Xero Shoes are NOT Flip Flops

Run in barefoot shoes? DefinitelySome people see Xero Shoes and say, “I don’t like flip flops.”

Guess what?

We don’t either!

In fact, one of our company goals is the eradication of flip flops from the planet (and, of course, replacing them with Xero Shoes! 😉 )

So what makes Xero Shoes different — and so much better — than a flip flop?

Check out this video:

Barefoot Running Sandals vs. Flip Flops - The Xero Shoes Difference

Flip flops:

  • Don’t let you really feel the world
  • Have usually uncomfortable toe posts
  • You have to jam your toes into the post or the flip flops off your foot
  • You have to grip with your toes to keep them from falling off
  • The sole material usually breaks down quickly (cheap, in this case, means CHEAP)
  • They’re made in one-size-fits-none sizes (how many people do you know who aren’t either falling off one side of their flip flop, or having too much extra sole hanging in front of their toes or behind their heels?)

Xero Shoes, on the other hand:

  • The FeelTrue® soles (co-developed with the former lead designers from Nike and Reebok) let you Feel The World® while still feeling protected
  • Have a soft flexible toe strap… but more importantly, have a heel strap that holds the sandal on your foot without discomfort
  • The lacing style means you don’t have to jam your toe into the toe post, or grip unnaturally with your toes when you walk — the sole is simply “there”, under your foot
  • Our FeelTrue® outsoles have a 5,000 mile sole warranty!
  • You can trim some Xero Shoes for a perfect fit, no matter what your foot shape
  • You can personalize your Xero Shoes DIY kits with fun tying styles and decorative add-ons

Of course, the simplest thing I can say is: You don’t see people running marathons (and beyond) in flip flops, but we have LOTS of people who’ve done that in Xero Shoes.

Here’s a pic of Armandoa Rodriguez finishing his first 50k race in Xeros!

Run in barefoot shoes? Definitely

2 thoughts on “Xero Shoes are NOT Flip Flops

  1. First off, Xero shoes are great! I have a couple pairs that are holding up very well. Thanks Steven!

    That said, I am also a flip flop wearer and I must say not all flip flops are created equal! Most are junk. Havaianas flip flops which are made in Brazil from 100% rubber from trees (sustainable) are quite different than the flip flops you will find at Target or Kmart etc. In Brazil you will see people walking, running, biking, doing construction work, and every imaginable activity in these. They are durable, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off (which is a plus if you like to switch to barefoot a lot like I do). An important point is that Brazilians don’t wear them big with the sole sticking out around the edge of the foot, they wear a size that’s just the size of their foot. This makes them stay on the foot easier because the strap isn’t as loose and there’s less chance you’ll catch the front edge. Once you learn how to walk in them correctly, you don’t need to grip them with your toes and you can actually walk or run with a very relaxed foot. Similar to huaraches, it takes some time to learn to use them effectively.

  2. With all due respect, I agree 99% with you about flip flops but some are REALLY GOOD. If i’m allowed to quote 2 brands :
    1- for minimal flip flops, fitting perfectly, non slippery, your feet don’t move, UNKILLABLE and cheap (I seriously wore them everyday to school, to the beach, at parties, ran away from angry neighbors, used them runing wasted etc… as you understand most of the stuff that would kill your average flip flop), but they’re still here on my foot : Locals (about 14 dollars). But yeah they’re not running shoes.
    2- The upper flip flop, unkillable : wore it as much downtown, in the subway, arround swimming pools or even during a little walking treck down in canyon, got them wet, dirty, dried under the sun, lifetime warrantied, etc… Good leather flip flops with arch support (yeah I know, I know it’s not minimal but I doubt ask my feet, I walked in Venicia, Italy while visiting for 7hours on concrete and pavement, not the slightest sore, they’re good walking flip flop). A little more expensive arround 50 bucks, but they’ll last a lifetime.

    But yeah ok, once again they’re not meant for running nor are willing to be called barefoot thingy thing. But they aren’t your average flip flops and I’d rather wear those than sneakers.

    BTW : I should be ordering some of your xero in a few months.

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