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Looking for a stronger stimulation and more powerful impact on the proprioceptive system while you’re wearing shoes? Put a Naboso textured insole in your Xero Shoes!

“Naboso” means “barefoot” in Czech, and the Naboso technology and Naboso insoles were developed by Dr. Emily Splichal, a podiatrist committed to natural movement and the benefits barefoot.

My (Steven Sashen) personal experience with Naboso was, frankly, surprising. For years, I’ve tried various “stimulating” insoles and never noticed anything other than how uncomfortable they were.

So it was with great trepidation that I tried the Naboso proprioceptive insoles. After all, didn’t want to call Emily and tell her that they, like all the insoles before them, had no effect!


I didn’t have to make that call because I was shocked by the effect… 

I trimmed them to fit my Prio shoes, replaced the insoles in my Prio with the Nabosos, and wore the insoles for a few hours — I could FEEL them, but they weren’t too uncomfortable. When I took them off is when the surprise hit me.

As I walked around barefoot, I could feel my feet engaging more, gripping more. They felt stronger and more active. My calves, too, felt like they were spring-loaded. I had more bounce in my step.

I keep the Naboso insoles in my Prio for every activity — for walking, running, hiking, working out. Every now and then, though, I give my feet and my nervous system a “rest” — either by wearing a different shoe, or taking out the Naboso insoles.

Some people wear thin socks when they want a bit less stimulation.

Naboso® “Activation” Insole Features:

  • 1.5mm patent-pending pyramidal two-point discrimination texture
  • 3mm total thickness
  • Higher level stimulation to increase energy and offset fatigue
  • Freedom of rotation to support movement efficiency
  • Cut to your own size options

Recommended for:

  • Use at work, in the gym and throughout the day
  • Enhancing foot awareness to improve balance & increase movement efficiency
  • Maximum foot stimulation to energize your step and reduce foot ache
  • Improving postural awareness and balance when standing and walking

Naboso® “Performance” Insole Features:

  • 1.5mm patent-pending two point discrimination texture
  • 3mm total thickness
  • Moderate level stimulus to enhance performance
  • Freedom of rotation and movement to increase agility
  • Thin enough to fit into any cleat or athletic shoe
  • Cut to your own size options

Recommended for:

  • Use on the field, court or track
  • Enhancing foot awareness to improve speed and reaction time
  • Enhancing skin perfusion and peripheral nerve stimulation
  • Improving postural awareness and balance when in motion

Naboso® “Duo” Insole Features:

  • Reversible, dual-stimulating silicone
  • Combines the “Activation” and “Performance” insole products into one, with 1.5mm patent-pending pyramidal two-point discrimination texture on one side and 1.5mm patent-pending two point discrimination texture on the other side.
  • 3mm total thickness
  • Higher level stimulation to increase energy and offset fatigue
  • Freedom of rotation to support movement efficiency
  • Cut to your own size options

Recommended for:

  • Use at work, in the gym and throughout the day
  • Enhancing foot awareness to improve balance & increase movement efficiency
  • Maximum foot stimulation to energize your step and reduce foot ache
  • Improving postural awareness and balance when standing and walking

You can add Naboso insoles in ANY of our shoes and boots, but since the Naboso insole colors match some of our HFS colors, we’re showing them off together in the pics at the top of the page.

Use the size guide, below for your Naboso insoles. Remember, you can trim them to fit, so if you’re unsure, go up a size.

Naboso® insoles in a Sandal?

If you are interested in using Naboso foot stimulating technology with sandals, you are in luck! Xero Shoes has partnered with Naboso to bring you the “Naboso Trail”, a special version of our classic Z-Trail Sandal, and the world’s first sandal with proprioceptive technology built-in!

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Milton K.

Naboso insoles

Love the foot feedback!

Jessi U.

A great insole for my trail running!

I've used these insoles alternately for several of my xero shoes, and have really liked them! I wouldn't say they've been revolutionary, but I do feel like my feet are less tired and sore at the end of a hard trail. And I've like the reverse side for every day use in the office. Looking forward to seeing the long-term impact on my feet as I put more miles on these!

Aaron E.


The texture under my feet, awesome! The sole is a material that retains smell, and the many raised bumps provide plenty of spaces for dirt to accumulate between. I wear them once, love the feel, then immediately need to rewash them. They many raised bumps, while great for proprioception, wear down the socks I wear. I really like the concept, and find myself usually opting to not use them to avoid the extra cleaning or wear and tear on socks

Simone B.


Loved it! It helped me during those 12hr shifts. I have never been able to stand and walk around for hours with no pain.


great insoles

these are fabulous and really make a difference in activating your feet, easily can be fitted in any Xero shoe 🙂

Darrell H.

Noboso trial

Noboso trial: Due to the super sensitive soles of my feet, the Nobosos inner shoe liner caused so much discomfort I could not continue the trial after only a few days. Second trial: Even after covering the surface with a cotton cloth (using removable water soluble glue) the Noboso less-intense model surface is still too aggressive for me. The trials are on hold now until I get more improvement from the true barefoot walking trials I began three months ago. I am 89 and trying to reduce foot pain and improve balance by lifestyle changes. In additional to age effects I have significant balance and gait issues due to idiopathic neuropathy (non diabetic) and very poor peripheral blood circulation. Fourteen months ago I switched to wearing “barefoot shoes”. I have had such remarkable improvement in balance, gait and foot/leg-pain reduction that I am encouraged to seek additional results by continuing trials of the Nobosos.

Adam M.

Intense, but in a good way!

I usually just wear my Prios with no insoles, barefoot or with thin socks on. I picked these up to see how it might help my workouts, and was pleasantly surprised! It started by wearing them while barefoot during my warmups, but removed them for my actual exercise as I found them a little intense at first. I did notice improved stimulation and responsiveness in my motions. When I do choose to utilize the 'Duo' feature and wear them during my workout I'll wear some thin socks to help take the edge off as they are a little less soft than I am used to. I wear them around daily when I can, but take breaks to mix it up and prevent building up a familiarity or tolerance to them which can reduce their effects. So far they are great and I can feel the benefits in my feet and stride. I will definitely buy these again when they start to wear down. Looking forward to getting a pair of Xero sandals with this feature built in when the warm weather comes back around!

Dennis R.

Don’t stay in place

Sorry to say that the inserts are not even close to being worth the investment. I wear the Xero shoe slip on Hana model with no socks. The inserts feel fine and do stimulate my feet, whenever I first start wearing them. However, as the day goes on they start to creep back towards my heal and eventually over the heal which becomes very irritated. I have to wear them upside down to keep them in place which defeats the purpose for purchasing them. Also, when I remove my shoes the insert comes out due to the moisture on my sockless feet. Wish there was a way to keep them in place.

Susanna F.

Perfecto Duo

Having read the reviews I expected the need to break my feet into using these slowly and maybe wearing socks. For me, no need. Using activation gave an instant foot buzz which was felt in the nerves up my back and into my shoulders and neck. Not at all painful but definitely makes you hyper aware of your entire sole, toes, posture and weight placement. First time, wore them for a couple of hours before turning over to performance mode for a zumba class. Initial reaction was how alive my feet felt and that my balance had immediately improved. The foot stimulation was a little distracting but in a good way as though I had a secret advantage and did the class with a big smile. The foot buzz lasts too and think I may be addicted.

Michelle D.

They are pretty good but they made my shoe tighter.