it’s kind of funny, but sprint spikes are a lot like hurrache — all they are is a thin layer of something between your feet and the track. The difference is that the sole on sprint spikes is very rigid, compared to the incredibly flexible hurache sole. Oh, that and the spikes 😉

Since you can see that I give away the entire plans for how to make huaraches I care more that you do something to try running barefoot (well, protected barefoot).

Personally, I can say that I never liked running more than 100 meters until I tried barefoot running. And once I put on my huarraches, I was going everywhere in my minimalist shoes. My wife walks around in her hurraches, too. And, with some loose socks, you can wear them in colder weather than you might imagine.