Kathryn Jones

Hey! Kathryn Jones here, a former licensed mental health therapist who just couldn’t handle working indoors any longer. A few years back I quit my traditional jobs, sold almost everything I owned, and hit the road. Well.. the trails. I’ve spent the last few years hiking some of the most beautiful and most dangerous trails around the world. In 2017 I attempted the world record fastest known time (FKT) on the world’s longest footpath only trail, the Appalachian Trail. I was planning on re-attempting the FKT record summer of 2018 but unfortunately broke my neck while backpacking through South America and was unable to hike the trail. Assuming I am healed up and injury free summer of 2019 I plan on tackling the trail again and accomplishing my goal, hopefully in my Xero shoes!

When I am not on a trail I am hitchhiking around the world, climbing mountains, and exploring new cultures. I occasionally take on short term guiding positions for companies as I am traveling, and I share my adventures on various social media platforms. Because I carry everything I own in one backpack it is essential for me to own lightweight, easy to pack, multipurpose gear. The search for gear like that is what brought me to Xero shoes! I love that my Xero sandals can be used for hiking, water activities, and as an everyday article. I can’t remember a day in the past year that I didn’t wear them.

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