Ipari Hana - Closed-toe Casual Comfort - Men

The comfort and freedom of our sandals, now with a casual canvas upper and a head-turning design.

Wide toe box, flexible FeelTrue® sole, non-elevated "XERO-drop" construction.

And, like all our products, the Hana has our 5,000 mile sole warranty.

Only $79.99

Ipari Lena - Closed-toe Casual Comfort - Women

The "sister" to our Hana, the Lena has our standard wide toe box, flexible FeelTrue® sole, and non-elevated "XERO-drop" construction.

A lighter canvas, patterned linen lining make the Lena a standout.

And, like all our products, the Lena has our 5,000 mile sole warranty.

Only $79.99 ON SALE through 2/26. Only $63.99

Umara Z-Trail - Ultra-light, Trail-friendly Sport Sandal for MEN and WOMEN

Our long-time customers call the Z-Trail the best sandal we've ever made. 

Whether you're tackling a tough mountain trail or strolling through the urban jungle, the Z-Trail gives you the perfect combination of protection, light weight, comfort, durability, natural movement, and affordability.  Plus it’s backed by our 5,000 mile sole warranty.

Even lighter than our Z-Trek, the Z-Trail will amaze you.

Only $79.99

Amuri Z-Trek - Lightweight Sport Sandal for MEN and WOMEN

Our best-selling sport sandal in 2015, the Z-Trek is perfect for travel, backpacking, hiking, heading down river, or just hanging out. 

With a "more barefoot" feeling than the Z-Trail, wearing the Z-Trek makes you feel like the sole of your foot has super powers.

Only $59.99

Amuri Cloud - ready-to-wear Barefootware® for MEN and WOMEN

The perfect combination of barefoot feeling, protection, style, and ease. To make your Amuri Cloud, we've taken the Amuri Venture and placed 3mm of BarefoamTM technology in the forefoot for a lightweight (just 4.6 ounces for a men's 9), versatile, huarache-style sandal that will take you wherever you want to go. Walking, hiking, yoga, watersports... the Amuri Cloud floats! Still made with our FeelTrue® rubber sole -- the only sole product made specifically for barefoot sandals -- and still with our 5,000 mile sole warranty. In 4 striking color combinations that you'll love, and with our patent-pending lacing system that lets you slide the Cloud on and off your foot in seconds.

Just $49.99

Amuri Venture - ready-to-wear Barefootware® for MEN and WOMEN

We went 5,000 years into the past to make an evolutionary leap forward with the Amuri Venture. Just slip 'em on your foot and off you go. The patent-pending lacing system means no knots to tie or holes to punch. The ultrasoft heel strap and toe post add another layer of comfort. With a 5.5mm FeelTrue® rubber sole -- the only sole product made specifically for barefoot sandals -- you get the protection you want, with great ground-feel and natural movement. Lightweight (M9 - 5.6 ounces), you may forget you have them on... or they fit easily in your pack or pocket. And, you get our 5,000 mile sole warranty. 

Only $39.99

You can join over 20,000 people, ages 5-85, who have had the fun of making their own barefoot sandals in just a few minutes with our do-it-yourself kits. Made with our exclusive FeelTrue™ rubber outsoles -- co-developed with the former lead designers from Nike and Reebok -- our kits come in 2 styles: Connect with a 4mm sole for the closest-to-barefoot feeling, or Contact with a 6mm sole if you want a bit more protection. Match five fun sole colors with over 20 cool lace colors.

Prices start at just $19.95 for kids kits

Don't want to make your own sandals with our DIY kit? Want a professionally made pair of Xeros instead? We're happy to help. You'll send us a tracing of your foot (we'll show you how to make it in a minute), and we'll do the rest.

Prices start at just $39.95

If you want even more of a DIY experience than our FeelTrue® kit, you may want our Classic kit. This is the product we began selling in 2009 with the name Invisible Shoes. Admittedly, the Vibram isn’t as good as our FeelTrue (click here to see why), but it’s still a great product, and comes in 4 colors.

Priced from $17.95

Express yourself! Add a splash of style or deck out your Xeros for a night on the town with our pendants, charms, and beads. Kids love our colorful plastic beads (and they really love to spell their name with Alphabet beads). Racers can show off their personal best time with PR beads. Get creative, have fun… and send pictures to show us what you’ve done!

Prices from just pennies to $50

Xero + You = a Xero T-Shirt. Get one of our Xero-Toes shirts (above) or an “OMG!” shirt (you see it when you click on the link above or below).

Only $14.95

Want to wear your Xero Shoes when it’s chilly outside? Then add a pair of Grip ToeSox!

Only $15.00

Not sure what to get? Buying a gift? Purchase a Xero Shoes gift certificate in any amount.

Our polyester laces are designed to last. But maybe you want a spare pair, or you want to get creative and have multi-colored laces. No matter why you want extra laces, we have them here.

Only $2.49

Feet tired or sore? Want to strengthen your arches?

Then grab an Earth Ball.

Okay it’s really just a super-cool golf ball with a globe on it. But you can use it to rub out a sore spot, or pick it up with your toes to work out your arch. Feel The World!

Only $2.99

We donate 10% of the price of our Custom-Made Xero Shoes to support the Tarahumara of the Copper Canyon. If you would like to add a donation of any amount to your order…