Xero Shoes 5,000 Mile Warranty

When people ask, “How long will my Xero Shoes last?” we say, “We don’t know, but it’s going to be a long, long time!” (I’ve put well over 5,000 miles on mine.)

That’s why we offer this 5,000 mile warranty.

If you wear your FeelTrue® outsoles down to less than 1mm thick at the ball or heel of the foot (not an edge), we’ll replace them with the same product for the following price:

60% off MSRP (full, non-sale, listed, retail price) for the product, plus shipping.

We don’t expect you’ll ever need this warranty, but if you do here’s what to do:

  1. Contact us by phone or email. Ideally, we’d like your order number, and the product that needs warranty replacement.  If you don’t know your order number, name and email should do it.We’ll provide you with a Return Authorization Number (RAN) and the total cost to ship the replacement.
  2. Send the shoes (Amuri) or soles (DIY kits) back to us with that information and payment and we’ll get your replacement right out.
    We do not accept returns without a RAN.

Further, Xero Shoes are guaranteed against manufacturer defects for 6 months from the date of purchase. If you purchased your Xero Shoes from anywhere other than our website, you will need your receipt or other proof of purchase.

If you have any other problem with your Xero Shoes, contact us. We will do whatever we can to make sure you’re happy with your purchase.

This warranty is valid for Xero Shoes FeelTrue® outsoles only. Not valid for Vibram Cherry products, laces, or accessories. We reserve the right to update or modify the terms of this warranty at any time without prior notice.

Feel The World!®

  • Kevin Luke Lewis

    Hello, I bought my Z-Treks back in May, I am a lover of the sandals and a regular buyer of barefoot ware. Zero Shoes are the some of the best out there so I recommended them frequently!

    About two weeks ago the rubber loop on my right sandal that holds the toe strap to the outside of the sole broke; I was able to the webbing back through, that was cool, but I was wondering if that falls under the 6 month warranty. I was kinda the one who broke it while playing soccer, or would I have to pay??

    If so I am going to wait until the fall when I hear something new may come out.. :)

    Many thanks, Luke

    • http://www.xeroshoes.com/ Steven Sashen

      Contact our Customer Happiness Team at support@xeroshoes.com and they’ll take care of you.

  • Derek Corcoran

    Challenge accepted,
    I have been using fivefingers for about 3 years and they last on average 625 miles (around 5 months) bring it on!!!!

  • http://www.xeroshoes.com/ Steven Sashen

    We’ve had MANY people hike the AT in Xero Shoes. But, that said, I can’t answer “will they work for me” without knowing more about you. Feel free to call our Customer Happiness Team at 303.447.3100 with any questions you have.