Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we get about Xero Shoes.

If you have any others, give a call or drop us a line, post them on our forum, or ask our Facebook Fans or Twitter Followers.

Can you really run in these things?

Tens of thousands of people all around the world of all ages use Xero Shoes for running… and walking, hiking, biking, camping, going to the beach, hitting the gym, doing yoga, even running 100-mile ultramarathons. Our former Customer Service Manager, Bill, ran from his house to the bus, from the bus stop to the office, back home, and then around with his dogs… then he does his fun runs on the weekend! He put about 120 miles on his Xero Shoes each week!

How do you run in these huaraches sandals?

Light and easy.

I can’t give you a barefoot running lesson here (for that, see the links on our home page).

But just by wearing them, you’ll find quickly that you don’t want to land hard on your heel as you walk or run in Xero Shoes.

The best advice I can give is: play with your gait and stride, looking for the thing that feels the most comfortable and is the easiest. But, most importantly: TAKE IT EASY at first… remember, Xero Shoes are just like barefoot, only with protection and style. If you’re not used to walking barefoot, that alone could take some time to get used to.

Plus, since you’re not putting as much stress on your skin when you wear huaraches, which means it hurts less, it’s tempting to do too much, too far, too fast at first. I know that no matter what I say you’ll probably overdo it (I did). Besides, how do you know what “too much” is, unless you do too much!?

Well, even though that’s true, I recommend you break into your huaraches SLOWLY. Walk around in them for a while first. Maybe only a half mile or so. When that’s comfortable, extend the time you’re walking and, when you feel ready, try running. If you’re already running a mile a day, try half a mile in these one day and see how you feel. Give yourself a day or two off and then repeat. If that’s not a problem, build up SLOWLY.

I also use the “slap-test.” If my sandals are slapping on the ground when I walk or run, I need to make some kind of change, probably by not reaching my foot out as far, or using better posture, etc.

Will running in huaraches (or barefoot) cure my running problems and injuries?

If you have a headache because you’re hitting yourself on the head with a hammer, wearing gloves won’t stop the pain.

In other words, it’s not just a question of taking off your shoes and experiencing magical healing powers.

Running barefoot, or in running sandals, gives you a lot of feedback about your running form. In short, if it hurts, you’re probably doing something wrong.

If you are willing to listen to that feedback and use it as an opportunity to change the way you run, to adjust your stride, to find a way to move that doesn’t hurt, then there’s a good chance any problems you had that were caused by bad form sure might clear up.

In other words, barefoot and minimalist running could show you how to let go of the hammer.

Being barefoot, or in huaraches, is an opportunity to find a cure, not a cure in and of itself.

Check out this post to read about people who, instead, thought barefoot running was about putting on gloves.

How long will the Xero Shoes huaraches last?

Frankly, we don’t know. We’ve had people put over 10,000 miles on a pair… and they’re still going!

Like any shoe, how long they last depends on your running style. If you use good barefoot technique and are light and easy, without scraping your foot on the ground, you’ll enjoy them for quite a while.

Besides, considering how inexpensive they are compared to big, padded, running shoes, we expect that you’ll be saving a fortune by using Xero Shoes.

And, more importantly, Xero Shoes come with a 5,000 mile warranty!

How do you tie huaraches?

There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of different ways to tie Xero Shoes, from ultra-simple minimalist, to way-extravagant decorative, to everything in between.

It seems like there’s been more creative ideas about tying these sandals since we started selling them in 2009 than there was in the 14,997 years before that when they were invented ;-)

Check out our page of tying ideas and, if you’re experimental and come up with your own, share what you create!

Won’t the knot at the bottom wear out?

Eventually, sure.

But since the knot is kinda flat, and since the rubber is flexible, and since the knot tends to be in between your toes, it’ll last WAY longer than you think.

Many Xero Shoes customers have put thousands of miles on their shoes without wearing out the knot.

And, we give you enough lace that when/if the knot does wear out, you can just pull another inch of lacing through the huaraches sole and make a new one.

You can buy extra laces for just a few dollars.

Do you ship internationally?

We do! We’ve sold Xero Shoes to people in more than 85 countries around the world.

We use the US Postal service to send our shipments. The cost to ship will depend on the weight of the package and the delivery speed you select; several options will be provided at checkout.

All domestic shipments come with tracking.  Limited tracking is available for some first class international shipments depending on the country, and full tracking is available with all Priority Express and Express International shipments.

Though almost all of our international orders arrive without incident, we strongly advise you to select Priority Express International or Express International if you live in a country with a less reliable postal service, including (but not limited to) India, Brazil, Mexico, and Indonesia.  We cannot guarantee delivery of packages shipped using First Class International.

International delivery can take anywhere from 3 days to 8 weeks depending on how long your order spends in customs at the border.

Please note that some countries do require the payment of import duties for international shipments above a certain value. We advise you to know the import regulations of your country and understand that you will be responsible for payment of any duties and fees imposed by your government at the border.

All packages will be marked as merchandise; as a commercial shipper, we are not able to mark a package as a gift (if you’re giving Xero Shoes as a gift, that’s not the same as us sending a gift).

Also, check our Stores page. There may be a Xero Shoes dealer closer to you.

What’s your return policy?

Some people get their Xero Shoes, put them on, and immediately love them. They walk and run painlessly and with the freedom that Xero Shoes provide.

For others, there could be a process of learning how to tie huaraches, and how to walk and run in minimalist footwear. In fact, one of the points of going barefoot/minimalist is to let any discomfort teach you how to move in a different way… a way that will be more efficient and potentially healing. Getting a blister, or feeling some tension in the cord isn’t a sign that there’s a problem with your sandals, but rather they’re working as they should: They’re giving you important feedback about your form (usually overstriding and/or landing too hard). Once your body/mind naturally figures out how to adjust, those issues resolve themselves. If you have any questions, check out Xero Shoes Forum to see if someone else has already answered your question or solved your problem (they probably have). We’re also happy to help, and we’re really good at coaching over the phone, so don’t hesitate to call: 303.447.3100

All that said, please go to Xero Shoes Return Policy page to learn about our 45-day return policy and free exchange policy.

What’s your Warranty?

Please check out this page for the details about our 5,000 mile warranty and our manufacturer’s guarantee.

Doesn’t that string between your toes hurt?

Not at all.

When you first start wearing your huaraches, you’ll notice it somewhat. After all, it is a thing. But very quickly the sensation fades into the background.

Also, you can change the tightness by the way you lace your sandal. If you loosen the heel, your foot moves further back and takes some pressure off the string. Or, obviously, you can loosen that “foot string”, or change the placement of it by tightening/loosening the loop that goes around it.

Plus, there are ways of tying Xero Shoes huaraches that don’t have a string going between your toes.

Finding the perfect way to tie huaraches is a personal thing, there’s no “one best way.” You’ll find the one that works for you with a couple of tries.

Can you feel that knot at the bottom?


Wait, let me back up… Not all tying styles have a knot at the bottom of the shoe.

But for the ones that do, you shouldn’t feel it.

  • The knot is in between your toes.
  • It’s not very thick.
  • The sole material bends around it some.
  • The knot flattens out as you wear your huaraches.

If you want, you can melt the knot with our laces into a tiny “bead.”

Why don’t you use leather or hemp laces?

You can use almost anything for lacing huaraches.

In my testing, though, I found some issues with hemp and leather that I didn’t like:

  • Both leather and hemp tended to stretch, especially when moist
  • Both leather and hemp tighten and stiffen when they dry
  • Both leather and hemp wear out faster than our polyester laces
  • Leather is much more expensive
  • Most leather laces are rectangular, and the edges can dig into your skin
  • Leather, isn’t vegan (for those who care about that)
  • Leather and hemp don’t give you as many fun color choices

The 100% polyester cord we use is strong, light, and doesn’t stretch or tighten, especially when wet.

Also, I prefer the “slip-on” method of tying which works best with a round lace, rather than a flat one (like leather).

Needless to say, you can replace the lace we send you with whatever you like.


  • Jake Mann

    do you suggest playing non contact sports in them?

    • Steven Sashen

      What sport(s) are you thinking of?

      • Jake Mann

        mainly tennis

        • Steven Sashen

          I’m not a big fan of using sandals of any kind for sports with a lot of lateral movement.

          While we’re big proponents of being barefoot, we’re bigger proponents of “right tool for the right time”

  • A.

    Is this beneficial for people with flat feet?

  • Heidi Turner Larson

    what about overpronation? is there an issue with stubbing or scraping your toes when running?

    • Steven Sashen

      Hi Heidi… in studies I did at Colorado Mesa University, we saw that being barefoot usually reduces pronation, in part because when you land on your midfoot or forefoot, you pre-load the foot and ankle, making it stronger when it is holding all your weight.

      Stubbing and scraping are no more common than doing the same thing in shoes. If you drag your toes you drag your toes regardless of your footwear ;-) … BUT, if you do that in our shoes, your body seems to to get the hint that it should naturally adapt the stride to prevent it in the future.

    • Heidi Turner Larson

      have you seen any issues for people with back and knee problems? i have had disc problems and torn meniscus. both fixed of course.

      • Steven Sashen

        Well, I have only 20% of the meniscus in my right knee (gymnastics injury 16 years ago), and a broken spine if that qualifies me ;-)


        The gist: it seems that barefoot running puts less strain on your body.

  • Steven Sashen

    There is no latex in our product. These are hypo-allergenic. We’ve sold almost 30,000 pairs and nobody has reported a problem.

  • Steven Sashen

    Our smallest size is for feet UP TO 6.75″… and you can trim them to be smaller.

    For someone JUST getting into walking, I’d recommend real barefoot. But you’ll also like this picture:

  • Steven Sashen

    First, measure your foot (shoe size is notoriously inaccurate)… we have soles that fit feet up to 12.75″ long.

  • Dana James

    How do they hold up in heat? Would they survive the parking lots and sidewalks of Phoenix in July and August?

    • Steven Sashen

      Well we have customers in all those places… but they’re not made of magic ;-)

      The won’t melt or anything like that, but they’re not impervious to thermal physics. If you keep them on a freakishly hot surface for a long time, they’ll get hot (the 4mm faster than the 6mm, obviously).

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry to ask this out of the blue, but you and your wife look so similar to each other. Has anyone else ever pointed that out?

    • Steven Sashen

      LOL… people have said that… we don’t see it. I’ve got the Eastern European/Russian thing going on, and she’s got Irish/German. Plus, she’s WAY prettier! ;-)

  • lsutherland

    I’m having trouble deciding between the 4mm and the 6mm. I watched the video and am still not sure. I like the idea of the 6mm because it is a little thicker, but is it still very flexible? Harder soles tend to bother my feet.

    • Steven Sashen

      The 6mm is still quite flexible.

  • Scott

    How wide are the DIY kit soles??? I’ve got 5E sized feet and want to make sure they’re big enough.

    • Steven Sashen

      I can’t answer your question, because we have 11 different sizes.

      Tell me the actual length and actual width of your foot and I’ll tell you which sole to get. (use for instructions about measuring)

  • Holly

    My feet sweat a lot and they can also smell pretty darn nasty too. I’m good about foot hygiene, wear only cotton socks and never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row, so I’m wondering if walking or running in these if I’ll hear and feel that ‘my are sweating’ noise and if they’ll end up smelling nasty.

    • Steven Sashen

      Usually, foot smell comes from the bacteria that grow in hot, moist situations. Since your feet are free when you wear Xero Shoes, that’s rarely an issue.

  • Rylee

    how do you track your order?

    • Steven Sashen

      Go to and enter your info… if you originally checked out as a Guest, though, you’ll have to call us. (You’ll know if you checked out as a guest if, after you sign into your account, you don’t see your order listed.)

  • Nicole Morrow-Milewski

    I posted this message in another part of the site that I cannot seem to find so I’m unsure if you have replied to me or not. If so, I do apologize.

    I have never been able to wear a proper running shoe because my feet burn, tingle and go numb. I’ve had custom made shoes done for me at Nike and NOTHING has worked. I wear flip flops year round and I live in Chicago so these sound right up my alley. I’m beginning to run again on my treadmill but I always have issues with shin splints. Could these help with shin splints, are they okay to use on a treadmill and I’m also wondering if any of your shoes are vegan. Look forward to hearing from you. Peace and Love!!

    • Steven Sashen

      Hi Nicole,

      Not only are Xero Shoes fine on a treadmill, but I have a treadmill desk, so I put 3-5 miles a day on my Xeros on a treadmill ;-)

      Shin splints are often a form-issue, not a footwear issue (though they can be exacerbated by the wrong shoe).

      Check out my friend Steve Gangemi’s post about shin splints —

      One thing you want to try is: Relax more. Use your feet and calves LESS. Think about LIFTING your foot off the ground, rather than PUSHING yourself off the ground with your feet.

      • Nicole Morrow-Milewski

        Thank you! Are any of the shoes you sell vegan?

        • Steven Sashen

          100% vegan

        • Steven Sashen

          100% vegan

  • Steven Sashen

    Katherine, Xero Shoes deliberately provide no support. They’re like being barefoot, but with protection and style.

    I have a broken spine and all of my shoes caused me back pain. Being barefoot or in Xeros doesn’t.

    There are many doctors who recommend being barefoot as a treatment for back pain, in part because when you walk barefoot you usually engage the glutes more… and this supports the lower back.

    Do with that what you will (I’m not a doctor and can’t provide medical advice).


  • Steven Sashen

    Our largest size is for feet up to 12.75 inches. If your feet are longer than that, then unfortunately we don’t have your size.

    • Sarah

      Total shot in the dark here but your do it yourself kit for the vibram cherry sole is 11 x 12″ right? Which makes the diagonal something like 16.2…ish. If Brians feet fit in a 11x 12″ square could you sell him 2 pieces… or would the tread not work properly at an angle??

      • Steven Sashen

        An angle is fine. The best thing to do to see if you fit in one of the Vibram Classic Kits is to cut out a square of newspaper of the appropriate size, and see if your feet fit (at any angle, and possibly facing in opposite directions) with at least 1/4″ to spare around the edges.

  • Steven Sashen

    First, our largest size is for people with feet up to 12.75 inches. If you’re 12.5″, you’ll be fine in our size K.

    Sadly, we get so few requests from people with feet longer than 12.75″ inches that if we made soles to fit them, we’d be selling something for $25-30 that costs us $750 to make (the mold cost is $3000, and we’ve only had 4 requests in the last 3 years).

  • Diane

    My husband can’t stand things between his toes. Can these be fastened in a different fashion? Thanks!

    • Steven Sashen

      Check out for tying styles that don’t have a thong.

      BTW, though, MANY people who say “I don’t like things between my toes” have no problem with our shoes… see for reasons why.

      • kevin

        I’ll vouch for that. I always hated flip-flops because of the thong between the toes.

        The Xero shoes are just different. The lace is soft and flexible, and I have not noticed it at all, except when I was first getting the lacing adjusted for my foot. If you get it too tight, you’ll notice — but then, you’ll also leave a groove in the top of your foot. Once you have the lace arrangement adjusted for your foot, the run from between your toes to the first change-of-direction (…er… knot?) should just lie there, flat against the top of your foot. It shouldn’t have any slack, but it shouldn’t be under tension.

        At that point, you shouldn’t even be aware that the lace is there if you don’t look down. Of course, you WILL look down, dozens of times per day for the first while, just to admire ‘em and say to yourself “This is NEAT!” or “This is so cool!” or “Bitchin'” or whatever reflexive adjective-of-admiration goes with your particular generation. :-)

        Whether you buy “custom-fit” or a kit, the lace they provide is extra-long. If it’s custom, the lace is already pre-knotted and fused under the toe hole, pre-run for you in the slip-on pattern, with an extra foot or so of loose lace. What I did was to wiggle the overall arrangement, and tug at this-or-that strand until it all looked and felt the way I liked, then I snugged the loose end, wrapped it around my ankle and set a temporary friction knot to keep the extra lace from flapping. After a couple of days of finding the exact configuration that I liked, I tied a hard knot to create a bump in the extra length where it exits the final loop in the slip-on tie pattern (top of the foot near the ankle), so that the loose, running end could not slip back through that loop/knot and let the whole net slacken. I still retained the long loose end for another day or so… just to be really-really sure, then I finally cut off the excess and passed a flame over the end to fuse the tip and prevent ravelling. The hard knot just behind the flamed end prevents it from slipping back through the terminal knot of the lace pattern, so I have my “final” fit now locked in.

        Now that I’m happy with my “custom” black pair with the reflective blue laces, I’m assembling my brown kit pair with the forest-green laces. I might experiment with some of the other lacing patterns, just for fun, but the “standard” slip-on pattern that Steven suggests is comfortable and secure.

        You hold the circle of lace open, like the opening of a shoe, slide your toes through, push to the front of the sandal, getting the single “thong” part between your toes. At that point, you have the single strand laying on top of your foot, as well as a double strand going off toward each of the side holes. The other double strands that form the back of the “shoe opening”, and are intended to go behind your ankle, are still under your foot.

        You slip a finger under your foot, capture the double strands and pull them over your heel, like you were using a shoehorn to get your foot into the heel-cup of a shoe. If you have to exert some effort to clear your heel, and it’s squishing your poor finger as you do it, then that’s about right. When it does slip behind your heel and come to rest above the heel against the Achilles tendon, you have a snug, secure fit that’s not too tight, and won’t slip off as you run or as you go about your day. Just as you don’t even notice the lace between your toes you are even less aware of the double lace behind your heel/tendon. There’s no friction or pressure.

        Hope that helps.

  • marie

    how do these differ from Vibrams? Wouldn’t Vibrams provide the same foot mechanics as these shoes?

    • Steven Sashen

      In comparative reviews, Xero Shoes come out way “more barefoot” than VFFs.

      Your foot has more freedom to move (personally, VFFs never fit me), the sole gives you more feedback from the ground, these cost less, last longer, and don’t rip or smell.

      Ask around on and you’ll hear from other people who’ve switched and never looked back.

  • Dion Cherry

    I would love to run in these for function but as a guy, I would be ashamed to be caught wearing these around town. Any way to make these more masculine?

    • Steven Sashen

      The majority of our customers are men, Dion, including military special forces officers, combat troops, weight lifters, body builders, Crossfit champions, ultra-marathoners, world-class sprinters, sea kayakers, mountain climbers…

      What would make them “more masculine”?

  • Pen

    I ordered the custom made shoes on Feb 3rd and my credit card has been charged. I have NOT received a link for video instructions to make tracings of my feet. It’s been 10 days so how much longer will it take to get the link?

    • Steven Sashen

      Hi Pen,

      You *should* have gotten it right away. But, as you know, the Internet is not 100% perfect.

      Go to and that’ll give you what you need.


  • Ken Ores

    Do you have any more coupon codes? I missed the deal after shark tank. I was a few days late. I want to get a pair and do not see any active coupon codes.

    • Steven Sashen

      Ken, that sale was only for the week after Shark Tank. Now we only have our “regular sale prices” and our 5,000 mile warranty.

  • Cisco

    Which thickness do you recommend for running?

    • Steven Sashen

      People use both 4mm Connect and 6mm Contact for running. It’s not a question of use, but of “how close to barefoot do you want to be?”

  • Steven Sashen

    Actually, if you look, even with the hole AT the webbing, the knot is in front of the point you’re describing.

    There are 2 causes for that pain that I’ve found:

    1) Overstriding or simply landing too hard on that spot (many barefooters who overstride get that pain, even without ANY footwear)

    2) Overstriding which results in your foot sliding forward over the knot when you land.

    Now you *could* switch to a no-knot style… but that won’t necessarily solve the problem which, as you may have gathered from my answer, is about form primarily.

    • andy trisconi smith

      I suffer from blisters under this part of my foot and thanks to reading articles on here now know i overstride and will listen for slapping noise too which i know i make… Hopefully that will sort it out

      • Steven Sashen

        Check out if you haven’t already.

        • andy trisconi smith

          Ah – great article. I paw back and pull a bit so good tips for me to look out for on my next run on Saturday was concentrating so hard on not overstriding i missed the other signs..

  • Val

    thank you for shipping to France :-)

  • jordancolburn

    I had that issue too, melting the knot waaaay down into a flat little disc resembling the bottom part of some of those cheap flip flops worked great for me.

  • Jennifer G

    I saw the video about the thickness differences. Does the 2mm make a difference in comfort in a hot climate? Meaning could you walk/run on a hot surface longer or more comfortably with the thicker sole?

    • Steven Sashen

      Yes, a thicker sole transmits heat and cold more slowly.

  • Kelli Larson

    I live in southeast Washington, with lots of tumbleweeds which means stickers/thorns in your feet if barefoot. How durable is the sole? Would the thorns penetrate? I love hiking in the summer and would love to do that barefoot!

    • Steven Sashen

      We’re in Colorado, where there’s the same kind of thing. The FeelTrue soles are VERY durable. Not surprisingly, the 6mm Contact provides more protection than the 4mm Connect. We haven’t heard of anyone getting a sticker/thorn going through either, though.

  • bxroses

    How much is the shipping fee for Singapore?

    • Steven Sashen

      Shipping is based on what you order and which shipping method you pay for. Add the items you want to your shopping cart, then you can see the shipping options and prices during the checkout process, before you’re asked to pay.

  • bxroses

    How is the whole process of faxing the tracing of our feet?

    • Steven Sashen

      I’m not sure what you mean… but I *think* the answer may be at (which you’ll get pointed to after you order a pair of Custom-made Xero Shoes)

  • Stacy Leigh Hutchens

    How long is the actual sole compared to the foot length guidelines for sizing? My foot is exactly 9 inches, so I’m trying to decide between the sole that is for up to 9 inches or the one for up to 9.5 inches. I’d hate for it to be a little too small, but I really don’t want to have to trim it, even though I know your website says that’s okay. I just feel like that would make them look cheap to be home trimmed. Also, could you tell me how wide your 9 and 9.5 inch soles are? Thanks so much, I’m looking forward to ordering my first pair!

    • Steven Sashen

      If your foot is exactly 9″ then get the size that says “For feet up to 9 inches.” Trust me on this. I beg of you. I’m a professional ;-)

      Now for the sake of answering your question, you’ll get a sole that’s 9.5″ long. You need the extra little bit, fore and aft, or you’ll fall off the sole.

      But, again, for anyone reading this, PLEASE do not try to second guess our sizing policy. If your foot is “just a little bit over 9 inches” do NOT get the sole that’s “For feet up to 9 inches” now that you know the sole is 9.5 inches. I assure you that you won’t be happy if you do.

      Oh, and trimming is easy and it’s easy to make them look good… we can help if you think that’s going to be tough.

      The width on the size D is 4 3/8″… the E is 4.5 inches.

      • Stacy Leigh Hutchens

        Thank you so much for such a quick and thorough answer!

  • Earl R

    I purchased the DIY kit but can not seem to find which video explains where to make the hole for the toe not.

    • Steven Sashen

      I just added a video to the written instructions at Look at instruction #5 and #6.

  • Rachel Maria Cullar

    I’m trying to place an online order and it’s saying you don’t have a shipping method for California?!?! Is this correct, or an error?

  • Steffen

    How suitable is Xero shoes for road running?

    • Steven Sashen

      They were originally developed FOR road running, and we have thousands of customers who’ve probably done millions of miles on the road.

      Our customer service manager, Bill, puts about 50-80 road miles/week in his Xeros (and another 20-40 on trails).

  • Rachel Maria Cullar

    I’m looking for info for properly fitting my son. He’s got big feet (Toddler size 9 or so), but only 2 years old (28 months). I got him the smallest size and did them all up, but they are a bit wide and the toe folds under on him sometimes. Also, tons of extra lacing. I’m looking to talk to other parents about what they did. I might trim them but then that means I’ll have to buy him new one’s sooner. The forum doesn’t seem to be operational, otherwise I’d ask there. Maybe I should just wait a couple months and try them again?

    • Steven Sashen

      a) The forum is having some “issues” ;-) (we’re working hard to fix them).

      b) Xero shoes are meant to be trimmed, if necessary… ditto with the laces.

  • Bana

    Where do I put the toe hole?

  • Manu

    hi steven,
    I love the product and would like to purchase it. Do you deliver to India??

    • Steven Sashen

      Hi Manu,

      I *thought* I made that answer easy to find, but I guess not ;-) … look in the header of the website, and look above at the question “Do you ship internationally?”

      We ship to every country including, of course, India.

  • Macca

    I am really interested in a pair of these. I would like to trails and such in them…I live in Ireland though so my concern is grip! Trails are never dry here and always boggy and most people are using a trail or barefoot shoe with an aggressive tread on it, with bigger, spaced lugs. I wanted to get the home made sandal kit. Am I going to slip and fall on my ass? what are my option sin terms of more grip? do I just need to learn to run better?…

    • Steven Sashen

      Most trail shoes have aggressive lugs because they’re stiff and don’t let your FOOT do what it’s supposed to do, which is flex and grip. And since they have so much padding, you’ll tend to overstride, so the lugs are there to keep you from falling due to bad form.

      When you’re basically barefoot (with the added protection and traction Xeros give you), you tend not to place your feet in a manner that’s unbalanced to begin with.

      Suffice it to say, we have LOTS of trail runners in Xero Shoes, even runners who do the various mud races.

  • John Brines

    What do you do if you punched the whole just a little to close to your second toe? I punched mine and it hurts but if I punch another hole they will be to close together and will create a double hole. Also love them so far, I can figure out how to walk comforably without the front draging, and bending beneaith the shoe, any sugestions? My toes go to the edge of the sole so I don’t have extra shoe there.

    • Steven Sashen

      Okay, let’s hit one of these at a time ;-)

      a) If you punch a second hole 1/4″ away from the first, it should be fine.

      b) If your toes are near the front edge when you’re standing, then the issue isn’t the “shoe” dragging, but that you’re dragging your toes a bit. I like to say “Why don’t you trip and fall on your face when you put on cowboy boots that extend WAY past your toes? Because your body quickly figures out how to adjust.”

      Same thing here. For the rare few people who catch their toes, your body usually figures out how to stop doing that (it’s an adjustment of millimeters) on its own as you get used to wearing your Xero Shoes.

      • John Brines

        Awesome! Thank you, I feel a bit weird walking right now… But I do like these things. Only been at work for an hour and recived lots of questions and compliments.

  • Austin

    How long does it take to ship to Arkansas?

    • Steven Sashen

      If your order ships with Priority Mail, that’s usually 2-3 days. If it ships with 1st Class Mail, that’s usually 5-7. Which shipping option you have depends on what you order (anything over 13 ounces goes Priority).

  • Hannah

    How are these shoes for walking around on sidewalks? I live in a city and walk alot. Don’t I need arch support for that?

    • Steven Sashen

      I’ve walked hundreds of miles in cities in my shoes. Prior to being barefoot or in Xeros I was always on the search for the best kind of arch support. Once I took off my shoes and let my feet work naturally, they BECAME their own support.

      Think of it this way, “support” is like wearing a cast. When you put your arm in a cast for 6 weeks, it doesn’t come out stronger. If you USE it, though, it can become strong.

  • Bryce

    Hi, I have my xero shoes and tied using the Xero basic method. No matter how tight I pull the lace all around my shoe (and to still be able to get it on), they seem very loose and slide from left to right and front and back. I’m very frustrated with this lacing and want it to work well but can’t. I have been desperately searching help online for actually tightening the lace but everything is just different ways of tying it. What’s the best for a 5k distance? For sprinting?

    • Steven Sashen

      Hi Bryce,
      First, there isn’t a “sprinting” style vs. a “5k style.” People use all the various styles for everything from walking, to sprinting, to 5k, to ultramarathons. It’s a personal preference.

      Secondly, if it were REALLY tight, you still might get *some* movement, but you’d also be digging the lace into your foot. So, without a photo, it’s hard to tell what you’re describing.

      And are you talking about having some looseness as you’re just sitting around, or are you sliding around when you walk/run? Because the latter is usually more a function of form than tension.

      Again, this is the kind of thing that’s easily diagnosed in real-time (seeing you), also diagnosed with a video, some info comes from photos… but the little amount you’ve written doesn’t give us everything we need to craft a perfect reply. If you can make video/pics that’s great. But, either way, give a call during business hours.

      • Bryce

        it is loose when I am sitting and I can move the sole side to side about an inch. Then, when I run, it slides and depending on how fast i run I will land on my toes.. Maybe my thong punch is in the wrong spot?

        • Steven Sashen

          Yeah, this would be MUCH easier to comment on with a photo/video.

  • Tom

    How do you keep rocks and sticks from getting between your foot and sole?

    • Steven Sashen

      Like any open footwear, you can sometimes get something in between your foot and the sole… BUT…

      a) it’s pretty rare
      b) it takes a split second to flick it out of place
      c) Let me tell you “c” in a story — Sometimes I’ll get a call from someone saying “I’m running on trails and I get pebbles under my feet.” I say, “Keep running and call me back in a week.” A week later, they call and say, “Hey, what happened? I’m no longer getting pebbles caught in my shoes.”

      Well, what happened is that, naturally, their gait changed to stop kicking things up that would then land under their foot.

      That help?

  • jmatalis

    Why do the sizes come 1/2″ longer than what you measure your foot as? I am confused as to whether or not I oder an “up to 8.5″ shoe for my 9″ measurement, or an “up to 9″ shoe.

    • Steven Sashen

      If your foot measurement is 9″, order the size D because your foot is “up to 9 inches.”

      The sole you get will be 9.5″, because you want the sole to be a *bit* longer than your foot.

      • jmatalis

        thank youuu! Can’t wait for my new sandals!!!!

  • matthew

    I have flat feet. will these work for me. My feet are always in pain, is this the solution?

  • Mary

    My husband has plantar fasciatis and wears orthotics in his running shoes. It can be very painful when he exercises without the orthotics. What effect would your shoes have on this condition?
    Also, I am a power walker. Can I use your shoes? What about using the treadmill or elliptical machine with your shoes?
    Thanks for answering my multiple questions!!

    • Steven Sashen

      Hi Mary,

      People wear Xero Shoes for everything from walking (including treadmills and ellipticals) to hiking, to jogging, to running ultra-marathons. So, power walking is not a prob.

      Regarding your husband, there are many doctors that recommend being barefoot as a treatment for Plantar Fasciitis (see… and Xeros are as close to barefoot as you can get while adding a bit of protection and style.

      I had orthotics for 35 years… but once I started going barefoot and in Xero Shoes, my feet strengthened and I no longer needed them.

  • robert franklin stroud

    Do you sell to Canada or have a retail outlet in Canada?

    • Steven Sashen

      We ship to almost everywhere in the world (and to Canada every day). But we don’t have a retailer in Canada yet.

  • Steven Sashen

    Hi Mark,

    Absolutely, every size over the F is wider than 4.5″ (the F is 4 5/8″ wide and the largest, K, is 5 1/4″ wide)

  • Matt

    Has there been any testing done or do you have any info on people with diabetes wearing your product?

    • Steven Sashen

      What kind of testing are you referring to?

      The thing to remember about Xero Shoes is this: It’s like being barefoot, but with a layer of protection. Simple.

    • Rob Boyland

      I have diabetes and have been wearing Xero’s for about 2 years. My feet are in the best shape that they have ever been, plantar fasciitis is completely healed, and every time you walk in them you get a little extra workout that keeps your legs strong and has really helped keep my blood glucose under control (better workout walking than when I used to walk in regular shoes). I have completely transitioned to these or “barefoot” shoes for work.

  • dave

    Hi there. I have VERY high arches, wear motion control shoes with orthodocsm and have haglund’s syndrome (“pump bumps”). Do i have any hope for bare footing or shoes like these?

  • Nathan

    I have been running in vibrams for over a year now and have completed two marathons so my feet are relatively used to the minimalist running. In the Xeros though, my heals slide slightly over the outside edge when I start to run. What is the best way to prevent this?

    • Steven Sashen

      FWIW, studies show that most Vibram wearers don’t actually adjust their form to “barefoot style.” I can’t tell if that’s you or not, but it might be (and only a video tape would tell us definitively… I’ve had many runners ASSURE me that they don’t heel strike, for example, only to find that video shows that they do).

      Most of the time, if your heel is sliding, it just means you need to tighten the heel strap a bit.

      Sometimes, it means you may want to change the angle of the heel strap.

      RARELY it means you might want to punch a different ankle hole to get the ankle strap closer to your foot.

      Give Bill a call at 303.447.3100 and he can help you with this (if any of the above didn’t).

  • Steven Sashen

    I’m not sure what you mean. We’ve shipped Xero Shoes to over 90 countries.

    • Sarah

      I think she means the shoe goo. (-: Because adhesives can be hazardous, toxic, or flammable, you should never ship any industrial grade adhesives. What’s legal in the manufacturer’s area might not be legal in yours, and even if it is, the red tape sometimes just isn’t worth it.
      You should however be able to find it or something similar at your local hardware store.

  • Kelly

    I love going places barefoot… However, I like my feet not to hurt at the end of a long day. Are these shoes something you would wear to a long trip at Disneyland, or something more like to the beach or whatever? I can’t see how these would be a comfortable cushion for your feet.

    • Steven Sashen


      The whole idea behind *truly* barefoot shoes is that your BODY provides the cushioning when you use it correctly, when you use your muscles, ligaments, and tendons as the natural springs and shock absorbers they’re designed to be.

      You only need “cushioning” in your shoes if your feet can’t flex and feel the ground, and if you land hard on the ground… which, ironically, we do when we have cushioning.

      We have thousands of customers who use Xero Shoes as their only shoes, all day, every day, for every situation, and they report that their feet don’t hurt, in part because they’re USING their feet all day — those little movements that you can’t make in normal shoes keep your feet engaged.

      Our product developer, Dennis, tells this story: He’s been doing trade shows for 35 years and was always looking for the “perfect shoe” to keep his feet, knees, and back from hurting at the end of a long day standing on concrete. When he did his first trade show with Xero Shoes (and 3 since then), he was amazed that he had no pain at the end of the day. And, again, the reason why is that he wasn’t trying to put “cushioning” under pressure points, but because he was USING his feet, because his feet flexed and bent and stretched, and so there were no pressure points. And, also, when you use your feet that way, it takes stress off the knees and hips and back (if your feet are immobile, the only place you can make adjustments are in the joints above them… and they’re not designed for that kind of work).

      That help?

  • Stephen Zoglman

    I am on my third run and I am not getting blisters but my feet feel like there are blisters. Any recommendations to minimize the hurting? Is it something that just takes time?

    • Steven Sashen

      I’m not sure what it means that you “feel like” there are blisters.

      Running barefoot shouldn’t hurt. If it does, there are only 2 reasons:

      1) Doing too much, before your body is used to it

      2) Doing something incorrectly… almost always overstriding, or pulling/pushing your feet on the ground rather than placing/lifting them, or “planting” your feet when they land rather than “catching” the ground at the speed you’re moving.

      The opportunity with barefoot running is to become your own coach. To listen to your body and experiment with changes to see what effects they have. To move with the question, “What can I do that might make this easier, lighter, more effortless, and MORE FUN?”

  • Aisha

    A site regarding sesamoiditis recommended your shoes….has anyone with that condition used them and if so what were the reviews? After being diagnosed with this condition i have to wear sneakers and a special insole…i’d like to wear sandals but i’m worried about the pain…

    • Steven Sashen

      I don’t know, Aisha. I’m not aware of getting a report from anyone with sesamoiditis.

      All I can think to say is: if you’re comfortable barefoot, you’ll love Xero Shoes, since they’re as close to barefoot as you can get, allowing total natural movement, with a perfect fit, and personalized style.

  • Loreen

    How do you decide between 4 mm or 6 mm soles?

    • Steven Sashen

      Go to and you’ll see a couple links for videos that explain the difference.

      In essence, you decide based on how close to barefoot you want to feel.

  • Grant Gipson

    Bought a pair of 6mm soles and I am excited to start using them! I trimmed and tied them using the hybrid-basic style you described in one of your videos but I am having some problems. I tried a short run and the strap between my two toes is putting a lot of pressure on the webbing between them as well as tugging on my second toe towards the outside of my foot. Needless to say it was very uncomfortable but walking was a little better. Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong? Too loose? Too tight? Trimmed off too much of my soles? Could it just be the way my foot naturally pronates? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Steven Sashen

      Either you’ve tied the heel strap too tight, which is shoving your foot forward into the toe strap, or you punched the toe hole too far back, or when you run you’re overstriding (reaching out with your foot rather than putting closer to your body) which can shove you into the strap.

      We’d need to see a picture to determine if it’s one of the first two.

      Oh, if you feel fine standing or sitting, then it’s probably the 3rd option.

  • Francisco

    My feet are wider than standard, when I buy shoes I usually get a bigger size so they are wide enough for me to be comfortable. Will the DIY kit satisfy my needs or would you recommend the custom made model?
    If you recommend the DIY’s is there a place where I can check the size of the soles and see which one fits my needs better?
    If you recommend the Custom mades how long does it take to ship the shoes after you recieve the footprint?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Steven Sashen

      Send us an email: and let us know your foot length and width. We’ll tell you which size is right for you.

  • Evan

    I just got my Xero shoes not to long ago. I have only ran about 40-50 miles and the string is starting to fray by toe hole. What should I do and am I doing something wrong?

    • Steven Sashen

      The laces should last a LONG time (I’ve never worn out a pair).

      If they’re not, there’s a “fix” and a “solution.”

      The “fix” is realizing that you’re applying unnecessary horizontal force (friction) in that area. It could be overstriding, or “scraping your feet” on the ground, or heel striking (depending on where the abrasion is happening). Then when you go out, wonder where the friction is coming from and how to not cause it (see for a related story). Often, awareness alone will change your gait and make the abrasion/friction stop.

      The “solution” is to reinforce that part of the lace with some Shoe Goo or other flexible epoxy (see and scroll down to find Shoe Goo).

  • Jeremy Smith

    Couple things…one, almost every time I put on shoes other than my xero’s, I end up taking them off and grabbing my xero shoes. And many times when I put them on I find myself thinking “these things are awesome.” Most definitely my favorite footwear…ever. Feel free to quote me on that. And thank you for what you’re doing.

    Two, had a question – wondering if it is common to experience soreness on the topside of your feet? I do most of my running (well, now probably all of it since the last time I wore “normal” shoes I got blisters because my toes couldn’t spread out) in xero shoes or barefoot. I’ve noticed for the past month or so that the tops of my feet are sore, the area over the ball of my foot. Wondering if you’ve heard of other folks having that issue and if so how to alleviate it.

    Thanks! Grace and peace.

    • Steven Sashen

      Many thanks, Jeremy. Now you know what our lives have been like for the last 4 years ;-)

  • Stacey Potter Jemison

    do you have children’s sizes?

    • Steven Sashen

      Our 2 smallest sizes (A and B) are meant for kids, and are priced lower as well. Also, if your children’s feet are smaller than those soles, you can trim them down to fit.

  • Alan Chuong

    Any plans for 2mm thick soles for barefoot veterans? My feet are very strong. If not, thats fine. I’ll still buy 4mm truefeel and get neat accessories. Can I get pair of soles shaped like my footprint arches without the toes so I can grip on surfaces if that’s possible. I just don’t want to risk cutting it uneven. Just imagine how it feels to wear 2mm shaped to our footprints. What if it’s not durable enough to handle abuses. And the downsides I can bet: you can’t feel the shoes and forget to take them off and also track dirt! I got the idea from someone with a trimmed vibram cherry invisible shoe huaraches.

    • Steven Sashen

      We’ve had customers take our 4mm Connect soles and do something similar to what you’ve done. (see

      Regarding thickness… well, thickness isn’t everything. 2mm of steel isn’t as “barefoot” as 2 FEET of cotton.

      Once you get below 4mm, you run into problems with durability (the lace holes rip easily, for example, and the product wears more quickly), and function (2mm can get VERY floppy).

      In short, we don’t know if we’ll go thinner than our 4mm Connect.

  • Alan Chuong

    Been trying to get drawings of my footprints frustrated, then I got an idea to just get my feet moist (you don’t want it to get too wet or the paper will tear or too gritty for the scanner) and collect dirt (loose dirt/dust seems to get the job done somewhat, because mud may be too dirty for the scanner) and stamp my foot on a sheet of paper and trace desired area (recommended to go slightly around the foot) and smooth out lines by scanning (alternative you could simply scan the foot by placing it on the scanner itself, but it’s best not to because you still need the measurement and it’s different to do it in a computer) and editing it in a paint program with line tools. This is my current best method to get the “hardcore” barefoot sandals shaped like one’s footprints. If there are better alternatives, this well be great. I’ll try to make a DIY vid. in my spare time when I could get around it (and find a decent setup and lighting to record or someone else before I do).

  • Alan Chuong

    If you recall on one of the lacing tips on lacing loops by Rudy, how long does it have to be to fit between the toe and another loop for the ankles holes? This is a very interesting way to make the straps. 1: changing laces can be an ease with these. 2: Some may people done this so there’s ways to experiment and create new styles with it. 3: It’s like a reinforced/practical way for the strings to last longer (much longer it should be–seriously these strings were design to last, heck it may out last ME someday). I’m currently working on the “Uber-Ultra Minimalist” style utilizing the extra loop technique or I’ll just stick to the standard Slip style.

    • Steven Sashen

      The length of the loops is a personal preference. They hold more securely if they’re small, though.

  • Michael Bagg

    How do I get my connects to stop making the flapping sound? No matter how I tighten them they seem to be noisy not matter what.I am using the tie that comes with the custom made shoes

  • N.Z.S.

    Could I use the Xero Shoe outsole as soles for crocheted slippers? Do you sell just the soles?

    • Steven Sashen

      We’ve never sold the soles separately from the rest of the components of the kit. But you can do whatever you like with the FeelTrue soles (they’re awesome).

  • Alan Chuong

    For curiosity sake, are Venture are the same as Sensori & Cloud or just another name like Invisible shoe = Xero Shoes? And is it possible to change the accent laces with different strings to mix and match colors? I got one of my friend interested to pay attention to Xero Shoes for a while. He had trouble finding a color he liked. He prefers red/brown for the and Ventures. I told him to just wait a bit for anything new than go with his impulse. (he’s a bit of a impatient person).

    • Steven Sashen

      Hi Alan,

      Sensori Venture and Sensori Cloud are two different products. The Cloud is still in development.

      The Venture comes pre-laced, but you can “hack” it, buy other laces, and swap ‘em out on your own (I’m making a video about how to do this soon).

  • Alan Chuong

    Since the sales & promotion are going well for Ventures, do you feel you can do the same for future release like the Cloud?

  • Edward Lei

    I ordered a G size (26.7cm) DIY kit, and the soles that came in actually measure 28.3cm. Is that delivered correctly?

    • Steven Sashen

      Yes, it is. The measurement is about your FEET. The soles are supposed to be slightly bigger than your feet (otherwise you would fall off the edges).

  • John

    Two questions: What happens if the string snaps or wears out on the sensori? And what if the laces are too loose or tight? The video showed how to move knot positioning, but not how to tighten.

    • Steven Sashen

      Hi John,

      The video shows how you move the laces through the tensioners to make them tighter (or looser).

      And while I can’t imagine that the laces will wear out, since they never touch the ground or anything else that would abrade them, if they wear out within 6 months, that’s covered by our warranty. After that, you can get replacement laces for a couple o’ bucks.

  • Meg

    I’ve ordered custom Xero shoes in the past. Is it possible to order custom Sensoris? Trying my Xero shoes out today for the first time at our local CrossFit box!

    • Steven Sashen

      Hmmm… you’re the first to ask. Give us a call at 303.447.3100 and let’s see if it’s even necessary and, if so, we’ll figure out the details.

  • Sarah Margaret Hart

    I just ordered a DIY kit. And I’m wondering how do your feet stay warm in the winter? I live in California and it’s warm here most of the time but February is our coldest month it rains a lot and is sometimes in the 20’s and 30’s at night. I’m a bit worried that my feet will be really cold.

  • Rose

    I would like to order a pair for my friend’s birthday gift and i’m not quite sure which size to get. She is 8.5 in US size, but here i can only order 8 or 9? Do you think i should go for the smaller or bigger size? Thank you!

    • Steven Sashen

      Shoe size is notoriously inaccurate (if she’s an 8.5, I’ll bet she has some 8 and 9 in her closet as well).

      Obviously, what’s best is seeing which template (from is best for her. If you can’t do that, I’d suggest getting a gift certificate (you can add the items you want into the cart and go to the checkout process to see what the total is, including shipping, then remove those items and add a gift certificate for the correct amount).

  • Sundar

    How long do you take for shipments within the US?

    • Steven Sashen

      We usually get orders shipped within 1 business day. How long it takes to get to you depends on how far you are from Boulder, Colorado, how big the city is that you live in, and what method of shipment you choose.

      For example, Priority Mail to NYC takes 2-3 days. First Class takes about 5-7 days. (assuming there’s no freaky weather, of course)

      • Sundar

        thanks Steven.. I will be interested to know how long it would before I receive the shipment in Houston, if I order it today (22 Feb), since I am visiting and will be there for a short time (till Mar 2 to be specific). Suggestions on what method of shipment to choose would be welcome

        • Steven Sashen

          If you order before 2pm today, Friday, you should receive your order between next Tue-Thu (depending on which shipping method you pick).

  • running newbie

    can I do trail running or hiking in your ready to wear product?

    • Steven Sashen

      Absolutely! We’ve had people hike the Appalachian Trail and run 50k trail ultramarathons in ALL of our sandal models, including the new ready-to-wear models.

  • bob

    Great! Just ordered a pair for me and a few hours later comes out a new model! just my luck!

    • Steven Sashen

      If your order hasn’t shipped yet, then give us a call and we can change it — 303.447.3100

  • Steven Sashen

    Give us a call and we’ll see if we can help you out.

  • Steven Sashen

    Because comments need to be approved and I was having dinner when you posted it.

  • Steven Sashen

    The women’s sizes are a tad narrower than the men’s.

  • Steven Sashen

    You mean the DIY Kit or the ready-to-wear sandals?

    More importantly, how wide IS your foot?

    Most people who think they need something wide, fit perfectly in Xeros… and if your foot IS unusually wide, you can just go up a size (in the DIY Kits) until you find the width that’s right for you, then trim down the length.

    So email us the length and width of your foot and we’ll tell you what size works for you.

  • Richard Martin

    I ordered the amuri cloud. I think they feel good. But I just cannot get them tight enough to stay on! The back always slips down and off. I thought it might be my walking style (too much heel strike from running shoes) but I’ve got better and they just won’t stay. I’ve tried making them as tight as possible. Moved the laces every which way like in your videos. Could it be possible they are just a size too big, my feet measure exactly 273mm for a size 10, but when my foot is in the cup there is some spare space at the front of my toes? Can you help me out?

    • Steven Sashen

      Hi Richard,

      Send us a few photos (from different angles) and we’ll take a look at the sizing and your lacing tensions —

      I’m sure we can help you out.

  • Steven Sashen

    We ship most orders in less than one business day. If you order before noon on a business day, we often ship your order that same day.

    If you’ve ordered a custom-made pair of Xero Shoes, those ship within 3-4 days.

  • Angelika Ackermann

    Hi, would like to order an Amuri Cloud but unfortunately in your UK-Shop my size is always sold out. Where can I see the shipping rates from US to Germany? I couldn´t find it on your website.

    • Steven Sashen

      I’d email and ask him about your size (BTW, he’s an independent dealer; it’s not “our” shop).

      And on our site, shipping rates and options show up during the checkout process, before you’re asked to pay.

  • roger4

    I am Flip-Flop person all my life and this sole appealed to me.
    I got my 6mm Xero soles ~6month ago and unfortunately I never got used to it. They are just to hard. I tried to walk the way we humans supposedly are walking, never mad-it. I actually started to have back pain after 1 month of use. I started watching everybody on the streets how people are walking,
    well everybody seems to walk the same way as I do, Heel first. Switched back to my Flip-Flops with cushion and back pain went away. I have the soles in my closet ever after. Yet every time I see them in my closet the sole still appeals to me. Now I started thinking, how about buy some DrScholls Gel Cushions and glue them onto the soles and that’s what I am up to right now. Why I am doing this? I don’t know either but somehow the sole seems to be so tough it just cries for something softer since I know I never will walk the way we humans are supposedly walking or where walking a long time ago. Have a great day :)
    P.S. other people may have more luck with it therefore I don’t discourage anybody from buying this soles.

  • Chloe Blue

    I would like to know if there are any chemicals in the material of the base of the sandal that comes into contact with the bottoms of the feet.

    • Steven Sashen

      Xero Shoes are made from synthetic rubber. There’s nothing that leaches from the soles. We’ve never had a report of anyone having any reaction to having their bare feet on the soles.

  • Garett Scott

    How long will it take to ship to Arkansas if I picked the most basic shipping plan?

    • Steven Sashen

      1st Class Shipping within the US takes up to 5-7 days from Colorado.

      We usually ship Xeros within 1 business day of receiving orders, often sending them out on the same day that you order.

  • mike e.

    I got blisters o both my heels from wearing these shoes. All the stuff I found on blisters deal with other parts of the feet, not the heels. I just walk and do no run in my shoes. Am I doing sonething wrong?

    • Steven Sashen

      Blisters are not a “feature” of huaraches… they’re always a result of creating more friction than necessary, regardless of where you get them. So the question is: How are you creating more friction in that spot… and, more importantly, what can you do to NOT do that?

      Check out if you haven’t already.

  • Hector

    I just ordered my first pair of Xero Shoes (Amuri Cloud) a couple hours ago, and I’m 41 years old, but still a kid, how can I track the order, I can’t wait to have them here. Are they here yet? Lol. I didn’t register when I placed the order. Thanks!

    • Steven Sashen

      You’ll get an email with tracking info as soon as they ship (usually within 1 business day… often sooner).

      • Steven Sashen

        Oh, and go check and see if they’re there yet! ;-)

  • Jessica Evans

    Can you tell me a little more about the foam liner in the Amuri Cloud? I’m worried that it will wear out/get dirty and/or stinky, etc.

    • Steven Sashen

      It’s a high-density EVA designed to last as long as possible (all things eventually wear out). If it gets dirty, you can wash it with soap and water. We haven’t had an issue with odor… but, again, washing would take care of that if you did.

  • Rod Steele

    Steven, I’m trying to decide between ordering the Sensori Venture or the Amuri Cloud? Is the main difference the foam liner?

    • Cla

      I am wondering the same thing.

      • Steven Sashen

        Yes… and because of the BareFoam on the forefoot of the Cloud, it’s much lighter, more flexible, and it even floats.

        It also has a paradoxical effect: it’s “more barefoot” but also feels protective because of the BareFoam.

  • Bill

    do it yourself:
    With a foot of 27.4 cm length, should i take the 27.8 cm (11 inch) size or the next with 29.1 cm (11.5 inch) ?

    • Steven Sashen

      If you’re looking at the DIY kits, the sizing chart says a size H is for feet “up to 27.8 cm” and that’s what you are.

  • Lianna

    Can I return them and get the next size up because I just got them today and found them to be a size below what I should have gotten

    • Steven Sashen

      You can, Lianna.

      Contact our Customer Satisfaction Team at 303.447.3100 or and they’ll take care of you.

  • Steven Sashen

    For the custom-made Xeros you send us a tracing of your foot and we make the sandals based on that. But since we don’t have your actual foot in front of us, we can’t make the lacing tension perfect.

    a) The lacing shouldn’t loosen up (I’ve never tightened or re-tied mine).

    b) If the front is too loose, that could cause “catching.” The other cause of that is, simply, dragging your toes a bit as you lift them off the ground.

    But let’s take care of the first issue first… starting at the toe strap, tighten the lace (work it through the holes, tightening as you go, aiming for “snug but comfy”).

    If you want you can retie it completely by using one of the patterns at

    And if you need help, call us at 303.447.3100.

    • Jelek

      Thanks! Actually someone from cust service replied to me in an email… great customer service by the way :) I responded to him that I had originally tied them all fancy with half hitches around the toe strap… i think this was making that one strap heavy because it kept loosening. I undid that and kept it simple, cut off the extra string and weight, and they have been perfect every since. The toe strap has not been getting looser, the sandal stays tight on my foot, and i dont trip anymore :) Problem solved.

  • Carl

    What is the approximate shipping cost to Australia for a 6 mm DIY kit?

    • Steven Sashen

      You can find the exact shipping cost (and shipping options) by adding whatever you want into your cart, then going to Checkout and entering your shipping information. You’ll see the options and prices before you’re asked for payment.

  • Mark

    I just made my own with very little trouble, got them all tied up and my right one is well centered but my left one is just a tiny bit off – my foot is a little farther forward than I would like and my big toe is slightly past the sole. I guess I punched the hole just a little bit too far forward. If I punch a second hole in the sole, will I be able to control the roll? No, I mean would that be advisable or will I tear the sole between the holes and mess everything up? I am guessing there is a minimum distance between holes to maintain sole integrity. Please advise!

  • LynzM

    I got my Xeros over the summer and am totally in love with them. However, I live in New England. It’s September, and rapidly getting too cold to wear them, especially at night. Now that I’m acquainted with being so-close-to-barefoot all the time, I am especially loathe to go back to winter boots. What do other Xero-loving folk do in the winter in colder climes? Thanks!

  • john

    Do you guys use recycled rubber/plastic for the soles like the Tarahumara indians you gained inspiration from?

    • Steven Sashen

      The Tarahumara don’t actually use “recycled” rubber. They just cut up an old tire. Unfortunately, that’s not a manufacturing technique we can copy.

      It’s also not possible to take rubber and recycle it into a useful footwear sole. You can’t just re-melt rubber, for example… all you can do is grind it up and put the little bits into something, which makes that material not very durable.

      What we do instead with our exclusive FeelTrue rubber, is make something that uses fewer resources and with a smaller carbon footprint than anything we can find, and that outlasts everything we’ve seen (hence our 5,000 mile warranty).

  • Earl Stuckey

    RE: Shark Tank

    Really what this is about is a Shark Tank episode that I recently viewed.
    My first question is: what has changed for you since the episode?
    Secondly, WHAT are the shoes made out of?

    • Steven Sashen

      Hi Earl…

      LOTS has changed since Shark Tank … new products, new people in the office, a new office, and a LOT more people wearing Xero Shoes.

      To your second question: Xero Shoes are made out of our exclusive FeelTrue rubber, which is the only outsole material designed specifically for barefoot-inspired sandals. It’s flexible and long-lasting (has our 5,000 mile warranty). It’s a non-latex, synthetic rubber.

  • Rick R

    Maui is just about the perfect place for these non-sandals–I termed this as such because sometimes my feet actually feel naked and folks in public stare at my feet as if they are wearing nothing. However, there was a challenge in the beginning. I initially punched out the hole just a tad close to the toe front and the tip of my toes somewhat could touch the ground as I walked. Dang. But upon reflecting last night about the durability of these outsoles, I decided to punch another hole, did the tie, placed them on my feet, and viola! The extra holes make no difference in disrupting the sole’s integrity. My feet and toes are even happier. So here’s a pic of my happy feet and my curious dog. Oh, my order no. is 68951 for your reference. I couldn’t find the coupon site but maybe this site is acceptable and maybe you will email me a coupon code. I hope. A bunch of mahaloes… Rick

    • Steven Sashen

      Maui is a perfect place for a LOT of things, Xeros included ;-)

      Great tying twist.

      Not sure what you mean about the coupon site (we don’t have one).

      Mahalo back atcha!

  • Stephen R.

    Since I have been using my Vibrams and now transitioned (mostly) to my xeros I never wear running shoes anymore. However, in situations where I must wear something a little more “formal” than xeros I am having trouble finding something comfortable now that my foot has changed so much. Is there a casual or dress show that you would recommend? Something with a wider toe box? Something that a xero shoe wearer would find comfortable?

    • Steven Sashen

      I don’t have a good answer for you, mostly because I haven’t worn anything other than Xeros, sprinting spikes, or nothing for the last 6 years.

  • John Brines

    btw I no longer feel weird. It took me a day to get used to them, this morning I put my regular shoes on and I could not believe HOW UNCOMFORTABLE they were after only ONE DAY of wearing xeroshoes!!!

  • Steven Sashen

    “Real shoes” … I don’t even know what those look like any more ;-)