Akash Garg

Akash Garg may be a late bloomer in the OCR community but that has not deterred him from already achieving some major milestones. Multiple Ultra OCR podiums in Spartan, Tough Mudder, Bonefrog, F.I.T. Challenge and Savage race. In his time away from OCR and training, Akash works as a chiropractor and professor of Biology.  He contributes much of his recent successes to the science of nutrition and exercise physiology. “It is amazing how an ordinary person can be extraordinary”. Even as a slightly older athlete he plans to continue to grow and improve in the sport. The ideas of pushing the body to the limits is the basis for his motivation to continue his success.  When he does get a chance to relax he enjoys time with his wife and running away from his pets who plot to assassinate him for more kibble.

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