Justin Holiday

Xero Shoes is excited to partner with Justin Holiday, shooting guard for Denver Nuggets, in creating the first barefoot / minimalist basketball shoe.

After years of working out off-court barefoot, I saw the first-hand benefits of allowing my feet to move in their natural state and wanted to maximize the benefits of barefoot movement.

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I love wearing Xero Shoes basketball shoes because I feel more explosive and more efficient in my movements.

The Xero Shoes’ product development team collaborated closely with Justin and other trainers and players to develop a performance basketball shoe custom-fit to his feet, giving him the advantages of a barefoot-style shoe on the court.

Justin's Favorite Xero Shoes Off the Court

Power + Stability

Forza Trainer

Favorite for lifting & strength training

Casual + Recovery


Favorite for everyday wear

Xero Shoes is Changing the Game

These minimalist shoes make me feel better when pivoting, cutting, and jumping because I’m closer to the court.

Rooting for our hometown team - Go Nuggets!

Go Nuggets! Go Nuggets! Go Nuggets!

Xero Shoes in the NBA Playoffs

On Tuesday May 14th history was made. Justin Holiday, from our hometown Denver Nuggets team, was the first player ever to compete in the NBA playoffs in minimalist basketball shoes.

Words can’t explain how thankful and excited I am to be apart of the @xeroshoes family! History was made last night! It’s only up from here! Oh yea… ONE MORE!!!!