Stimulate Your Feet with Naboso Technology


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Product Description

Looking for a stronger stimulation and more powerful impact on the proprioceptive system while you’re wearing shoes? Put a “Naboso 1.5” in your Xero Shoes.

“Naboso” means “barefoot” in Czech, and the Naboso technology and Naboso insoles were developed by Dr. Emily Splichal, a podiatrist committed to natural movement and the benefits barefoot.

My (Steven Sashen) personal experience with Naboso was, frankly, surprising. For years, I’ve tried various “stimulating” insoles and never noticed anything other than how uncomfortable they were.

So it was with great trepidation that I tried the Naboso 1.5. After all, didn’t want to call Emily and tell her that they, like all the insoles before them, had no effect!

I didn’t have to make that call because I was shocked by the effect. I trimmed them to fit my Prio shoes, replaced the insoles in my Prio with the Naboso 1.5, and wore the insoles for a few hours — I could FEEL them, but they weren’t too uncomfortable. When I took them off is when the surprise hit me.

As I walked around barefoot, I could feel my feet engaging more, gripping more. They felt stronger and more active. My calves, too, felt like they were spring-loaded. I had more bounce in my step.

I keep the Naboso insoles in my Prio for every activity — for walking, running, hiking, working out. Every now and then, though, I give my feet and my nervous system a “rest” — either by wearing a different shoe, or taking out the Naboso insoles.

Some people wear thin socks when they want a bit less stimulation.

The Naboso 1.5 includes:

  • 1.5mm patent-pending texture technology
  • 3.5mm total thickness
  • evidence-based hardness to maximize stimulation
  • freedom of rotation and triplanar movement
  • cut to your own size options

Use the size guide, below for your Naboso insoles. Remember, you can trim them to fit, so if you’re unsure, go up a size.