The Science and Research of Minimalist Footwear and Natural Running

“Where’s the proof?”

I’m asked this question often when I explain the benefits (and FUN) of natural movement, truly minimalist shoes and, whenever possible, barefoot living.

Ironically, I never hear people asking that about footwear from “Big Shoe” even though the “modern” athletic shoe is the new kid on the block.

It’s only been about 50 years since the invention of the padded, motion-controlled, heel-elevated running shoe and there’s no evidence that it’s helped people reduce injury or even run faster.

Well, if you want the proof about both points — the problems that “normal” shoes have not solved and have probably caused, as well as the value of getting out of those shoes and into something like Xero Shoes, you’ll love what I’m about to point you to.

And if you know any skeptics — people who INSIST that humans are better in whatever new form of cushioned shoe that’s catching attention, pass this onto them.

It’s an interview by Dr. Peter Attia and the preeminent minimalist footwear researcher and clinician, Harvard’s Dr. Irene Davis.

Peter’s been a big Xero Shoes fan for quite a while. I introduced him to Irene recently and here’s the wonderful result:

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