Cassandra Turner

Hi there! I’m Cassandra Turner. When I was young, I was often told that I couldn’t do certain things because I’m a girl. Being tough and getting dirty was “boy stuff. Now, at 27, I realize that this isn’t true. Girls can do anything! I have spent much of my adult life exploring the limits of human ability and proving that people, even girls, can do amazing things. Running ultramarathons, extreme survival, and deep sea exploration are just some of the many challenges that I have taken on.

I have finished races in distances up to 200 km (125 miles) and, later this year, will be attempting to be the first female finisher in the 10-year history of the La Ultra 333km race in the Himalayas. I also hold the female course record for the Buff Troodos Mountain Ultra 100k and have enjoyed competing in races around the world.

My survival skills were put to the ultimate test in the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid. Despite being paired up with a partner who doubted the survival skills of a “blonde chick”, I survived the full 21-day challenge. I even eventually won him over and taught him a new respect for the ability of women.

While I now spend most of my time exploring the world above the waves, my initial career path took me out to sea for months at a time on research expeditions. On several of these expeditions, I was told “we’ve never had girls on a science team before”. I loved breaking barriers and being a girl who could cross over into the man’s world.

Because of my love of exploration, I am constantly finding myself in unexpected places and any average day can spontaneously turn into an adventure. After a few mishaps including an impromptu hike in high heels, I have finally found a shoe that is as up for anything as I am! My Xero Shoes are a perfect travel companion. I have been to over 30 countries and my Xero Shoes have accompanied me around the globe. I never know where the day might take me and these shoes allow me to be ready for anything from camel trekking around the pyramids, spinning fire poi on a beach in Bali, to trekking through the Himalayas. I always keep my Xero Shoes handy so that I don’t miss out on any opportunities for adventure that come my way!

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