The Best Shoes for MMA Fighters and Martial Artists

“Punching power starts with the feet.” Are you losing power because of the shoes you wear to train, or even just to walk around?

Former MMA fighter Alberto Crane thinks that’s often the case and, better, has some answers about how to fix that with the best shoes for training and keeping your feet and ankles strong, healthy, and connected to the ground:

Here are some of the shoes Alberto is talking about:

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Research from Dr. Sarah Ridge shows that merely walking in a truly minimalist shoe can build foot and ankle strength as much as doing an actual foot strengthening exercise program (Xero Shoes weren’t used in the study since at the time of the study we only had sandals in our product line).

That’s why wearing Xero Shoes — for training, for cardio, for daily wear — could be a great aid for your MMA career.

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