Stand Up Paddle Boarding Sandals

Stand Up Paddle Board with Xero Shoes

Some people love the feeling of sand between their toes.

Others. Not so much.

Same thing with stand up paddle boarding. Some love to SUP bare footed. Others want a bit of protection, especially if they’re somewhere that they have to jump off onto a less-than-ideal surface (think coral, or rocks, or ewwy-gooey things 😉 ).

We’ve heard from Xero Shoes customers who wear their sandals on their boards. Others just use them to get to and from the water (stick ’em in your pocket when you’re on the board).

Similarly, we’ve got a bunch of sea kayakers, canoeists, and rafters who’ve taken their Xeros on some pretty sweet water.

You, too?

Send us your photos and let’s see.

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