Z-Trek - The Lightweight Packable Sport Sandal

Z-Trek - The Lightweight Packable Sport Sandal


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Z-Trek - Women $59.99
The Z-Trek runs about 1/2 size large, but only comes in whole sizes. You can confirm your size with the printable templates below.

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Due to increased costs of materials, manufacturing, and shipping, the price of this product will be raised on September 1st.
Limited quantities are available before that date.

“I’m absolutely in love with them and already use them for EVERYTHING. Walking, hiking, even everyday chores and tasks!”  – Megan H.

The comfort of a sport sandal upper, the lightweight, barely-there feel of a packable travel sandal. This combo lets the Z-Trek do it all.



The Z-Trek is an upgrade to the popular original, now with smooth, tubular nylon straps made from rPET recycled materials. The fully adjustable strap system lets you fine tune your fit, giving you the security you love in Xero Shoes.

The 6.0 mm FeelTrue® sole gives fantastic ground feel while still protecting you from the elements, while the dual direction chevron tread provides you confident grip. All that and they still only weigh 5.6 ounces each for a women’s 7.


 The Z-trek is stylish and available in multiple colors. They’ll confidently take you from jogging at the beach, to your favorite water-sport, to a stroll through town, all while enjoying the benefits of natural freedom.


If your feet don’t feel as good at the end of the day as they did in the beginning, you haven’t tried the Z-Trek.

Life-changing comfort and superior performance come from letting your feet do what’s natural – bend, move, flex and feel.

All Xero Shoes feature a wider, foot-shaped toe box that lets your toes spread and relax, a non-elevated “zero drop” heel for proper posture, a low-to-the-ground design for perfect balance and agility, and a flexible sole that gives you “just right” protection so you can bend, move, flex, and safely Feel the World® in total comfort.


Women’s Sizing Tips

It’s easy to find the right Xero Sandal size for you. The Z-Trek fits large and we recommend a snug fit, so…

Buy the Z-Trek in your usual US size, or go one size smaller

Free Exchanges!

Most people find our size recommendation gives them a proper fit, but just in case, we have a free exchange program for all US orders.

Size Conversion

If you normally buy a Euro or UK Size, check out the handy conversion chart beside.

Note: Use the handy printable templates below to confirm your size before you buy.

Any questions? Just call us at 303 447 3100 or send us an email. We’re here to help.

US Euro UK Print Template
5 35.5 3.5 Barefoot Sandal Template
6 36.5 4.5 Barefoot Sandal Template
7 37.5 5.5 Barefoot Sandal Template
8 38.5 6.5 Barefoot Sandal Template
9 39.5 7.5 Barefoot Sandal Template
10 40.5 8.5 Barefoot Sandal Template
11 41.5 9.5 Barefoot Sandal Template

Caring for your Z-Trek Sandals

To clean your Z-Trek sandals, hand wash with warm water, mild soap and allow them to air dry.


You sure can. Just slide the webbing through the slots on the outside of the sole to get the tension you like.

Note: A lot of our customers report that they like the toe strap looser than they thought they would. Experiment and see what you like best.

Use the templates that are linked on this page (next to where you select the size, and in the product description).

NOTE: Please measure your foot and/or use the templates. Sandal size is very often different than shoe size.

Pretty much anything you want. Take a walk on the beach, a hike in the woods, hang out with friend, stroll around the campsite, approach a climb, paddle a canoe, run a marathon…

I’m not sure that Z-Trek, or any sandal for that matter, is right for lateral motion sports, like tennis or basketball.

So, use your common sense and HAVE FUN!

There are 54 different foot shapes. And no product will fit everyone perfectly.

If you’re not sure you have the right size, drop us an email with some photos (top, side, back) and we’ll give you our opinion.

If you have the right size but the Z-Trek shape doesn’t quite match your foot… CUT IT! That’s right, you can trim the Z-Trek with a good pair of kitchen scissors. To finish the edge cleanly, try some sandpaper. Don’t cut off too much, too soon, though. Take off just a bit, and then see how you did. Remember, you can’t UN-cut.

If you’re a man with a very narrow foot, you may be better in the “women’s” style. Conversely, women with very wide feet, or over a size 10, should check the sizing for he “men’s” products.

The women’s Z-Trek is a bit narrower, and the webbing is 4mm thinner.

So if you have a narrow foot, whether you’re a man or woman, you may want to check the “women’s” sizing templates and see how those work for you. Similarly, if you have a wider foot, regardless of your gender, check out the “men’s” templates.

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All packages will be marked as merchandise; as a commercial shipper, we are not able to mark a package as a gift (if you’re giving Xero Shoes as a gift, that’s not the same as us sending a gift).
Also, check our Stores page. There may be a Xero Shoes dealer closer to you.

After you purchase a gift certificate, you’ll be able to enter an email address for the recipient.

You could email it to yourself and forward it at a later time if you like.

You can also take the Gift Certificate code and send it to the recipient.

Please go to Xero Shoes Return Policy page to learn about our 45-day return policy.

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Customer Reviews
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Krislyn E.

My new Z-Treks

SO happy!! I've been wearing the "Jessie" sandals for several years now and thought I'd try something new. I'm in love. These fit my feet perfectly. I have them laced pretty loose because I hate tight things on my feet. They are perfect that way for almost every activity I've worn them for. Yesterday was my first real "hike" in them, over rocks, trees, a glacier, streams, up a mountain. The only disadvantage was on the way down when a few times they kind of rolled over on my feet, but again, I have them laced very loosely and I think had I tightened them they would have stayed put very well. I was actually pretty impressed on the slip-factor. I am 49 and not as balanced as I used to be, and I felt pretty confident in these sandals. Hooray! Thanks Xero!


Xero Shoes

That's fantastic to hear! We're thrilled that you've had such a positive experience with our sandals, especially on such a challenging hike. It's great to know they fit your feet perfectly and provide the comfort and confidence you need. We appreciate your feedback about the lacing and slip factor and are delighted that you're enjoying your new Xero Shoes sandals. Here's to many more adventures with your Z-Trek sandals! Happy trails!

Alida B.

The shoes of my dreams

I love these shoes!!!! I wear them all the time for walking around town. I can't wait to try them hiking when the trails reopen.

Denise M.

My go-to shoe for day to day life

I love these shoes and have been buying them for years. I tend to find the Velcro on the back wears out after about a year of heavy use. Also, I wish they still offered this in brown. That said, these are almost my exclusive shoe for daily life Highly recommend.

Xero Shoes Z-Trek - Women Review
Kate K.

So far so good

I am still getting used to them which is why I gave them 4 stars but I am hoping for 5. They are more comfortable than they were and I find it easier to do the Xero gait when walking faster outside. I did notice that on my first morning walk while wearing them, better posture seemed more automatic. The straps-one more than other really-seem a bit long but all in all I like them and will buy more I am pretty sure. I do feel good that I am doing something for my body. One thing I really like is that the soles really grab the ground. When I went up the hill on “my” mountain after not having done so for a few years, I felt comfortable that I would be OK going up the hill. I was younger then and am now 72-not old but not young so a good thing after the years in between and 2 broken wrists.

Janet G.

Fabulous Barefoot Sandals

These are incredibly comfortable and flexible. My favorite sandals ever!

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Enjoy Natural Comfort.

Natural Fit

Natural Fit

Wide toe boxes let your toes spread and relax. "Zero-drop" non-elevated heel for proper posture.

Natural Feel

Natural Feel

Our patented FeelTrue sole protects your foot while giving your brain the feedback and stimulation required.

Natural Motion

Natural Motion

Flexible soles let your foot bend and flex naturally. Low-to-the-ground design for balance and agility.