Buy Xero Shoes at REI and get a $10 Gift Certificate

Buy Xero Shoes at and you’ll get a
$10 Gift Certificate!*

Offer EXTENDED! Now Ending:

We’re thrilled that REI is carrying these Xero Shoes styles at

Men’s & Women’s

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Mesa Trail

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Men’s – Black/Rust

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Men’s – Black

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3 Steps to getting your $10 Gift Certificate*

Buy your Xero Shoes at REI– at a store or at (call your local store in advance to see if they are open, or open for curbside delivery, and to make sure they still have what you want in stock!)


Take a photo or video with your new Xero Shoes and post it on social media, tagging @xeroshoes and @REI and hashtagging #LiveFeetFirst, or email it to us at


Write your name, email, and Social Media account name on your receipt, circle the Xero Shoes item, and get us a copy. Text it to (720) 340-1401 or email


That’s it… then we’ll email you your $10 Xero Shoes Gift Certificate!*

Now share this with your friends and family so they can get this deal too.


*Only one $10 gift certificate per person. Certificates are only valid for use at  Gift certificates expire after 2 years and cannot be redeemed for cash.  No cash back will be given for purchases under $10.  This promotional offer may expire at any time (so do it soon!)