Lock Laces® No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces


Give Your Xero Shoes a Slip-On Experience


Xero in Action

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Product Description

Turn Your Xero Shoes Into a Slip-On Experience

Lock Laces® are firm-but-flexible elastic laces that stretch, so you can easily slide your shoes on without having to tie or untie them.

How to lace up your Xero Shoes with Lock Laces®

You can put Lock Laces® in most lace-up shoes in just a few minutes. Take out your existing shoelaces, replace them with our elastic laces with your feet in the shoes, trim them to fit and lock them into place with the fastening system.

These work great with our Prio, TerraFlex and DayLite Hiker.

Step 1: Replace your Laces

Open your Lock Laces® and lace up your shoes.

Step 2: Lock-in

Squeeze the lock and thread the ends of the laces through the openings. Slide the lock to the tongue of the shoe and adjust to comfortable tension.


Step 3: Trim to Fit

Use scissors to cut off the excess lace. We recommend cutting 2-3 inches from the lock to leave room for future adjustments.
You can always cut off more later but you can’t add more back.

Step 4: Secure lace-ends

Insert trimmed lace ends through square opening on the cord clip and align the lace ends with the “teeth” inside. Snap closed to secure.

Congratulations! You’re ready to slip in and out of your Xeros like a champ!


Not quite.

Because the elastic lace is thin and round, the tension in the lacing sort of “evens” out. That is, if you like to make one section of your laces tighter than another, these won’t do that well.

But since the laces are elastic, you may find that cinching the entire lace a bit more than usual actually works just right. The overall tension will be good, and the elastic will give when you need it to.

It’s really simple and takes 2 seconds to adjust the tension.

The Lock Laces® hardware (that round piece that the laces pass through) is a spring. Squeeze it a bit and move it closer to the lace end (to loosen), or pull the laces through the hardware (to tighten).

Lock Laces® work great with our Prio, TerraFlex, and DayLite Hiker.

You could use them with the Hana and Lena, but the effect won’t be as noticeable.

While the Black version looks reflective, it’s actually not. That’s just a pattern on the laces.

The Gray LockLaces are reflective.