Classic DIY Kit with Vibram Cherry soles


If you want more do-it-yourself-ness than our FeelTrue® kits, check out the Classic Xero Shoes kit.

Vibram Cherry Soles

This product is available as part of our Classic DIY Sandal Kit

Xero Laces

New and improved Xero Laces. Stronger. More comfortable. Bolder colors.

Hole Punch Included

Our hollow punches come FREE with every DIY Kit and Custom-Made pair of Xero Shoes (you don't need it for the Custom-made shoes, but we include it just in case).

But if you want to order one for any reason... here you go.


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Product Description

This is our Classic Xero Shoe do-it-yourself (DIY) kit, the one we began selling in November 2009, that’s being enjoyed by over 6,500 runners, walkers and hikers of all ages all around the world.

Our new FeelTrue® outsoles are a vast improvement over the Vibram Cherry, but some people like the extra do-it-yourself-ness of the Classic kit with it’s Vibram Cherry rubber outsole sheets.

This Classic DIY (do-it-yourself) kit comes with:

  • a sheet of 4mm thick Vibram Cherry outsole material in one of 3 sizes (see sizing info, below)
  • 2 6′ polyester laces in your choice of 22 fun colors (click here to see the color choices)
  • NEW – 6mm hollow punch for the lacing holes — FREE!
  • Full instructions for making your own barefoot sandals

Sizing Information

The Classic Xero Shoes kit comes in 3 sizes:

  1. If your foot is less than 11″ long, get the Standard Size, which includes a 9″x11″ sheet of 4mm Vibram Cherry
  2. If your foot is longer than 11″, get our Large Kit, which comes with an 11″ x 12″ sheet 4mm Vibram Cherry sole.
  3. Our Kid’s Kit comes with a 7″ x 9″ sheet of Vibram outsole

If your foot is over 12.5″ and you need a larger size, call us at 800.499.8880 or 303.447.3100 or use our Contact form

Want to make kits for 10 or more people? Contact us for bulk pricing (use the same contact info, above)

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Toni C.
United States United States

I love my DIYs

I received a Classic DIY Kit with Vibram Cherry soles for my birthday in late September. I did a tie inspired by ANDE’S BLINGED OUT TYING #1 & the other version….. I would rather be barefoot and do everything I can barefoot only wearing shoes to protect my feet when I’m doing something that requires it or of course going in stores, restaurants, & the club to dance. I first wore them to the grocery store and through the day. It was wonderful to have my feet feel so close to barefoot. I didn’t even take them off to drive or when I was riding as a passenger which is kinda amazing. From the time I can remember I had to put shoes on to get out of the car and go in somewhere. My mom would tell me when we were getting into a town we were traveling to so I could get my shoes on, partners do that now, 🙂 I’ve worn them dancing probably four times and put quite a few miles walking on them in the little over a month that I’ve been using them. I’ve tried two retyings and each has been just a little prettier or better function. They have been just getting better. 🙂 I do caution to give yourself ample room on the sides when cutting and to punch sufficiently in from the sides when you do. If I had done either of them I wouldn’t have torn out the hole in the sole for the ankle tie. It was my miscalculation. I’m about to punch a little further in next to where I did the one that tore out. I hadn’t used shoe goo because I wasn’t committed to the tie. I’m going to do that also. I definitely would buy these again, and I want to see if the newer DIY Kit made with our exclusive FeelTrue® rubber soles next so I can compare. If they are as good as these I’ll have two go to sandals that is as close to barefoot as I’ve felt in any sandal.

Caroline F.
United States United States

I love them!

I'm not usually a fan of barefoot movement, but I love these, especially for casual everyday wear. The only issue I ran into was my first time going long distance I got a giant blister about an inch below my middle toe, I hadn't tightened them correctly. So make sure you adjust them properly and break them in full on short runs before you take them for a long run.

Xero Shoes Classic DIY Kit with Vibram Cherry soles ReviewXero Shoes Classic DIY Kit with Vibram Cherry soles Review
United States United States

Fixed my gait.

My overall experience has been really good. It came to my attention that I needed to fix my gait. I had never walked properly. Hard heel hitting and hyper-extended knees. It's been a long slow process until I bought this kit. These sandals finished the process. No more plantar fasciitis either. I actually don't want to take them off. Bought Alpines for wet, winter weather. They work great too. The only place they don't work is on the roof. Too slippery. For roof work, I wear Vans.

United States United States

After Finding the Right Lacing, They Are Perfect!

These sandals were easy to make and are incredibly versatile. I tried the standard lacing option, but it felt too floppy in the front for me. After trying many other lace patterns, I came up with one that I thought would be comfortable based on how the other patterns felt and I made up the perfect one for my feet. I also like knowing that I can always change the pattern in the future. Definitely worth the price and experience of making your own footwear.

A Xero Shoes Customer

Fun project and the kids love them

My kids love their Xero sandals! Since their feet are small I bought one size large kit and extra laces and made both their sandals from the one kit. They enjoyed helping to make their sandals themselves and we were all happy with the result! I'm happy that they have a barefoot sandal and they loved the look and comfort. I wasn't sure how the sandals would work in small sizes (4-year old in size 8 and 6-year old in size 11) but they allowed the kids to run and move freely and the kids could easily put them on themselves.

Xero Shoes Classic DIY Kit with Vibram Cherry soles Review
A Xero Shoes Customer
United States United States

Easy to make, But not sure if they're for me

These were pretty easy to make for the most part. I did find a trick for the bottom knot, instead of doing a knot, melting the nylon thread to a flat bead to be more comfortable under the foot. I did the "classic" lacing where it goes between the big toe and first tiny toe. I might have put my hole for the thread too far forward, because when I walk my foot wants to be up close to the lace, and then there's too much sole material in the back, and not enough in front of my toes. The other thing was i felt like i had to have the laces tight to feel secure. Also, the sole material seems to get caught on the ground and flap under when i take a step, so i almost trip over myself with the shoe. I may need to do some adjusting or even do additional holes and lace it completely different. I'll keep trying!

Kathy Z.
Ogden, UT

Perfect solution for odd-shaped feet

I am not at all a DIY person, but needed to go this route to fit my wide forefoot. Making these turned out to be fun, and thanks to the helpful videos I was able to come up with a funky lacing pattern. Thanks Xero!


Excellent quality and freedom

I loved this kit so much that I own in in both the black and amber varieties. The vibram sole material is the highest quality and there is nothing like having a pair of shoes that are perfectly cut to fit your feet. I have designed multiple lacing styles that incorporate the toe section with lacing in order to prevent the flop over effect that the front of these sandals tend to have. My newest lacing style has a loop for each toe and 3 more loops for the anterior portions on my larger toes. I will never have another pair of minimalist footwear as good as these. This quality is above and beyond anything you could obtain from your local arts, craft, or hobby center. I have worn them every day from around town, to short treks, and even the ye olde yard work was no problem for these shoes 🙂


Perfect for kids!

I bought these on the store's recommendation for shoeing a 2 year old. They took a few days to make because how do you get a 2 year old to sit still? But he loved watching his shoes get made. He tried to help punch the holes and tie the knots. We love these shoes!



These are the perfect shoes. I've enjoyed mine for about five years. I first discovered them after a backpack trip when I weighed my more-famous-brand sandals and discovered they were more than a pound each. I needed a lighter sandal to pack with me for the part of the day I spent without my hiking boots on. Now, I throw them in my suitcase every time I travel for work. After my dress shoes come off, these sandals go on. And when I'm not working or carrying a heavy pack, these are my preferred shoes. (Each one weighs 106 g/3.75 oz.)

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