Barefoot running on Youtube – A webinar with Jon and Mel

Think you can’t run an ultra-marathon? Well, think again.

Maybe your limitations aren’t what you imagine them to be.

I just had a great chat with ultra-runners, Jonathan Sinclair and Melissa Gosse that I know you’ll love, whether you ever plan to run an ultra or not.

Barefoot Ultra-running? Marathons in Huaraches Barefoot Sandals? Yup!

Watch the webinar and you’ll learn:

  • Do you need to do 100s of miles per week to train?
  • What’s the roll of cross-training?
  • How much of distance running is physical vs. mental
  • How do you deal with the mental challenges of ultra-running
  • What diet Mel and Jon have found that helps with their training and recovery
  • Why they run in Xero Shoes (and when they don’t!)
  • The value of barefoot running… at any distance
  • … and a LOT more

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