Father’s Day Gift Guide 2023: Best Shoes for Dad

Here are two things we can pretty confidently say about men:

  1. They appreciate comfort
  2. Once they find something comfortable, they wear it… until it’s worn out

A foot-friendly, durable pair of barefoot shoes fits the bill on both counts. No matter what activities he loves doing, naturally comfortable shoes can help him enjoy it even more. And he’ll appreciate his feet feeling as good at the end of the day as they did at the start. 

Use this guide to match up the dads you care about with the shoes they’ll love. Not sure of someone’s size? Just send him this article, plus a Xero Shoes gift certificate.

If a perfect “grilling shoe” exists, the Sunrise is it. 

It’s soft, cozy, and so light it feels like it’s barely there – the ideal vibe for making a dream meal on the patio. 

But just as importantly, it’s also the easiest shoe to take on and off when heading inside or outside. He can pull the back of the shoe up over his heel like a regular shoe or slipper. Or, just step right on the back and slide in.

“I wear them to the store, around the house, in the garage, driving, and everywhere else. May toss out all of my other shoes. Nah, not my Prios and Glenns!” – Thomas C. 

These are my go to everyday shoes for traveling, walking the dog, grocery shopping. Has helped improve my posture and balance as well! – Nikhil M.

“The Sunrise shoe is incredibly comfortable. It’s a whole new experience.” – John F.

Prio: For Working Out and Living In

Prio is the go-to for men who don’t JUST work out in their athletic shoes. They live in them all day, every day. 

He’ll appreciate the low-to-the-ground build and grip for running or lifting, and the instep straps for lateral stability in any sport. The lightweight design and flexible, foot-shaped sole will help his feet feel as good at the end of the day as they did at the start

And for whatever else he wants or needs to do… there’s a Prio for that. 

Prio Neo: The Prio’s grip and lateral support in an even lighter, sleeker design



Prio Suede: Leather-accented style ready for the office or a night out



Prio All-Day SR brings slip resistance and full-grain leather to meet service industry standards.

“Best shoes ever! I really don’t know why I didn’t purchase these earlier. So much better than commercial runners. Now my other shoes are now in the cupboard. Will definitely buy another pair.” – Richie R. 

“The most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my feet. These things are awesome, and you’ve got a lifetime customer!” – Todd E.

“I wear the prio for the gym, going out, at work, etc. It’s the best all around shoe.” – Ryan A

Scrambler Mid: The Ultimate Lightweight Hiking Shoe

If getting out in the elements, hiking in the hills, or strapping on a backpack is how he likes to spend his free time, he’ll enjoy every step more in the ultra-light Scrambler Mid.

This new collaboration between Xero Shoes and the car and bike tire company Michelin features a Michelin Fiber Lite® sole that brings mountain bike-inspired grip without sacrificing flexibility. The abrasion-resistant mesh upper keeps out trail debris while letting cool air in. 

He’ll love how light he feels in these. At just 11.3 oz. per shoe (M9), a pair weigh less than just one single boot from most other companies.

“The best! I decided to take a chance on the Scrambler Mid and I couldn’t be happier. My first time ever wearing them was a 13-mile round trip hike into the Grand Canyon. No rubbing weird, no blisters, nothing. I barely noticed them on my feet. I highly recommend them.” – Michael D. 

“Lightweight, incredibly comfortable, and they look awesome!” – Jim

“Just finished some backcountry hiking and the boots were great. Very stable tread and the mesh upper drained water quickly so the shoes would dry out.” – Rob J

Dillon: Classic Casual Sneaker

Dillon Mens White

Take an iconic style, like the classic sneaker, and build in Xero Shoes DNA, and you have a look that pairs with your favorite outfits. Plus, the barefoot-inspired comfort lets you enjoy every moment.

Work, play, drinks, dancing… You’re doing it all in the Dillon.

New favorite casual shoe. These are great, I like the cupped sole on the Dillon, Super comfortable and so far seems very durable. And great for casual streetwear.”Liam G.

THE most comfy shoes I’ve ever worn. I need to get another pair asap. I’m using these every day and I don’t want to use any of the other shoes I thought I loved!” – Franciso R.

Game changer. These shoes are exactly what I’ve been looking for. They look great while also allowing my feet and toes to spread out, as they were intended, allowing more balance and stability. I won’t go back to regular shoes ever again!.” – Tyler A.

Glenn: Work-Friendly, Club-Ready Leather Style

Glenn Brown

This stylish Oxford-style shoe can dress up with a suit, but also looks great going casual with his favorite jeans. The nubuck leather molds to his foot, creating a slipper-like fit for wherever his day takes him.

The three classic colors cover a range that matches up with any outfit. And they’re so lightweight, he may forget he’s wearing them. Flats never felt this good. 

These are absolutely perfect! And they look great for nice events. Very comfy and roomy.”Aaron T.

“Exactly what I was hoping for. I love them.” – Kyle A

“Suit & tie shoes! This very comfortable shoe works with my nicer outfits for semi-formal occasions like worship services and Sunday school.” – Mattias A.

Naturally comfortable shoes for every season, activity… and every man

Don’t see the perfect fit here? Explore our entire selection of men’s barefoot shoes, boots, and sandals available in different styles, colors and sizes to find even more options for the man on your list.

Not comfortable picking shoes for him?

Give a Xero Shoes gift certificate to let him find his perfect fit.