Sh*t Runners Say to Barefoot Runners

Okay, barefoot runners, friends of barefoot runners, people who think running barefoot is silly, and anyone else who has ever seen, heard of, made fun of, or been married to someone who maybe heard of running barefoot or saw a picture of some Vibram FiveFingers (in other words: Hi, everyone!)…

Here’s the follow-up to the viral Sh*t Barefoot Runners Say (over 170,000 views as I write this).

Inspired by, well, all the things I’ve heard runners say as I trotted about town without my shoes, or in my huaraches running sandals, it’s Sh*t Runners Say To Barefoot Runners

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20 thoughts on “Sh*t Runners Say to Barefoot Runners

  1. Hi Steve,

    Great Follow up… even funnier!


    Barefootin’, it’s the way we were meant to be.

  2. You have NO idea how many times I get stopped while running barefoot. One of my last stops started with: “I’ve never seen this”. Me: “What? What have you not seen?” Him: “Barefoot. A guy running barefoot” I had no words.

    He was in the middle of asking on where I started to run (and I thought he’s asking me where I live) and then my iPhone blared out, ” … distance 10.3 miles…” and he went, “Holy shit! I am sorry. I see you’re busy, have a good one man…” Off I ran. Barefoot.


  3. LOL, Love the new video.

    The last organized run for me was our New Year’s Resolution 5K. Some guy caught up to me briefly at about 2 miles and stated, “THAT must hurt your feet”, while glancing down at my bare toes and invisible “shoes”.

    “Not at all….you’d be surprised, I’m training to run a marathon in these in March”, I told him as he faded back into the dark. :~)

    You’re new video reminded me of that guy. For your next one, maybe you can put on war paint, get a horse and do a little Braveheart/Mel Gibson gig.

  4. This is even better than the first one!

  5. So funny! I fell out on the “Bruce Springstein” reference. A guy told me two mornings ago that he could never run barefoot, he said “I’m an orthonics guy myself”.

  6. Thanks for making my morning! I don’t laugh enough, but you’re helping.

  7. Awesome, love the “eeeeeeeeew”.

    I got stopped by a lady once who asked me for my number so she could call and get tips on running in her five fingers because she didn’t think she was doing it right; she never called, though.

  8. Hey Steve,

    Good job with the video! 100k+ hits – who needs G_Adwords!!

    Keep it coming man!

  9. I’m pleased as anything with my invisible shoes. They work great! Quasi-barefoot. Perfect for most of my needs. I kinda don’t like “real” shoes anymore… 😉 I love the scene where you’re showing that big shoe. Another where you said, “Hey dude, wait up!” Then the smoking scene (I have a feeling you didn’t actually smoke), and of course both videos ended with a injury. Funny.

    I think for future ones you might try adding some other folks in, instead of different variants of you. They’re your films, but still a suggestion.

    Great video!


  10. While the endorphins are still flyin thru my veins…just wanted to let you know today was my longest mileage in huaraches. 26.2+ miles with brief breaks at home between routes….concrete, blacktop, gravel, grass, dirt, etc. I got honks, waves, smiles and funny looks, all gave me a little boost…but the main point I wish to make is the run was PAINFREE. No foot pain as with xc flats and trail gloves, and no hamstring cramps after mile 17 or so, which typically has me on the ground immobilized!

    Slowly, I’m becoming more like those Tarahumaran “Tarzan” like athletes.

    Now, rather than wondering if I can do ultra distance in the huaraches, I’m thinking it’s the ONLY way to do it comfortably.

    When the endorphins chill out, will I be able to walk? :~)

  11. Hey, Clyde…

    That was my first cigarette ever 😉 … and the “Sh*t people say” format is just one character, over and over… besides, it’s easier to schedule the shooting when it’s just me 😉

  12. Very funny! I liked this one better than the first one.

  13. Happy to say and glad to report I can walk today, after marathon+ distance yesterday in the 4MM’s, which btw are getting even thinner at the forefoot area.

    Notice in one of my favorite youtube vids, William Wallace’s huarache like footwear.

    Notice how much Mel (Wallace) looks like Steve too. That scene gives me goosebumps and the movie sound track is perfect for pre marathon or ultra motivation music…the louder the better. FREEEEEEEDOM. I try to tell folks to set their feet free…wear the huaraches.

  14. Horses do way better when they go without shoes too. And some people still freak out when they see a barefoot horse, even if his feet are perfectly sound and the horse is obviously happy and moving well.

  15. Man, you are really a funny guy! I feel a lil pride that i understand what you talk about

  16. Why did God make feet in the shape of shoes? Hmm… Come to think of it, most “civilized” women’s feet ARE in the shape of pointy-toed shoes.

    Just look at photos of gorgeous models when they’re barefoot or wearing sandals, and you’ll see how ugly feet can get!

    But I don’t believe Goddess made them that way! Sisters unite! Free your feet! Just be sure to shave your toe-knuckle hairs first!
    ; )

  17. Just ran a few miles in a very small, conservative Appalacian mountain town, BAREFOOT. I think I nearly caused a traffic collision.


  18. I Started going barefooted two years ago. I am retired almost 67. I spent 7 weeks in Lima Peru last winter and and walked and ran about 15 To 20 miles everyday. Two things they don’t have there, disposable glass beverages containers, and no signs that say no shirt no shoes no service. They have a great sozia grass lawn on their Oceanside Park. I can can run so fast on it that it gets scary. I have muscles in my feet, never a blister and my little toes are straightening out. I see people with heels and pointed shoes and think how stupid it is. Bad for your health and a waste of money. I never wore shoes till I was 8 then we moved from the south to a northern climate. Once again I can run on a gravel road with never a thought about it. To all the barefooted souls out there. Keep it up it was the way you came into the world and the way you were meant to be.

  19. “Hey Mom, that man is running in flip flops!”

  20. Brilliant!

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