David Hallen

David is a climber, backpacker, and traveling rings practitioner. He is constantly in search of new ways of moving and his next adventure. David currently climbs max grades of V10- and 5.13, has a special place in his heart for Umstead State Park (where he’s been hiking since he could walk), and loves taking his Xero shoes through the worst conditions he can find. A passion of David’s is introducing new people, especially from communities that don’t have high representation in the outdoors industry, to the outdoors. There’s nothing quite like seeing the smile on someone’s face the first time the experience the magic of outdoor climbing or a sunset from an isolated peak.
David’s favorite Xero Shoe is the Terraflex (though he also has a soft-spot for the Hana) due to its endless adaptability to extreme conditions. He’s taken this shoe through icy mountains, muddy valleys, dusty approaches, and torrential rainstorms. Through it all, the Terraflex performed beyond his highest expectations and kept his feet happy at the same time.
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