The Best Approach and Recovery Shoes for Climbers

Climbing shoes are a must for serious climbers.

But what’s the best shoe to wear for approach? Or for when you finally get your feet out of those tight climbing shoes (and, maybe, want to take a dip in a canyon stream to cool off)?

Amateur climber, Tim Paskowski gave me a call to tell me what he’s been wearing and why he loves them:

Here are some of the shoes Alberto is talking about:

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Foot and ankle strength are important for climbers. Dr. Sarah Ridge’s research demonstrated how simply walking in minimalist footwear can build foot and ankle strength as much as doing an actual exercise program designed to strengthen your feet (note: Xero Shoes weren’t used in the study since at the time of the study we only had sandals in our product line).

So when you’re not on a rock or in a climbing gym, you’ll love the comfort and benefits from natural movement that Xero Shoes can give you.