Bare feet, strong feet

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and the Natural Running Center have put out a great ebook about the benefits of being barefoot and natural movement.

According to the NRC site, the premise: Healthy Feet = Healthy Running.

I’d add healthy walking, hiking, strolling, yoga, working out… and everything else you do on your feet.

The free ebook looks at a study done in 1905 by Dr. Phil Hoffman, where he compared the feet of barefooted and shoe-wearing (shod) people, and includes commentary on the study by Mark, Dr. Casey Kerrigan, and Dr. Phil Maffetone.

It’s stellar.

And did I mention: free

Click the image below to pick up your copy.

healthy barefoot running book

2 thoughts on “Bare feet, strong feet

  1. As an academic study, literature from 1905 would be totally disregarded. However, some interesting points are raised and it certainly opens discussion.

  2. I received my 3rd pair of shoes from Xero 2 days ago. I have only praise for the team at Xeroshoes! Their attention to my issues of bad knees and barefoot walking has actually changed my life! I can hike, do yard work, and restart my qigong practice that I had given up do to deteriorating knees.
    I was told 15 years ago that I would need knee replacement in 7 years from that date, I had finally reached the point of pain and general discomfort, to be discussing surgery with my orthopedist.
    Fear of what my life was going to be like was always in the back of my mind. After visiting a small town in India in February this year, and walking barefoot for a month, I realized that my knees quit hurting. I started researching barefoot walking online.
    Upon returning to our home in Canada, I was scared to wear my old style, regular footwear, so I wore my cheap crocks, while I ordered, then waited for a new pair of Prios. Holy moly! I can now go up and down stairs, climb over rocks, work in our 2+ acre property through dips, tree roots, all the normal parts of land, without thinking,”can I do this, or will it hurt too much?”.
    It has changed my vision of the future for me, and at 66, my future may not be so long, but it will be GOOD!

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