Amuri Hardware Kit – Complete

Like the lacing system in our Amuri barefoot sandals?

Add the Amuri Lacing System to your DIY Xero Shoes for only $6.99.

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Product Description

Turn your Xero Shoes Do-It-Yourself kit into a “hybrid Amuri Venture” with this hardware kit.

In fact, you can take any similar product to our DIY kits and Amuri-ize it with this hardware kit 😉

This is all the hardware we use for the Cloud and Venture sandals.

Grab an extra pair of laces for the “Amuri look.”

The Complete Amuri Hardware Kit comes with:

  • Two soft, grippy, instantly adjustable Heel Straps. (also available individually, here)
  • Two comfortable, flexible, extra strength Toe Loops (also available individually, here)
  • Four Lace Ends (also available here)

SAVE by getting the Complete Kit, rather than the individual components.

While the photos, below, show the components in various colors, the hardware is all Black and the Heel Straps have a silver/gray webbing and black hardware.

Here’s how you take the FeelTrue® soles from our DIY Kit and “Amuri-ize it:”

Step 1 – Insert the Toe Loop

Some people ask if you can feel the disc from the Toe Loop under your foot…

Well, the bottom of the Toe Post isn’t much bigger than the knot you make for your DIY kit, so you shouldn’t.

If you do feel it, feel free to experiment with trimming or sanding it down just a bit at a time to get the feeling you want.

2) Step 2 – Lace up your kit, Amuri style

(Clicking on the photos, below, will open them up, larger, in a new window. These photos use the Toe Post that has been replaced by the softer, stronger Toe Loop.)

a) Here’s the basic lacing pattern. I’ve trimmed the laces in advance so you can see the ends. Don’t trim them yet.


b) Thread the laces through the Heel Strap hardware, as shown.


c) Trim the laces as necessary (don’t trim them too short until you’ve worn the shoes and know what the length is that you want), and add the Lace Ends (instructions for adding Lace Ends are below)


How to attach the Lace Ends

a) Lightly heat the ends of the lace to seal them


b) Place the ends in the small section of the Lace End


c) Fold over the Lace End


d) Press the lace end sections together until they “click” and lock. You may want to use a pliers to help with this step.


e) Here’s a completed Lace End.


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A Xero Shoes Customer
United States United States

If your FeelTrue shoes don't stay secure on your feet you need this kit.

I got my DIY FeelTrue sandal kit in 2017 but had trouble keeping them on so I didn't wear them much. It was the lacing. I recently discovered the Amuri Hardware Kit and after reading the reviews, I saw that it solved the exact problems I was having. I'm wearing them now with the new kit that I just received and it makes a huge difference. Now I can wear my Xero shoes and feel secure that they will stay on and stay aligned with my feet. I am so happy!

United States United States

Amuri Kit is a Game Changer

Bought the DIY 6mm kit a year ago and did the basic DIY lacing method with the small knot under the sole. Loved it, worked great, but after time the knots frayed and broke. Came back merely to buy some more laces and by pure dumb luck stumbled across the Amuri kit. This changed everything. If you have the DIY kit, I strongly encourage giving it a try, it is like upgrading to a whole new shoe. The toe loop and adjustable heel strap make the whole experience more comfortable and provide a more secure fit than the original lacing method PLUS I like knowing that there's no more knot under the sole that will fray and break again. Before installing the kit, I always dealt with a little bit of looseness under the ball of my feet and the soles would slap a bit. Installing the kit gave me a perfect fit. HIGHLY recommend. The only critique I have, unrelated to the fit, is I have no idea how he made getting that toe loop through the sole look so easy in the video lol. I literally bruised the tips of my thumbs trying to push that piece through and it took me half an hour. The rest of the process was simple though. If I were to do it again, I might try threading some high test fishing line through the top of the sole first then through the plastic piece of the toe loop and pulling it through rather than trying to push it.

Arin L.

Tough to install on 6mm, but worth the effort.

I could never get my DIY FeelTrue sandals to fit quite right. I wore a 4mm pair out, then got a 6mm pair, and I could always get them to not slap, or get the top knot to not hurt my feet on the 6mm. I was reminded of this kit, and decided to go for it. It changed my world. If I have any problems with the fit, it's much easier to fix it. I don't feel the plastic bead under my foot, either, because the sandal stays in JUST the right spot. I will probably be buying a second DIY kit in 4mm and a hardware kit because this kit is so good. A tip: To install these, it would help to have a good-sized drill bit, or thread the run the first lace through the toe strap, the lace through the sandal hole, and yank the bead through by the lace.

Naomi L.


Loving my upgrades



After owning a diy pair of 4mm xeros in brown, I realized I really needed them in black and wanted them to look nice and sleek in black socks for winter wear. The black soles, black cording, and black hardware really makes for a sleek look when matched with black tabi socks and leg warmers. Now my feet are warm, look great, and the comfort of being barefoot with a little bit of protection; exactly what I wanted! 10/10 with the bonus of feeling and looking like a ninja 🙂