India Hayes

I’m India & I live a calm & simple, yet adventurous & adrenaline-filled life out of my little Commuter van. My passion for the outdoors & nature grew in the mountains of my home country, Australia. I’m a lover of all things adventure but my passions lie in rock climbing & highlining. The extreme focus, trust & skill, as well as the obligation to be whole-heartedly present in order to execute these sports motivates me beyond words.
Through sharing my adventures in the beauty of nature, I hope to inspire people to live a simple life & to connect more with nature. I believe that in doing so, we not only live a life of improved quality, but we come to understand, respect & care for our planet more. Wearing my Xero shoes keeps me feeling connected to the earth on my adventures. I feel in control of my movements, my feet feel free & I don’t get blisters anymore! I can climb cliffs with my Xero Shoes attached to my harness & I don’t even notice them because they’re so simple & lightweight.
See you out there!
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