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Looking for a stronger stimulation and more powerful impact on the proprioceptive system while you’re wearing shoes? Put a Naboso textured insole in your Xero Shoes!

“Naboso” means “barefoot” in Czech, and the Naboso technology and Naboso insoles were developed by Dr. Emily Splichal, a podiatrist committed to natural movement and the benefits barefoot.

My (Steven Sashen) personal experience with Naboso was, frankly, surprising. For years, I’ve tried various “stimulating” insoles and never noticed anything other than how uncomfortable they were.

So it was with great trepidation that I tried the Naboso proprioceptive insoles. After all, didn’t want to call Emily and tell her that they, like all the insoles before them, had no effect!

I didn’t have to make that call because I was shocked by the effect… 

I trimmed them to fit my Prio shoes, replaced the insoles in my Prio with the Nabosos, and wore the insoles for a few hours — I could FEEL them, but they weren’t too uncomfortable. When I took them off is when the surprise hit me.

As I walked around barefoot, I could feel my feet engaging more, gripping more. They felt stronger and more active. My calves, too, felt like they were spring-loaded. I had more bounce in my step.

I keep the Naboso insoles in my Prio for every activity — for walking, running, hiking, working out. Every now and then, though, I give my feet and my nervous system a “rest” — either by wearing a different shoe, or taking out the Naboso insoles.

Some people wear thin socks when they want a bit less stimulation.

Naboso “Activation” Insole Features:

  • 1.5mm patent-pending pyramidal two-point discrimination texture
  • 3mm total thickness
  • Higher level stimulation to increase energy and offset fatigue
  • Freedom of rotation to support movement efficiency
  • Cut to your own size options

Recommended for:

  • Use at work, in the gym and throughout the day
  • Enhancing foot awareness to improve balance & increase movement efficiency
  • Maximum foot stimulation to energize your step and reduce foot ache
  • Improving postural awareness and balance when standing and walking

Naboso “Performance” Insole Features:

  • 1.5mm patent-pending two point discrimination texture
  • 3mm total thickness
  • Moderate level stimulus to enhance performance
  • Freedom of rotation and movement to increase agility
  • Thin enough to fit into any cleat or athletic shoe
  • Cut to your own size options

Recommended for:

  • Use on the field, court or track
  • Enhancing foot awareness to improve speed and reaction time
  • Enhancing skin perfusion and peripheral nerve stimulation
  • Improving postural awareness and balance when in motion

You can add Naboso insoles in ANY of our shoes and boots, but since the Naboso insole colors match some of our HFS colors, we’re showing them off together in the pics at the top of the page.

Use the size guide, below for your Naboso insoles. Remember, you can trim them to fit, so if you’re unsure, go up a size.

Naboso insoles in a Sandal?

If you are interested in using Naboso foot stimulating technology with sandals, you are in luck! Xero Shoes has partnered with Naboso to bring you the “Naboso Trail”, a special version of our classic Z-Trail Sandal, and the world’s first sandal with proprioceptive technology built-in!

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Terry G.

Amazing. Best thing I have ever put on my feet

Brenda H.
My feet love them

At first, I was skeptical of how these could possibly be comfortable. I am an RN and on my feet, and constantly on the go 90% of my 10 hr shift. My legs, back and feet do not get fatigued in my Xero shoes and Naboso inserts. I have another pair of Xero running shoes that I strictly use for running. Used to wear Vibram toe shoes for work and running, and love them, but I like the Xero shoes better. Thank you!

A Xero Shoes Customer
John P.

Not sure what it is supposed to do, but added them to three pairs of Xero shoes. They are, at the very least, comfortable.

A Xero Shoes Customer
John P.
They're comfortable

They're comfortable. Hard to know if they are working, I assume so. I have two pairs - one each for each of my Pacific's - which sadly are being discontinued!

Hans P.
Naboso insoles for old age too

Looking for how to get a better balance in walking (86 years, but still active) and Skiking, a kind of cross-country skiing on wheels, I read about the Naboso insoles from a newsletter of Xero Shoes. I bought them immediately. Because I have bad hearing I know the sensation of a greater world of sound when I put my hearing device in my ears. When I put the Naboso insoles in place of the standard insoles of my Xero Terraflex shoes I had a comparable sensation of my feeling of the ground. Even with socks! With the better sensation I felt more control of the movements of my feet while walking. Also consequently to this sensation with Skiking, somewhat comparable to inline skating, with the Naboso soles in my shoes I experienced that I could better sense and maintain the right -vertical- position of the skates when skating, even when tired. So I experienced that the soles really enhance the interaction between me, my feet, and the ground And I think that this is not only useful for sportive activities but also for people (older, like me) with impaired balance and/or neurological problems in their feet. Or, perhaps better, for everybody. I wear them all day.

Daniel P.
Naboso Insoles— depends on how you use them

I have relatively tender feet so as a general matter I found the use of the Naboso insoles required wearing some socks to reduce the stimulation. Then the feeling from the insoles was very nice for limited periods, and left my feet feeling relaxed. However there was a big difference in their suitability for different shoes in my opinion. They worked really well in the Prios where the footbed is flat from side to side in the shoe. This allowed the Naboso to lay flat. However in my Terraflex and Xcursion the footbed curves up at the sides where the shoe uppers meet the sole. This requires the Naboso to curve at the edges. Given its thickness this put pressure on the sides of my feet and hand them much less comfortable than in the Prio.

Andrew S.
No more foot pain!

I was working 8 hr days on concrete floors and experienced heel pain and foot aches...I was skeptical of these, but had heard some things about the importance of textured terrain for foot health, so I gave these a try. Totally exceeded expectations! From day one, NO MORE FOOT PAIN, I am comfortable all day long at work! totally worth it! I even wear them for running and feel that my form is noticeably better with them. I do wear them barefoot, and feel that is necessary for them to work. That is the only downside...I clean them with a brush in my bathtub once a week...totally worth it!

A Xero Shoes Customer
John P.
First time

So far so good,

Donald B.
Great Help

The Naboso Proprioceptive Insoles have been essential to my improved posture. Using the insoles in my Prio shoes has alleviated the pain I was experiencing in my heel.

A Xero Shoes Customer
Stanley B.
Love these insoles

I was curious about them, but bought them to help with a pair of shoes that were a bit too large, and they did work perfectly for that purpose, but they are so much more. I wear them in all of my shoes now and will buy the sandals next summer. I love how they make my feet tingle, and provide more of that sense of my toes literally gripping the ground. I highly recommend these insoles.

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