Do you have the Barefoot Personality?

Birds of a feather may flock together, but do barefoot runners flock as well… psychologically, at least?

Nicholas Hanson and Janet Buckworth think they might, as they describe in the paper they’ve published in Sport Sciences for Health, “Personality characteristics of barefoot runners: openness and conscientiousness as the defining traits”

They put 692 runners through The Big Five Inventory, a psychological typing system. 238 of those runners identified as barefooters who’d done at least a half marathon in the last 2 years.

Turns out, they say, that barefoot runners

…tend to be more open (imaginative, unconventional, curious) and less conscientious (responsible, dependable, orderly) than shod runners.

Think that describes you?

You can take the Big Five test and see… there are lots of sites that offer it (click here for search results)

(and, no, if you don’t fit the mold that DOESN’T mean you can’t run barefoot!)

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