New Xero Shoes and 2015 Giveaway!

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Plus you can WIN the BRAND NEW Amuri Z-Trek — the lightest, most comfortable, versatile, sport sandal your feet will ever love — or one of DOZENS of other prizes! Over $1,000 worth in all.

And check out the 2015 colors for the Cloud and Venture, including a brand new, patent-pending lacing system that gives you a perfect fit in just seconds.

Find out more about the Z-Trek and how you can WIN in the video below.


Did you win?

WOW… over 49 winners in our 2015 sweepstakes!

Plus, we picked 3 winners from the comments we received and 3 random comments… before I share them, let me just THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful comments, your support, your enthusiasm, your curiosity.

Lena and I were blown away by the stories our current Xero Shoes wearers shared. We really don’t know how to express how moving it has been to read about your lives and our small, or sometimes large, part of them. So, again, thank you.

In fact, there were so many touching stories that even the randomly selected winners could have been picked from our favorites.

And there were SO many awesome comments that we practically had to throw darts to pick 3 out of the dozens that we all adored here in the office.

With that said, though, and in no particular order, the prize-winning comments came from:

1) Lara Rosenberger, who not only had great comments, but shared more than anyone else!

2) Andy Frevert, who bribed us with a fossil (we’d like something named after us, please)

3) And “Stephen” who nailed it with brevity: “z-feet need to trek!”

Don’t wait to get yours

If you didn’t win, you can still get the Z-Trek and the updated Cloud and Venture… but…

Act NOW — LIMITED SUPPLY — The ports at the US are having some, uh, “trouble,” which could hold up our new products for MONTHS. So we had to spend tens of thousands of dollars to fly in as much product as we could afford. Unfortunately, that means we only have a few thousand pairs, total. The rest will be here, hopefully, by mid-April… depending on the ports.

So order now if you want to guarantee that you get your Z-Trek, or 2015 Venture and Cloud.

What was your “WHY”?

We’re reading EVERY comment!

Then, we’ll take 3 random answers, plus 3 of our FAVORITE (judged by everyone here at the Xero Shoes office) — make it a good one 😉 to win a pair of Z-Trek or Cloud or Venture.

Check out our Prize donors:

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903 thoughts on “New Xero Shoes and 2015 Giveaway!

  1. Okay, people — here’s one way to win: Tell us why you want the new Z-Trek, or why you love Xeros … our favorite answers win, as well as 3 random winners. Oh, and if you have a question, put that here, too, and I’ll do my best to answer.

    1. Just to help you out with your selection process Steve, you can pick one winner already: You just need to look for a comment with an avatar like the one you see to the left of this text, and take a mental note to acknowledge the subtle genius of the elucidation. Q.E.D!

    2. I need the Z-Trek so I can make new friends through the power of barefoot appeal!

    3. Why I want the Z-treks? As long time runner, and active father I have been transitioning to lighter and more natural shoes gradually. Now down a few pairs of good shoes I still have no sandals I could run in, so I have no sandals. I now only own shoes that I can LIVE in. I have to be able to feel the ground, run at any time (4 kids), and be comfortable. I haven’t found sandals yet that really work, I would like to believe these would. Being able to add ‘feeling the breeze and sunshine on my feet’ to the list above would be awesome.

    4. I already own a pair of 6mm contact with FeelTrue® rubber soles. I love them. I like the fact that I feel more “connected” to the ground when I’m walking/running. Even though my wife says they look feminine I love them and still wear them. Reason why I want the new Z’s… Let’s just say the Z-Trek Xeros look less girly according to her. I’m hoping to be sporting a pair of these around town.

    5. Are you planning to have those printable thingies or measurable dimensions to help size your feet for men’s vs women’s styles? I ask because while I’m female, my feet aren’t very narrow. They’re actually quite a bit broader than my husband’s feet (though his feet are much longer than mine). So shoes can be hard for me to get sized properly and even with my regular Xeroes I required quite a bit of reshaping of the toe area.


      1. We’re working to get the templates done for both Men and Women… and if you’re too wide for the women’s fit, you can wear the “men’s”.

    6. Also, the app doesn’t seem to be accurately tallying my entry points. :/ It says I have only one point, despite commenting here, visiting your page and sharing it on FB. Sadface.

    7. I never had success or came to truly love running until I made my first pair of Xero Shoes with your kit. I finally decided it would be worth it to purchase a pair of Ventures. I loved them so much I wore them everywhere, even to work when I could pull it off under a maxi skirt (which is saying a lot because I’m a teacher, and that’s a no no at my school). I love them for pretty much every part of my life, from working out, to boating, to just hanging out. The new Z-Trek looks even better because my biggest complaint about sandals is that I always want to pack them for trips, but can’t roll them up or fold them or get them the way they need to be in my luggage. This looks like a dream. Not only because sometimes I really don’t want things between my toes, but also because i could finally wear the style of sandal I really want to wear and prefer to wear, from a brand that I love and trust for my barefoot needs.

    8. I love Xeros so much I’ve bought three pairs! I walk better, run better, and feel lighter because of your products. I used to have all sorts of knee and foot injuries, wearing Xeros taught me how to step without slamming my foot down, how to shift my weight so my knees don’t ache, and how to keep better posture while walking and running. They pretty much force you to run correctly or you get instant feedback in the form of sore feet! I really want to try to try this new version. It looks like it can handle all the shiggy and urban roughness I’m gonna throw at it!

    9. Well why I want a pair is bc in the military I run pretty much everyday also I also go hiking and a bunch of other outdoor stuff. And when I started to use the xero sandals to run it was an amazing feeling for me I’ve gotten some weird looks but hey they don’t know what they are missing out on.It’s an awesome product and I’m excited to try out the new Z-Treks they look like they will be able to handle any kind of terrain I take them on.

    10. I have horrible knocked-knees and flat feet. I never used to like running because, whenever I did, a muscle would strain in my feet and I would get a shot of awful pain. Your sandals were the first I’d ever heard of barefoot shoes. Ever since I started wearing them, my feet started hurting less and less when running. Now I love running and I can’t wait for the summer to start so I can run in your sandals again.

    11. I love Xeroes because they allow me to “feel the world” when I can’t run bare! I have tried lots of other minimalist footwear for running – Xeroes have been my favorite since they were called “Invisible Shoes” and remain my favorite…as a matter of fact, I am wearing my DIY pair of Xeroes right now and am minutes away from going for a late night run in them (had to enter the giveaway first)! I love that I can roll them up and tuck them into the bottle holders of my Fuel Belt (thankfully there are three holders…one for the water) when I go barefoot on a trail run in case I encounter some less-than-foot-friendly terrain. I am really excited about the Z-Trek because their new lacing system is exactly the update that I would have recommended. There is nothing out there like the Z-Trek and I can’t wait to get my feet into them…which is saying something since I really don’t like anything on my feet…well, except Xero Shoes. I have already run a half-marathon with my DIY Xeroes so pick me to win a pair of Z-Trek and I will run my first marathon with them !

      1. Sharing pic of my rolled up DIY Xeroes…can’t wait to do this with my Z-Treks!

    12. I have to win the new Z-Treks! I have never been a sneaker fan because I barely have an arch in my feet, so I catch cramps a lot since most sneakers do not follow the curvature of my feet. I purchased the Xeros and I instantly fell in love. I feel barefoot in them and unrestricted. My foot pain is nonexistent. I’m so glad I got laces in 3 different colors also because I’m a coordinated diva to the max! Please choose me, better yet, bless me with these Z-Treks. I am a testimonial blessing waiting to happen! #teamxero

    13. The reason I want the new Z-Trek is simple. People who are stuck in the rut of wearing shoes with so much support really don’t understand what they are doing to their feet. I am in the Army, where shoe wearing is a must and minimalist shoes aren’t spoken highly of. I think it’s time for a change and would love a pair of Z-Treks to show off and convert the masses!

    14. I need these sandals to run free throughout Brazil. 🙂

    15. I want the Z-Trek because Randy Cassingham’s description in “This is True” makes them sound so comfortable.

    16. I am new to barefoot anything but saw the advert on this-is-true and went with a recommendation I trust. I have just bought a pair with the toe-hold but would be interested in seeing if without is really that different in terms of what it feels like.

    17. With the size of my feet, the lighter the shoe the better!

    18. I own several Xeros already and I absolutely love them! I wear them everywhere, whether I’m hiking through the woods or cruising through the mall. I am also a huge advocate for Xero Shoes, constantly encouraging those around me to Feel the World! I have got to have the new Z-Treks and plan on making them my go to Xeros for outdoor sports as well as my daily wearers. Xeros Rock!!

    19. I loved my original Invisible Shoes for running, but I couldn’t get away with wearing them around town. Those nylon ropes, man! I actually had a coworker tell me privately that I REALLY had to stop wearing them to work. Also, the ropes broke way before the 5000 miles the soles were guaranteed for. The Amuri Z-Trek look like they’ll fix both problems! I’ll enjoy wearing these all summer long!

      1. bro get para cord from the army navy store and re lace them i have 1500 miles trail running with the originals been through tons of cord but the soles are going strong.

    20. I need these to win a bet with my backpacking buddy! We made a bet over who can find the hands down best footwear for our thru hikes. Please help me win! I don’t want to have to set and break camp alone while he sits and drinks the hot cocoa I have to make him every night on our JMT thruhike this year! I wanna be the one sipping the cocoa and you can make that happen!

    21. I juz want them so badly! The purple n grey. It’s juz so beautiful for running..

    22. Ok, In my opinion, my Amuri Cloud Xeros are simply the best thing I have ever worn. It will take a very good product to knock this opinion over. All the best!

    23. Being part moose, I have a hard time finding hoof covers er shoes that fit and work well for me. I would love to have a pair of Amuri Z-Trek’s as my hoof already wore out my old shoes. Thanks for making these available (and btw, Randy Cassinham’s “offensive” review in This is True let me know about these.)

    24. I’ve been following the contest since it came out and I’d just as soon buy a pair outright (xero plain) – but I’ve been barefoot for 61 years and not sure how often I’d wear them – I don’t even like socks. If it wasn’t for my love of bare foot trecking, I’d have bought a pair, or three, years ago. However, I’d give them a go, to see how often I’d wear them, if I won a pair.

      There is nothing better than next to nature – bare feet. I swear by it and live by it.

      My feet aren’t very pretty though. Maybe the Xeros would change that.

      Happy feet everyone.

    25. Because I have struggled with regular joint pain from my feet to my hips
      since I was eleven years old. My whole lower body was constantly out of
      alignment due to major overpronation in my very flat feet. A podiatrist
      took a good look at my feet, said “yep–no arches”, and had me wear
      heavy, uncomfortable orthotic inserts. It did nothing. Then I discovered
      the original Xeros–curious, I wore them and actually begin to develop
      my own, genuine honest-to-goodness ARCHES–something I didn’t know was
      possible. Joint pain decreased, and it. was. Amazing.

    26. I own a pair of Xero shoes (Contact 6mm) and pair of Invisible Shoes (I go way back!) But I’ve stopped wearing them. I never liked anything between my toes (other than my toe socks), and I found the laces a little finicky for my taste. I’ve been wearing Tevas instead as my open-toed sandal. I wear the so-called “minimalist” model, but I miss the superior sole and light weight of my old Invisible Shoes and Xeros. Well, imagine my surprise when tonight I saw that Xero Shoes is introducing a new sandal that offers me the best of both worlds, and gets rid of every problem I had with my other Xero sandles. I’ll be ordering a pair of Mocha Earth Z-Treks as soon as I can. I believe I’ve found the sandals I’ll be wearing all summer. Finally, a real minimalist option for people who don’t like lacing between their toes!

    27. This is why I love Xeros and want to try the new Z-Trek: I have really really really wide girl feet. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration–but when shopping for shoes, it feels like I have the widest feet on the planet. All girl shoes, even the “wide” sizes, are insanely narrow. I used to be able to wear normal girl shoes, but then I learned what natural feet are supposed to look like, so I scrapped my old narrow shoes and switched to Xeros (and soled slippers in colder weather). And then what happened? My toes spaced out the way they’re supposed to, so now normal girl shoes are unbearable…which makes me love Xeros even more. Oh, and another super important note: the soles of Xeros never leave your feet, which takes the annoying “flip” and “flop” out of flip flops! (I’ve been a fan and proud owner of Xeros since before Shark Tank.)

    28. When I was in middle school I struggled with back pain due to Scheuermann’s disease. I wore a brace for seven months, then wore a body cast for 3 months, and eventually had spinal fusion surgery. After the surgery, I struggled with foot pain due to flat feet as I tried to recover and recuperate while growing up. I eventually went to a podiatrist and was prescribed some orthotics. I wore them for awhile but they never really helped. Eventually I gave up on them and moved into the world of barefoot shoes. I stumbled upon Xero shoes and ordered a pair for my me and my wife. They have been my favorite shoes ever since. I still struggle with pain sometimes, but I’ll never go back to a structured shoe. Thanks for the great product!

    29. Was worried about fit however the template is going to help. Did I moose er miss a image of the “mocha earth / coffee bean” z-treks?

    30. I have every version of xeros but not ztrek yet! I would love z as it will allow me to wear regular socks with it!!! They will be essential winter shoes without the need to buy toe socks.

    31. Hi Xeromates and Steven, I ran barefoot and always loved it… until I was told (from my trainer) I had to buy good soft running shoes and change them regularly so thaht I could train hard. I have done so for years (almost 30 I need to say)… I have now pain and aches on hips, knees, lower back and down to the sole of my feet. So a friend said I should try your Xeroz. I did, and since then, I totally changed my way of running, I feel lighter, faster and easier, like an animal maybe. I have to thank you guys for this. Now is winter, and I run with shoes on, but I noticed that I still can run the same way. But note it’s somewhat very unpleasant to need to stop and redo the knots during a run… OK I could learn to do better at once, but you got faster than me improving : thanks for the lauch of the new model. Being jobless for now, since I stay home to care for our installation and the boys (being in a forest Kindergarten), I hope I can win, or that I allow myself this expense before my first marathon ever, in the green Eifel : Greatings from Cologne, Germany

    32. I’ve been interested in getting a pair of Xero shoes for a while. Back three years ago, I had problems with plantar fasciitis from wearing boots every day. I was prescribed inserts to correct it, and they helped, but never completely fixed the problem. Now I’ve recently had a child, which has given me a bad hip joint, and started running again. Running in tennis shoes is ok, but I’ve love to run barefoot, and the Xero shoes is as close as I can get to barefoot while still wearing some protection on my feet. It would correct the plantar fasciitis and help so much with the hip. To have a pair of Z-Trek shoes would be a blessing to my feet.

  2. I love Xero’s because I can be FREE & move as I want. Xero’s have taught me to run with the proper technique & run more freely. As of right now my whole family has a pair, wife 5 yr old daughter….just waiting for my 3 yr old son’s feet to grow so he can have a pair too! Perfect for the whole family!

  3. I’d love to win a pair cuz for some bizarre reason, society doesn’t approve of me going barefoot 24/7!!! (silly workplace!!!)

  4. I was trying to get into better shape so I started off with walking and I went out and purchased the “best” running/walking shoes I could find and walked my butt off every night. Well I ended up getting Plantar Fasciitis and came to learn or rather “believe I should say” that all the various supports and contraptions we put on our feet weaken them which caused my issues.

    I began to do various stretches and walk barefoot as much as I could against Dr advise. Guess what, I strengthened my feet, corrected the Plantar issues and am way better off. I have been going crazy looking for barefoot dress shoes and have managed to find some but my favorite shoes are my Xero Amuri Clouds which my kids have named Jesus shoes 🙂 We just returned from a week long trip to Disney and we walked a good 11 to 15 miles per day and my feet stayed happy.

    I cannot wait to get my hands on the new Z-Trek and will update my Clouds to the newer updated strap version as soon as they become available. Thanks guys and keep up the good work.

  5. I would love to win a pair of new Z-Trek. After 3 months I will be running my second marathon and I definitely would be happy to run with Z-Trek.

    I am long time xeroshoes user, good job guys with this new model.

  6. Having trained and raced in multiple half marathons (and even a full) in my Xero’s, they’ve been instrumental in me learning to listen to my body and make the adjustments to improve my running form in such a way that after a week of training, where in the past I would be hobbling around due to IT band issues (even after constant foam rolling and stretches), I instead am able to run pain free.

    I’ve been a long time fan – since the days of Invisible Shoe, and I think the most common complaint and question I’ve heard (other than “You run in those?) is “Doesn’t the toe strap hurt?” Seeing the improvements in both securing the fit and the removal of the toe post (which looks to be even better for casual wear) makes a good sandal even better and I’m excited to see the changes and to try them out this year.

  7. These look amazing! Would be awesome for backpacking! I could put some serious miles down in these bad boys!

  8. i’ve been a convert to minimalist running over the past five years or so but never run in sandals before – this would be the next step (no pun intended!) in my evolution as a more natural runner!

  9. I Love the look and want to try these out for everyday wear as well as running. My connects are great but between my toes can get irritated from the post.

  10. Because you are my HERO … and you got a very pretty wife! 🙂

    ps. This is my take on the Xeroshoe

  11. I want the new Z-Trek because it seems a great sandal, perfect for hiking and running on some trails.

  12. I am very big into the minimalist way of running, I have not been able to find an appropriate footwear that I can use running on the beach and immediately following my run jump in the water, footwear and all. Problem solved!

  13. I would like to run in sandals but I dislike the rope between toes. I think it will be very great to wear and run (and for everyday life) in these. I like your items and I will love them much more… (and, I’m sorry for my poor english, gentlemen)

  14. Why I want a pair of Z-Treks? Well that’s easy – no lace between the toes! I missed out on the Amuri Cloud last time I ordered (internationally), but I do have the Venture and two pairs of the classic Xeros, one of which I modified with the Amuri spare parts kit. The Z-Trek will be a welcome addition to my collection, which I assume will be most often used. It still feels a bit awkward to have something between my toes.

    Anyway, good luck to everyone!

  15. I’m so excited!

    I travel a *lot* for work, and these sandals are the perfect things to wear through security. No more time spent having to lace up shoes. . . ever!

  16. Z-trek looks like a product that won’t require some foot adaptation in order to be comfortable straight away. Toe posts generally make for rawness until the skin has hardened up a bit which can take a few days. The new Z-trek however, looks like they’ll give superb comfort straight away. And for that reason (to paraphrase your short sighted chums in the shark tank), “I’M IN!”…

    1. For me, it had been 50-some years since I’d had footwear with anything between my toes, and I was a little leery about my first pair of Invisible Shoes / Xero shoes. But I sorted out the lacing, pulled ’em on, snugged the laces a bit and started walking. Not even a hint of irritation. You mostly forget they are there. Don’t worry about it.

      The only drawbacks:

      I keep catching the front on steps or carpet edges, and rolling the edge under.
      I can’t wear regular socks when it gets chilly.

      Oh, and Steven? The strike looks to be settled. Your product should start coming ashore soon.
      Since it’s holiday time in China, and almost 80 percent of the population is migrating and visiting family, there’s a lull in new shipments from most factories. That’ll give the US west-coast dock workers and customs people the breather they need to process the current backlog of freighters loitering in the Pacific.

      1. Damn, your comment is way better than mine, and useful too! You’re bound to win a pair! Bravo!

  17. I would love to win your products because they mean warm weather is coming! I’m so tired of ice and snow! I cannot wait until wearing your line of shoes is not only acceptable but comfortable and won’t result in frostbite!

  18. I have very wide toes. Years of barefoot running on the beach as a kid. I think the Z-Trek will be perfect for me. Do they come in pink? 🙂

    1. Sadly, Pink was not one of our best-sellers, so no Pink Z-Trek at the moment (that doesn’t mean you can’ Pink-ify yours somehow, though! 😉 )

  19. Um…why WOULDN’T I want the new Z-Treks? I love my current Clouds and Ventures, but the Z-Trek’s extreme lightness and patent-pending easy lacing system will clearly improve my ability to adhere to the time-tested maxim “outrun your friends” when bears attack. While my luckless compatriots are adjusting their older Xeros or, worse, strapping on shoe coffins–er, hiking boots, I’ll have slipped my Z-Treks on, tugged ’em tight, and left the campsite.

  20. I’ve wanted a good barefoot sandal for years, but never found the right pair. The Z-Trek looks perfect!

  21. I had a pair of Amuri venture but left them behind somewhere, and now I haven’t got any and I might cry if I don’t get some more. And nobody wants to see a hairy Aussie crying…

  22. I need a new set of Sandals and the security provided in the heel on the new models looks like something I could really use. I’ve had to modify (or toss) quite a few pairs of huaraches cause my heel slips 🙁

  23. I have two pairs of Xero shoes so far! Would LOVE to try the new ones, they look gorgeous!

  24. The new strapping system and nothing between the toes make this ideal. No more chaffing between the toes and no bump under the ball of the toe where the knot was! yah!

  25. I’ve had a couple pair of Xero shoes since before they were Xero shoes, and I still wear them every chance I get! I love the connection I feel with my environment in them, like I get to walk around barefoot all day! They are awesome, light-weight, easiest packing shoes ever. I would love to try some of the newer models, but I’d also love to get a couple more of the originals. Thanks for the great product. Oh, and Mr. Wonderful doesn’t know what he is talking about!

  26. I like my existing DIY Xero sandals, but the sole is a bit floppy due to the size of my feet, so I like the idea of a strap that will span across the top of my feet.

  27. I already have 3 pairs of Xero shoes and I am an ambassador of this brand among my friends. I live in cold Scotland, so I only have a real chance to wear them couple of months a year. But whenever I go to regions bit closer to the equator I have my Ventures and 4mm Contacts with me. The latter pair has been with me in Egypt, Birma, India, Sri Lanka, Spain and Italy. This year both pairs are going to help me visit Morocco.
    I would gladly try the sporty version of Xeros, as for now I use the fivefingers for my weekly running routine, and sometimes it is waaaay too hot for my feet.

  28. I’m so excited for the new lacing! Those look awesome and I can’t wait to get some!!! I love my Xero shoes, but getting the lacing just right has been a challenge! These look great!!! Will you make them in purple???

  29. So very wow

  30. So I can forget I’m wearing them!!

  31. I would LOVE to win these! I have a pair of Connects and I wear them all summer long. My husband and I travel to Malawi once a year, and are moving with our 4 kids to live there in a couple of years to run a school and mobile medical clinic. These look like they would be PERFECT for life there. From a walk to the market to 2-hour hike up a mountain to a isolated village with no road access (seriously), these look like they would cover it all.

  32. I live in the original Xero shoes all summer (and in Houston, that is a long time), but I’ve had the knots wear out on me in the worst places (like on a two mile hike in the Galapagos). They are the best beach running shoes ever. I ordered a pair with the toe posts, but I could never get them adjusted as well as I could with the original, so I bought some toe posts and retro-fitted the original. Back to bliss. I want to try the new ones because they will probably make me as deliriously happy as all your products have and they look as though the around the heel part won’t be as prone to slipping as the original is while running. Barefoot forever!

  33. I am not going to get fancy, and I am not as tech savvy as many of the others. So, here is my straight answer. I have purchased your sandals before and love them. As a chiropractor and acupuncturist, I practice what I preach and wear my barefoot running shoes and xero sandals all the time here in Florida – – I mean 12 months per year. I like it when patients and others who are curious ask me about “what the hell I am wearing.” It gives me the chance to model real health for them, to educate them about “why I am wearing what the hell I am wearing”, and to encourage conversation about biomechanical/kinetic chain full body health and wellness through the foundation of “shoe” selection.

  34. I need sandals for river crossings and camp shoes during my 211 mile hike on the JMT this summer. This product is lightweight and won’t feel like a brick on my foot like Chacos. I NEED this to be in my pack.

    1. dude mine are my hiking shoes the most valuable thing i have backpacking here in the south east best of luck on the JMT it is on my list

  35. Z-Trek looks like it will be great for any kind of outdoor activity, from rock scrambling to runnning to just walking the dog. I love the idea of having such close ground-feel.

  36. The Z-treks look awesome. And if they perform as well as the other XeroShoes that I’ve purchased in the past, they will be a welcomed addition to my collection 🙂

  37. I have a pair of Xero shoes that I wear all summer long–like I NEVER put any other shoe on from when it’s warm enough to not freeze the piggies til it’s cold enough to freeze said paws. I’d love to be able to share these shoes with my husband whose need for orthotics has already been resolved through barefoot shoes to have these in the summer.

  38. The Z-Trek looks like the perfect sandal for me to run in, get crazy in, flee from society and live in the wilderness, reading and training like a warrior-poet for the day when I will be sought out to handle Nazi-zombies. Bruce Willis will get the call:

    President of the USA: “Bruce we need your help to take down the super-intelligent Nazi-zombies!”

    Bruce Willis: “I wish I could Mr. President, but I’m getting to old. Did you see Die Hard 5? I was struggling, man.”

    POTUS: “Who will save us!”

    Bruce Willis: “I know of a guy. Actually, I know of his legend. The guys is a ghost, but if we find him, we just might save humanity. We just need some good Scotch, guns………and to pray.”

    POTUS: “I’ll bring the booze. You get the guns.”

    Bruce Willis: “Yes, sir.”

  39. I’m basically an ambassador to xero shoes already, as they are just about all I wear year round. I work at a public aquarium and I’m constantly directing people of all types – tourists, visiting scientists, fellow outdoor enthusiasts, etc to your website. I probably have a dozen pair of Xero’s already, and I’d love to add Z-trek Xeros to my stable of barefoot shoe choices.

    1. If you have a pair of big shoes to give away, I’d love if you sent them my way.

  40. I so want a pair of these…….I have the earlier version but have been unable to get them fitting probably. I have been so disappointed as I love them and think they are the best barefoot shoe!

  41. I have one of your original Xero shoes (I mean the VERY first edition) and some competitors sandals. I’d like to do a comparison of your with theirs. Your sandals have evolved to the point where comparison with what I have is meaningless so I’d like to give the latest Xeros a try.

  42. because I like hiking in my venture xero shoes, but i think i’ll be more comfortable without the toe rubber thing

  43. I bought some ventures last year and I really wanted to love them but I haven’t found the sweet spot yet…Hoping these new ones will work out a little better for me!

  44. I want to win the new Xeros because I love my old ones, but have been looking for the perfect minimalist mud-running shoe. I think this is the one!

  45. Wow! I so want the Z-trek because I really enjoyed my first pair of Xeroshoes althought I couldn’t get my tie just right. I LOVE my Teva’s. I really wanted to get chacos but they were a little too stiff. The Teva’s are great…but they are a little too bulky, and supportive for me trying to maintain a barefoot gate transition and foot strength, aside from having a messed up ankle from all the running I did in the Air force and boots that we wore.. that really makes barefoot the only way to go. I feel like when I set foot in the Z-trek I will feel like Goldilocks, justttt right!

  46. I want a pair of Z-Trek because I love the barefoot shoe concept and have always wanted a Xero shoe to work for me, but just can’t get the toe strap to be comfortable for me. I’ve been using other barefoot style shoes, but nothing that looks as perfect as these. I’m trying to increase the amount of time that I spend backpacking in extremely minimal shoes and would love to give these a shot. I have trips planned to Spain, Scotland, Sweden and New Zealand this year alone.

  47. I love my old pair of Xeros, they’re so convenient and it’s really nice being able to feel the ground when I’m hiking instead of feeling like I’m just walking on rubber mats. The only problem I had with them is that the cords dig into my feed when it’s cold and I have trouble getting the sizing right when I put them on. The Z-Trek looks like it fixes every problem I have ever had with the originals. They look like the perfect shoe!

  48. Barefoot has given me freedom in my run. No more fearing “doing too much” or pushing too hard. I’ve been let loose to run freely and let my feel tell me how fast, how far, how high to run. I’ve embraced the perturbed looks and even shared the barefoot “gospel” to those willing to listen (instead of, or in addition to, laughing).

    A blistering 100 degree day threw me a curve ball. My run was short, but not short enough. The asphalt blistered my soles and left me immobile for days.

    Enter Xero Shoes. Freedom to run on the hottest day Texas could throw my way. No more heat blisters, no more freezing feet.

    Xero shoes has extended the freedom of barefoot running to every day of the year , rather than the “60% of the time” I lived by before.

    Why Amuri Z-Trek? That’s why.

    Oh, and because they look awesome and I’d love a toe-strap-free minimalist sandal.

  49. I live in my Xero shoes, except during water activities, especially canoeing. The one problem I have had with huaraches is the minimal points of contact aren’t enough when moving through water or dealing with moving water — the flexibility that I love becomes a detriment as the sandal folds over. That “was” the one advantage the other sandals had. Looks like the Z-Trek maybe my new water shoe, can’t wait to try.

  50. I initially bought Xeros for running. Ended up wearing them almost every day (weather permitting) and got another pair for running just so that I can have something different. Best sandal I’ve ever worn just because of how simple they are.

  51. danihí yah-tay-go-e-elah ké

  52. I have been running barefoot/minimalist for 3.5 years now. Last year I ran 3500 km’s and did 9 Marathons 3 of them were done in 3 days. I would love to test these shoes out and see how they chalk up to other minimalist shoes.

  53. I want a pair of Z-trek because this Vibram lawsuit is getting WAAAAAAAAYYY too expensive for me to keep up. I need a pair of durable, relatively inexpensive minimalist shoes to keep up appearances.
    Or just because the first three pairs of Xeros I had got stolen by various family members.

  54. Love Xero’s! Why? Because my feet said so! Been wearing since 2013. Made my first pair, then got the venture, then upgraded to the cloud. I have ran in them, hiked in them, and my feet have gotten stronger, my back thanks me every day. As a bonus I get to jump in puddles and not have to worry about wet feet all day. Can your “shoes ” do that? I once met the “most interesting guy” in the world and guess what? He was interested in my Xero’s. When I am running races, I hear people bragging about their running shoes, I roll my eyes, and tell them I am so bad ass, I don’t need shoes. My feet are my running shoes!

  55. Ooh, this is the first time I’ve seen the cloud and the venture. I have some Contacts that I’ve worn for a few years and I enjoy them, but it is tough to get the sizing correct and I keep having issues with the cord breaking at the knot underneath. The new strap system looks really promising. The Z-trek looks like a great all around sandal, too.

  56. I love my Xero Shoes because I can feel barefoot but still be considered socially acceptable at the restaurants! I want the new Z-Trek because in Fargo, ND it’s only warm for a few months and I intend to fully enjoy the warmth on my feet while I can!

  57. Im starting triathlon training and want these for the run

  58. Xero shoes helped me love running again. No longer do I have to worry about knee pain when I decide to go for a random 15 mile run (happens a lot more lately) and if I could wear my xero shoes at work I would in an instant. I’m moving to Australia soon to pursue my PhD and since I won’t have a car or bike, the new Z-treks are just what I need to get around town and I can’t wait to get the first pair.

  59. ..Z Trek?….Z sandal looks Z-licious…check it out …Z what I’m talkin’ ’bout…

  60. Look, at age 55 and still silly enough to line up for some truly crazy trail races and runs here in the rock-ribbed hills of mighty New Hampshire, I need every break I can get. Plus, there’s only so many things a guy my age can actually do to make the young whippersnappers jealous. So, yeah, I think a pair of those spiffy new Z-Treks would do the trick on both counts — keep me on the trails, and at least looking cool, swarthy and light-of-foot. Love your shoes, and wear the 2 pairs of original Xeros around all summer.

  61. I ordered my Xero’s at the beginning of last summer. I’ve been wearing Chaco’s for several years and nothing else, and the Xero’s left my Chacos on the shelf all summer long. The first time I ran in my Xeros, on pavement, I was blown away. I’ve never tried barefoot running and ran for over a mile- it was the best feeling of my life! I’m hitting the Appalachian Trail in April for a thru hike and would love for the Z-Trek to be a part of my kit!

  62. I live barefoot as much as I can, not only for the ease of running around, but I also have Morton’s Nuroma in both feet – years ago I found out that when I wore “normal” shoes, my FEET hurt, the ball of my foot felt like a bruise and it just got worse and worse. Then one day it hit me – when I was walking around at home BAREFOOT or in flip-flops (before I knew better) my feet either didn’t hurt or hurt considerably less. Hunting up various “barefoot” styles and types, I quickly found these types of foot ware allowed me to wear something with very little pain. I’d love to get a sandal type pair that I know won’t cause pain and I can enjoy in the warm VA summer months at the office. It’s been interesting during these years explaining to people when they notice my strange foot ware. I’m converted a few runners and weights lifters, plus I am noticing more and more people willing to try anything if it will help with their pain. (Side effect of barefoot type foot ware for me – eased my knee, hip & lower back pain as well as giving me the ability to walk without pain).

  63. After 2 years constant use the side lace loop broke on my ventures! They were back in use minutes later with the help of a zip tie, and haven’t let me down since…but it would be nice to get them replaced with a shiny new pair.

  64. I am so stoked to see the Z-trek! It looks like just the right thing for me, though I wish it came in the hunter green for men. I am awfully fond of the Sensori Ventures I wear whenever I can, but I do like a strapped sandal a little more than a laced one. Still I would love to try out the new patent pending system. If I could, I guess I’d ask for one of each!

  65. My husband hates to have a strap between his toes, so has carried his heavy strapped sandals on trips for years. He’s going to be THRILLED to see these. Will you have them for kids too? (hoping, hoping….!)

    1. We were JUST talking about kids ZTs… not immediately, but we’re working on it.

  66. I love the feel you still get. It is just like being barefoot when you can’t be barefoot. They are by far the best barefoot shoe I have found that doesn’t limit movement.

  67. I’ve loved walking and running in my Xeros and Invisible Shoes for years. I would love to win a new pair because my last pair was lost when I left them on the roof of my car and took my wife and 3 daughters (one of whom is pictured with me in your photo-montage logo!) for a spin to look at Christmas lights. Since then, I’ve had to wear shoes. 🙁 This makes me sad, especially when I shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. My bearded hippie self is welcomed warmly there, but I feel like a traitor without my Xeros. Help me realize my full hippie potential!

  68. Our feet weren’t made for shoes!

  69. Ooo shoes! I love that you finally have a premade shoe that doesn’t have a toe post. I wear compression stockings so I can’t use a toe post most of the time.

  70. Fantastic!!!

  71. I love Xero Shoes! I am fortunate to live near the beach. So I wear my Xero Shoes all year long while chasing my five kids around, riding bikes, hiking, going to the beach, walking the dog, and any other activities that anyone does while going about their daily business. I often get questions about how comfortable they are, and I always let people know they are the only shoes I ever wear. Thank you for such terrific products and incredible customer service!

  72. I’d love to try the new lacing system! I absolutely love my Amuri Clouds–they were the only shoe I needed on my exploration of Hawaii in January–but I find getting the right fit challenging. The Z-Trek also looks very intriguing.

  73. I think my wife would really like that they are more like a standard sandal

  74. I really want to get back into running and I think a new pair of Xeros would be a great start. My last pair got thrown away by my wife because she thought they were ruined.

  75. I want to win these shoes because I intend to place in every race I run this season! With Xero shoes I can finally run without pain and train without taking off large chunks of time because of plantar faciitis.

  76. Ultralight, barely there AND ultratough , barefoot feel, YES Please!

  77. I’m going to be using my Xeros around camp when I start the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail next week and transition into hiking in them later on the trip. The Z-Trek would be great to test out on the trail as my main shoe.

  78. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH! – How I feel when I am running in my Amuri XERO shoes!

    1. Oh yea, my middle school students are always curious about my “chanclas” and why I walk around barefoot.

  79. I love my Xero Shoes – I’ve put a couple hundred miles on the ones I’ve got, but my biggest issue has always been sliding when they get wet/muddy, and the toe pinch on rough downhills. For this reason, I mainly use them for light trails and road running. These look like something I could more comfortably take into the mountains and on more technical trails! I love the feel and weight of my current pair so much that I’ve been hesitant to spend more money on other toe-post free huaraches. I’m looking forward to getting a pair of these bad boys and getting dirty!

  80. I love how easy to store/pack they are! They are quite flat or they can roll up in a compact bundle. And you can’t beat how lightweight they are and the ground feel you get with them!

  81. Because I had knee pain after running six miles in those “Toe Shoes” and they started wearing out quickly like after 150 miles. So honestly I was doing a search for the most long lasting running shoe and Xeroshoes popped up. Since I have gotten them I have run two Marathons and over 1600 miles in them without knee pain. I used to have to think about my form. With Xero shoes I didn’t have to think about it. I could actually feel the ground and feel like I have good form now! After running as many miles as I have I feel like I have given them good use. I really want and can’t wait to try the new xero Trek. The one kinda like a Chaco but looks better! I think I would love the strap system! Would love to take these on my next few marathons and let you know what I think

  82. I wear barefoot shoes for the fashion statement

  83. I have had mild scoliosis and sciatic nerve damage for 3 years now which has caused me to quit some of my physical activities such as jujutsu and crossfit. I’ve been a runner all my life but with my back problems a simple 5k became painful. While researching ways to improve my condition and alleviate the pain I came across barefoot running. I chose to purchase Xero shoes (4mm) because of the biomechanically identical barefoot form you retained while running in them. After only 3 months of running in them I can run a 10+k, and my 5k times are comparable to my high school days of running cross country. I have since ordered 4 more pairs (3 for me and one for my wife) and am now training for my first marathon. I would love to win a pair of Z-Treks! I only wear my Xero shoes now!

  84. Looks like a great new product; I’m looking forward to the 5+ feet of snow outside to melt so I can start using my huaraches, having a new pair would be great, my originals are showing a bit of wear.

  85. Hi Steven, I would love the opportunity of trying out Xeros. I am not a runner (used to be an avid and competitive tennis player, but had to quit because of bad knees) but I go barefoot or wear flip flops whenever possible – even in very cold temperatures. I love idea of ‘naked feet;’ feels so incredibly free and natural to me. Xero shoes look like the perfect alternative to going barefoot. By the way, you probably don’t remember, but I took your picture for the Boulder Daily Camera many years ago – I think it was back 1994. I was a photo intern and you were running a computer startup business. The picture of you was one of my first assignments at the Camera. I later went on to be a staff photographer for the paper from 1995-1997. I still remember that assignment – as an intern just starting out, I was nervous, but you made me feel incredibly at ease, which was certainly appreciated.

  86. The new Z-trek looks great. I saw you on Shark Tank and ordered up a kit. I loved them, but have trouble getting the looping to fit well enough for running. I can absolutely imagine running in the Z-trek. Since I need to replace a set of dead Teva sandals, the timing is perfect. 🙂

  87. The Xero shoes to me act like an adaptable skin which connect with my own. They allow me to feel connected to the earth from which I am made of, this in my own experience allows me to “feel” my connection to humanity as a whole. They are minimal yet complete. Xero shoes are a holistic shoe, I feel the Love in the design and intention in them –

    I “feel the world”

    Gratitude and big Love


  88. Xero Shoes are my favorites, and I always get lots of compliments. I’ve sent many people to your website! I’m very excited to try the Z-Trek!

  89. The first weekend I had my Xeros, I wore them climbing all over the rocks on the shore of Ogunquit, ME. It was quite a trust-building experience, that these tiny sandals could handle that kind of terrain, and that I could move safely in them! Fell in love with them and haven’t looked back since. Running, hiking, boating, they’re awesome. Can’t wait for warm enough weather again! I’d love to try a pair that have a bit more structure, as well, so that I have options depending on context.
    If you’re curious to see where we were doing this exploring, check out this short vid…

  90. I love xero shoes because they’re light enough to feel like you’re not wearing anything and strong enough to really protect my feet.

  91. I have Amuri Cloud and though they are great, I do have a hard time adjusting them. As I have extra short toes ( a podiatrist once laughed at them in front of me 😉 ), I would probably need a bigger size to get the toe post at the right spot. Xero shoes without toe posts?!? Life is wonderful!

  92. Like the new design!

  93. Ever since I was a kid I loved being barefoot so when I discovered Xero shoes it was a dream come true but sometimes the laces still get uncomfortable or rub when I’m sweaty I think the stap is a great idea and a bit more stylish too!!

  94. Because I lost my old Xeroshoes at a hotel. I love them and my feet weep bitterly each night that they can’t embrace their old friends.

  95. I would love to have a pair, I have small feet and trying to get shoes that fit is almost impossible unless I go the the children’s dept., and even then they don’t fit. I go barefoot 50% of the time because shoes are uncomfortable and these I think would be great. Please let me win lol.

  96. I need another pair of xeroshoes because I run in mine so much that they are wearing out. Wearing my xeroshoes, I took third place overall in a race on New Years Day in Hawaii.

  97. I want to start running in sandals – after the snow melts! Love walking around in my xeros, they are so comfy!

  98. Bought some sandals back when they were invisible shoes, loved the feel but never got used to the strap between my toes. They’ve sat on my shelf ever since, and I wear my FiveFingers most of the time. These new Z-Trek look like just what the doctor ordered! Can’t wait to give ’em a try.

  99. Those look great!

  100. I would love to get my hands on these new Z-trek shoes. If that’s the case then I would be able to use my “ordinary” Xeros outdoor and these new pair indoor, at work. Just wish we had longer season for running outdoor as I live in the northern, cold and snowy, part of Sweden. I do run outdoor all year round but unfortunately not in my Xeros because of the low temperature.

  101. Less is more! I love barefoot sandals, I’m looking forward my new Z-Trek!

  102. I love the feel of bare feet but hate flip-flops. These look like the greatest thing since — well — the original Xero sandals. I can’t wait to get a pair!

  103. Because barefoot is the way to better health! It has changed my life after 2 knee surgeries. What better way then Z-Trek and Xeros!?

  104. I love the feeling of being barefoot. After years of being heavy, I was just convinced I couldn’t run, that I somehow wasn’t build for it. Taking of my shoes was the immediate key. It changed my stride, and I’ve been running pain-free ever since. I’ve incorporated the barefoot/minimal shoe into my weightlifting, and even my work attire. I love my Xero shoes, but admittedly have a tough time with the adjustments. A pair of Z-trek’s sounds like just the ticket. I can’t wait to take them out on some trails, or on a kayak trip!

  105. I’ve had some temporary difficulty with mobility. Bending my legs to tie shoes was difficult. During this time my Xero Shoes were a life saver. They are comfortable, cool in summer and very easy to get on and off. They were my walking shoes and now I am anxiously waiting for summer to wear them again. The Z-trek looks like it will be great addition to the weight loss arsenal. I look forward to wearing them.

  106. I bought the original xero shoes 2 summers ago while working at a summer camp, everyone was wearing chaco’s but i wanted something lighter for my feet, i found xero while googling barefoot sandals, and couldn’t have been more happy with my purchase. they called me lady sandals all summer long, but i was proud to wear the name haha

  107. Due to a former injury I can no longer drive a car and use my Xero sandals to walk everywhere. The Z-trek appear to be a lightweight but sturdy shoe that can stand up to the literally hundreds of miles I commute (by foot) per year. Another outstanding Xero product!

  108. I have both a do-it-yourself kit and a pair of the Sensori ventures. I’m one of the ones that had difficulty getting them to fit just right, but I still wear them all the time and love them. The fact that this one seems easier to adjust and doesn’t have a toe post is very appealing to me. Thank you for the chance to win a pair!

  109. I’m no elite athlete by any means, but after research and personal experience (I’m also a physical therapist and “mom coach”), am totally committed to barefoot running and “freeing our feet” to do what they were designed to do. Having wide feet and stubby toes makes it next to impossible to find ANY shoes that are truly comfortable; I used to settle for shoes that are just “less painful”. My Xero’s are the ONLY shoes that I can wear for hours (walking/running/standing around) and not have sore feet. In fact, I have run 1/2 marathons and 10k’s in my Xero’s, and just smile as relatives shake their heads in wonder. I would love more opportunities to talk to people about the benefits of barefoot running – as well as the Xero Shoe product – and those opportunities best present themselves when I’m wearing them. (People frequently stop and ask me about them; my favorite time is after I come across the finish line!) I am very interested in trying the new styles, since I am constantly wearing through the laces of my old DIY pair, even with shoe Goo on ’em…and I’d like to see if the new styles maybe feel a little less “floppy”. Thanks for making my feet HAPPY!

  110. wearing your xero sandals helped my left injured knee to heal 2 summers ago. I need new laces this summer as they are worn out . I would love to try out this kind of new xero as it look so easy to wear. 🙂

  111. Z-trek is what I was waiting for in able to wear socks and waterproof gaitors like the Arcteryx Drysock in cold and wet weather while still keeping ultralight

  112. I want these shoes because Xeroes are just absolutely amazing, got my fist pair a few months back and they have been on my feet everywhere I go. Amazingly comfortable, and super duper light. Being in south east asia where it rains quite frequently, Xeroes are absolutely perfect to get around. My feet have never been stronger, I do martial arts and wearing these instead of the usual sport shoes to train has greatly improved my agility and speed. With the new Z-trek I can train with even greater effectiveness and look good doing it too. Plus I also want to turn heads, since people don’t really know of Xeroshoes here, people always ask me about them, and with these, it’ll be even better. Who knows, maybe i’ll be next big trendsetter 😉

  113. Hi Steven, I would love the opportunity of trying out Xeros. I am not a runner (used to be an avid and competitive tennis player, but had to quit because of bad knees) but I go barefoot or wear flip flops whenever possible – even in very cold temperatures. I love idea of ‘naked feet;’ feels so incredibly free and natural to me. Xero shoes look like the perfect alternative to going barefoot. By the way, you probably don’t remember, but I took your picture for the Boulder Daily Camera many years ago – back 1994. I was a photo intern and you were running a computer startup business. The picture of you was one of my first assignments at the Camera. I later went on to be a staff photographer for the paper from 1995-1997. i still remember that assignment – as an intern just starting out, I was nervous, but you made me feel incredibly at ease, which was certainly appreciated.

  114. I really want to try these shoes. I have MS and have sensation/numbness issues with my feet. Only when I am barefoot can I truly feel the floor/ground. Unfortunately I can’t go barefoot everywhere I go so I would love to try these and still feel like I am barefoot.

  115. My first run in classic Xero shoes, i’ll never forget. I have never been particularly athletically inclined in my life. Building running skills and updating lifestyle habits has been a challenging learning process. “Barefoot” running has helped. I’ve tried a number of different minimal style shoes, and liked running in them well enough. The day I got my Xeros I couldn’t wait to cut em out, punch em out and strap em on and give them a spin. I took them for a romp in the Wissahickon Valley gorge on my favorite trails. The feel of the trail beneath my feet, all new, soft silent steps on warm sandy single track, and then, unbridled joy climbing a hill that I had before face with dread, weightless feet flying up the grade. I laughed out loud then and wax rhapsodic now. I stopped on top of my favorite promontory, Mother Rinker’s Rock, to enjoy the sun and checked out my feet, all well. Checked out the huaraches and for a moment, thought i saw a galaxy of stars in the sparkling mica rich dust that coated feet and sandals. I can’t wait until the Wiss. thaws out. So, that’s why I fell in love with my Xeros. If i won a pair of Xeros I could share the love with someone else!

  116. I want to give the new z-trek shoes to my mother who has had problems finding comfortable shoes for years and will not try anything that goes between her toes.

  117. LOVE at first sight…and it wasn’t a man!!! It was the new Xero shoes! After having foot surgery any and all shoes are too painful to wear but these will allow me to finally leave my house again! I’ve been cooped up for 3 months now and have one more to go!! Please help set me free? Or I fear I’ll never see the light of day again…this is almost as bad as prison!!! HELP!!!! I think I’ve got cabin fever and Xero is the only cure they tell me?!

  118. I love the new style of the Z-Trek! They look just like Teva’s or Chaco’s, but without all the extra support and hassle! I love being barefoot, and Xero Shoes give me the same feel, but with more protection. I have the Venture and can’t wait to try the new styles! I’m a new Xero fan, but I’m here to stay.

  119. My Invisible/Xeros are my go to winter running shoes here in the Pacific northwest, but it will be great to use the new version with warm wool socks for the really cold weather. I even envision using them winter camping. Instead of putting on cold ski boots in the morning, I could slip stuff sacks over my wool socks, put on the sandals, and tie the stuff sacks up on my lower legs like gaiters to keep the snow out.

  120. Anything that can protect my feet but still allow me to get closer to the way nature intended us to run is good by me. Sign me up!

  121. Can’t wait to get these! 😀

  122. I live in San Diego so these would be on my feet 24/7/365. Everyone would want to know about them and I would tell them how wonderful they are.
    So, I’m in!

  123. i’m impressed!

  124. I love the fact that they have the style and look that might finally convince my in-laws to get a pair. They are die-hard chaco fans, and I cringe when I see them knowing how stiff the soles are.

  125. Ummm, because they seem amazing? Is there more that needs to be said?

  126. I actually want to win these for my husband—he’s down with minimalist footwear, but hates the idea of the toe post. I love the idea of his seeing the amazingness for himself of Xero shoes!!

  127. BTW, for the existing Amuri owners among us, can we get the improved lacing system independently?

    1. We’ll have a “retrofit kit”, but not right away (the parts are stuck on the ocean at the moment)

      1. Understandable.

  128. The widget isn’t working quite right. I shared the giveaway on FB and it didn’t accept it. =( As for the answer to your question: I already have a pair of the Cloud style. I really like them, but would prefer a style without the post between the toes. The new style looks very comfy!

  129. I love my DIY sandals but would love to have some minimalist shoes that look a little nicer than my hack job. Thanks!

  130. This new product looks great! I already own two pairs of xero shoes the 6mm and the 4mm. They were the best purchases I’ve made in the last few years. I’ll be adding these to my collection for sure.

  131. The new Z-Trek is a cool addition to the Xero Soes family. I like my current Amuri Clouds and would love to have the new lace system. I guess if I don’t win a pair here, I will be investing in some Z-Treks and the new Amuri Clouds. I might need to get another job to fuel my Xero Shoe addiction. Thanks for making a great product.

  132. I’m currently in school to be a personal trainer. I’ll be training out of my home & garage at first, and as a barefoot runner / one who likes to be barefoot as much as possible; I plan to incorporate barefoot and minimalist footwear training with my clients. I would be honored to become an affiliate with Xero, and what better way to promote Xeros than me wearing them during training sessions as well as when I’m out and about networking and marketing for my business?

    I’m also going to Jamaica in April and in need of a new pair of minimalist sandals to wear while I’m there; especially on the excursions (zip-lining, hikes to waterfalls, nude beach [oh sorry, I’ll be barefoot for that one], etc…). As much as I’d like to be barefoot the entire time, most excursions require footwear. So if I have to wear footwear, then I want something minimal, durable, functional, and open so my feet can breath and take in the Jamaican sunshine. But I don’t want just any minimalist sandal. I want something that’s going to stand up to the excursions and still look nice enough to wear to the restaurants. The Z-Treks look like they would be perfect for this and I would have plenty of opportunities to test their durability, functionality, and comfort. I’ll also have a GoPro with me and would love to share my adventures of me wearing my new pair of Z-Treks in Jamaica with Xero.

    Being a barefoot runner in Colorado, I can’t always run outdoors when I’d like. I do have access to an indoor facility, but of course, shoes are required to be worn there. This is where the Z-Treks would allow me to continue running almost barefoot. And you’d think that on days when it snows here that boots would be an everyday accessory to what I wear, but not this guy. I’m either barefoot or in sandals and have yet to wear anything more than flip flops this winter. However, I’d much rather be wearing some Z-Treks, so feel free to choose me so that I can brave the cold in style.

  133. I have two pairs of Xero Shoes and I love them! They are the first sandals that I love so much I wear socks with them so I can continue wearing them in the winter. I can’t wait to try the new version!

  134. My WHY: I would love to win a pair of Z-Trek shoes because I love to run, and I love to run barefoot on my treadmill, but when I am on the streets I do not love rocks, glass, or dog poop on my precious soles! Help me Xero Shoes!

  135. I want the Z-Trek because I have bounced between Chaco Unaweep Z/1s and Xero Shoes Contacts as daily-wear sandals. I love the strapping system of Chacos; not only is it comfortable, but it’s socially acceptable to wear them where I am. Unfortunately, the built up arch, cushioned footbed, and raised heel fail to engage the small muscles of my foot. Moreover, the raised heel shortens my achilles to an uncomfortable degree. The Xero Shoes Contacts help me build up my arch in a healthy manner. I need this because of knee issues. Further, the lack of a raised heel ensures that my achilles stays stretched. However, it has the downside of being a rather eccentric style, one that often stands out in a counterproductive manner in my social environment. The Z-Trek seems to combine the important aspects of both of these shoes in a way that satisfies my needs. It’s strapping system looks comfortable, adjustable, and almost as important, sufficiently within the social norms for dress in my work environment. Additionally, it has all of the aspects of the Xeroshoes Contacts that so endear the to me: zero drop, no cushion, and no support. These look like they could replace both sandals for my purposes of backpacking, biking/walking around the city, and walking through the rain (who wears shoes in the rain?!). Xeroshoes becomes Heroeshoes with this model!

  136. You can’t best 6 billion years of foot evolution.. But you can protect them!
    Thanks Xero!
    -Barefoot without the Bite-

  137. Love my Xero shoes… would love the Z-treks for the lacing system and sturdiness for “off roading” it!

  138. I have a lot of pain in my back, hips, legs, and feet, and normal shoes, even expensive ones, seem to always make things worse, but when i wear Xero shoes (got my first pair waaaay back, when they where invisible shoes…) its far easier on my legs and back, and reduces my pain considerably, so id really love to try the new ones and see how they stack up to the previous generations 🙂

  139. I want a pair of Z-Trek because I can wear socks with them! and because they are lightweight, and because they are comfortable.

  140. Why do I love Xeros? Well, because it’s like you are barefoot, but, like, you’re not. You know? But, yeah, seriously, it totally is like you are. But you’re not. Or are you? No.

  141. My favourite thing about the Xero sandals is the running form reminder – the slapping sound is a great wake-up call when my form falls off.

  142. I want to be comfortable and safe walking in streams. I love walking in streams!

  143. I have one of the original styles from when you were known as ‘Invisible Shoes’. I love them and get frequent comments about how cute they are (especially with the bright orange laces). I’ve worn out the toe knot underneath the sole a few times and had to relace them. So, the new advanced lacing systems look great to me!

  144. In March of 2014 I went in to the hospital with heart failure. When I got out nine days, I was a hundred pounds lighter and had trouble walking to the bathroom. I started walking and buildin up stamina, and I ordered a kit to make my own shoes to do it in. I’m coming up on a year now and the heart is back in fighting condition, and I have two pairs of Xeroshoes in my standard sartorial rotation still.

  145. I bought 2 Xeros right after seeing them on Shark Tank. Love them. I wear them on the farm since barefoot isn’t really an option. Z-trek looks like another pair of shoes I will keep by the door for easy access!

  146. I just went through surgery on both my feet, after being unable to wear flipflops for over a year. As I’ve been reading about my recovery, I have been reading that the firmer (ie. more barefooty) and wider shoes I use, the higher the likelihood that I will not have to endure this surgery again. As I embark on changing my shoes, Xeros seem to be exactly the new type of shoe I need to be wearing. I look forward to wearing and promoting them!

  147. Running was never really my thing, even as a kid. As an adult, it was too difficult, not fun, and I flat out wondered WHY people would do it.. yet, I have had dreams my whole life of running; they were full of the rush and freedom that comes with using my own body to move me over the earth; eventually I decided to DO IT. I quickly found out just how awful it was to run in “running shoes,” so I took my shoes off and managed to lose a lot of skin from my soles, but I realized that without all the clunky nonsense on my feet, I was able to MOVE FREELY, feel my body, feel the ground, and I was having FUN. It was FROLICKING more than exercise! I spent the next month trying to figure out how to improve my form and protect my feet from abrasion; this included taping moleskin to the bottoms of my feet (which peeled off within 40 yards of track).

    I thought, “Why doesn’t someone make something that just covers the soles of your feet to protect them from abrasion?” … It wasn’t long after that I discovered Xero Shoes (then Invisible Shoes), and they were EXACTLY what I had been seeking! I have 3 pairs at this point, and I love them. I am a bit perfectionistic, and have trouble making concrete decisions to lock my laces in place using the Shoe Goo, so I have gotten a bit tired of fooling with my lacing. I haven’t been able to get the Venture as of yet, and now Z-Trek! It looks great, I like the wide straps, and it seems very easily adjustable for fit (which will be nice for me to get away from my lacing OCD). I can’t imagine Xero Shoes coming out with a product that I wouldn’t love. You guys have a great company, you are TRUE minimalists, and you guys are truly awesome because not only do you sell amazing ultra-minimalistic running sandals, you’re willing to simple tell people how to make them themselves without purchasing anything from you! You are good people, and it’s ethical businesses are where I want to invest my money. Keep up the good work you guys!

  148. not a very interesting reason, but a reason nevertheless: i have a toddler to chase around all day and i hate putting on shoes.

  149. I love my xero shoes and wear them all the time, but the new Z-trek sandals look so polished and professional, and I love the flat straps since my one problem with the others was figuring out how to make them just tight enough to stay on without having the ropes dig into my skin after a mile or two. I’m so excited to have watched this company grow from the very beginning and am so impressed with the improvements of each new product design. Can’t wait to try out the Z-treks!

  150. I love my Xeros (Amuri Venture), but the toe post botters me sometimes. Plus the wider straps look better IMO.

  151. What great idea ist this!!!
    As I have very long toes I always have problems to keep my Xeros right in place… It looks like the solution is found and I would really like to introduce the barefoot way of walking here in Germany…

  152. We have LOVED your shoes since before they were called Xero Shoes!!! Barefoot shoes have saved my hubby’s arches and now we are both barefoot… as much as you can be in Wyoming. 😉 We have shared your shoes with everyone who notices them and we are even wearing them in a family picture that won first place!!! Thank you for your continual innovations! We can’t wait to try the new additions!

  153. Why Z-Trek? Because ‘merica.

  154. I love running, but hate shoes. My feet are too soft to run full on barefoot now so the Xero Clouds are my best friend in the summer. I would love to try the new model.

  155. I think I would be a good candidate to try out the new Z-Trek for a couple reasons. First off I am new to the “barefoot” movement. After many many hours of research on human history, it pretty hard to argue with barefoot theology. My problem right now is I am training for my first marathon in April. As bad as I want to drop the shoes, I know with the mileage I am doing and with no previous barefoot running experience, I would most certainly get injured. My feet have been trapped in shoes for long, and after being babied for years they are most certainly weak. With that being said I have already received a pair of 4mm connects that I wear anytime I am not running to help strengthen my feet, so once the marathon is over a can ditch my shoes and start slowly running “barefoot” in the connects with some solid foot strength, and build up mileage from there.
    Also, because I am new, and believe firmly in the theology of being barefoot, I would give honest and educational reviews of the product if I was chosen. I have no doubt you made a great product here and would love to try them out ASAP! The one problem being, I have about 4,993 miles left on the warranty for your greatly made 4mm connect, so it would be some time before I can justify buying some more!!
    Keep up the good work Steven, and I hope to be hearing from you that I got picked to try them out!

  156. Can’t wait to get these!

  157. New Z-Trek look amazing. Will definitely be getting a pair–hopefully by winning a pair, but will definitely be buying if lady luck is not on my side. Not that the frequent stares and questions have ever bothered me, because the Xeroshoe line is so awesome and comfortable, but the new webbing looks like these sandals will be able to blend in better as everyday footwear.

  158. I want to receive the benefits of walking and running barefoot, without actually being barefoot!

  159. My Xero hauraches are so comfortable I use them for nearly everything! Not only is the simplicity of the sandal good on my feet, I get compliments from friends and strangers. The rubber is long lasting and doesn’t trap odor or discolor from the street. I can’t wait to try the Z treks for my more serious hikes and ditch boots altogether! Thanks for freeing my feet 🙂

  160. I want the Cloud so I can float on the ground.

  161. I have Xero reasons not to want the new XeroShoes Z-Trek.

  162. Snow and ice? No problem. I’ve been wearing these bad boys (as shown in my profile pic) in all Colorado weather (that is as long as it doesn’t drop below 20), since 2011. With my toestrap lacing design, I welcome the floppiness, knowing that if I’m a little lazy, and I catch the toe, it’ll just fold under and won’t trip me up. I hate to retire this pair, but they are getting thin, and the more rugged trails that I run, are giving me discomfort.

  163. I am barefoot nearly all the time…but if I “must” wear shoes, my go-to footwear is my Xeros because there just isn’t anything else I’ve found that is so close to barefoot. If I have to don footwear, I still want to feel like I am barefoot!!! My health and sanity require it. Seriously. Anyway, I would LOVE a pair of the new Z-Treks…if not for myself, then for my husband who NEEDS a pair of barefoot-friendly sandals. He suffers from a foot injury he sustained during active duty in the Air Force. He finds “minimalist” shoes help, but he likes to wear sandals when the weather warms up and his current pair is conventional type that causes foot imbalance and therefore pain (plus they are old and falling apart). So he often resorts to VFFs for casual wear. Please, PLEASE don’t make me suffer through another year of that! His feet get SO unbearably stinky in those! He has to remove them periodically to let the bones in his bad foot fall back into place, and I just about keel over! Imagine driving home 3 hours after spending an entire summer day at Cedar Point amusement park, smelling that horrific stench!!!! My son and I just about pass out! Please, for all that is good and holy…PLEASE have mercy on us and choose me for a pair of new Z-Trek Xeros so I can get them for my beloved hubby :).

  164. I have short toes, so the standard placement of the toe loop doesn’t match my foot size. Translation, I have to size up to get a goto fit of the toe loop in your shoes. I’m going on a mission trip this summer to Haiti. I would love to wear your Z-Trek sandals. I believe they would be the best choice in comfort and fit for me.

  165. I like how compactly they pack. No matter what bag or pack I’m carrying, I can always bring a pair. I can even just carry them around in my pockets!

  166. I bought a ‘do it yourself’ pair and told my friend to buy a pair, which he did, right after your were on shark tank. Opened the box, tried to put them together…epic fail and haven’t touched them since. What a missed opportunity until now! These Z-trek look like the perfect solution to others, like me, who missed the boat on a rawer design. Well done and congrats on your intuitive design ideas!

  167. I’ve been switching out ALL of my footwear for barefoot options – only my beloved Teva sandals remain, with no good replacement options – until now! I am stoked!!!

  168. Wow these are mostly long answers. I’d like a pair because they look cool and I’ll be glad to tell everyone who stops me (like wearing my vibram’s everyday) and asks about my sandals – where I got them and how comfortable they feel.

  169. I absolutely LOVE my Xero shoes. I have gotten my family into them too. When we get together we refer to them as our “macrame sandals” and talk about how much we love them. I just purchased the venture and am so sad I didn’t wait a few months for the new model. My only complaint has been how they don’t stay tight when I go for my runs and it looks like the new lacing system is the answer. I would so LOVE a pair of the new ones. These really are just the best sandals. Everyone I encounter asks me about them and I just get so excited to tell them all about them. Love Xero shoes! I am a customer for life!

  170. I’ve wanted a “Chaco strap style” sandal forever, but I can’t handle the Chaco arch. I’ve wished they would make a thinner and totally flat sole. I have your connect DIY sandals and LOVE that you’re making one with a thicker strap upper! Who needs Chacos now that we have Xero Z-Treks!

  171. I bought my first pair after my accident last year. In love with them!! I hike, run, shop, garden, you name it. Even in the snow. These shoes are the only thing that took my arch and heal pain away forever. I have tried to put on gym shoes and in 4 hours they are crying. (my feet) I love your shoes!! Thank you so much for them and the cool colors and designs. I would be so grateful if I could win another pair. So, so grateful. Thank you!

  172. Because I love the xero shoes that I’ve currently have but would love another pair.

  173. I live in my Chacos about 9 months out of the year but even their more “minimalist” versions do not help me ‘feel the world’ or strengthen my feet for my passion – barefoot trail running. So, I am SO EXCITED to hear about the Z-Trek. I need a pair to “live in.” I am equally excited about the advancements and the forthcoming rollout to the 2015 Venture. Testimony to the 5,000 mile warranty – I still run in my original DIY Vibram Cherry Xeros. But the time has come to look to replace them and the innovations not only to the Venture footbed but the newly redesigned lacing system has me stoked for an even better and more dialed in fit. I am taking on some trail half and full marathons this summer and I can’t wait to run them barefoot in a new pair of Xeros.

  174. OK, this might be a different take… but here is my reason for wanting to try the new lacing or straps. I bought a pair of Venture’s a few months ago but find them heavy (compared to my competitor sandals) and very difficult to adjust. So much so, I have only worn them a couple of times. I have run almost 200 miles this year in my competitor sandals, so I have experience running in sandals, but I am always adjusting the strapping on those sandals too and they are looking worn out. I really like your enthusiasm and drive for making improvements. Any changes to lacing would be a big improvement! I wonder if I can purchase the new lacing system for my Ventures?

    1. You will be able to buy a “retrofit kit,” but not right away. We’re waiting for the extra heel straps to get to us.

  175. They’re just cool.

  176. they look great and i dont like big clunky sandals on my feet

  177. I’ve tried the Xero’s and could never get the lacing right to keep the posts from rubbing me raw. The Z-trek look perfect!

  178. I am physical therapist and I preach barefoot from medical, musculoskeletal, science backed stand point. I would love to have a xeros on my feet to show patients that its possible to have the advantages of barefoot without being looked at as a bum/hippy.. 🙂

  179. I would love a pair of Z-Treks because if there’s one thing girls like, it’s shoe options, and my Contacts, along with my old diy Vibram cherrys, are the only shoes that have ever fit me well. I wear them April through November here in Buffalo, NY, even before all the snow melts. They keep the glass out of my feet when I’m running errands on foot around the city, and I don’t get in trouble going into stores barefoot anymore!

    I would like to know how wide the ladies’ version is across the ball of the foot, because my little size 6 feet hang off the sides of most sandals.

  180. I’m so excited for all the changes and the new shoe!! I want to win!!!
    PS Can you please make a close toed version so I don’t get my feet rocky and dirty on the trail!! 🙂

  181. I’ve been running barefoot for a long time. I bought a pair of zero sandals for a race last year but I ended up running the race barefoot anyway. The sandals work quite well, however, they are insanely noisy. The front end keeps flapping on the pavement and making a terrible noise with every step. So I use it in the trails exclusively. I’m hoping this issue has been addressed in the new models.

  182. Because I LOVE my xero shoes!, however since I had surgery on my foot, it’s hard for me to wear any kind of shoes with something between the toes. So unfortunately I’ve been having to clunk around in tennis shoes, once again. They say it can take a year to completely heal, so I’m counting down the days!

  183. I’m a barefoot babe all the way. 🙂

  184. Confession: I have a pair of Water shoes with the toes built-in, but I hate the crazy tan lines! These are a fantastic innovation! Beyond Lightweight, stored anywhere and they travel like a dream. I can’t wait to have some of these for the Beach and shorelines of the Dominican Republic for my daughter’s destination wedding coming up soon!

  185. … because wearing uncomfortable shoes is as obnoxious as being chased by a pack of rabid wolverines.

  186. While i love my Xeros, i’ve never been 100% psyched on their fitment. I changed the stock cordage to parachute cord (flatter and more comfy), but still they don’t maintain adjustment. Part of why i’d gone back to a flip is the easy. I’d said to myself, “if I could just step into the Xero and not have to fiddle with fitment EVERY time….” AND now that I just got the email,, I see Steve has continued to refine and awesome-ify the xeros!!!
    thanks for the dedication to perfection Steven!!! <>

    -mark from Moab-

  187. I really like the idea of a minimal shoe – I want my feet to be strong, yet really sensitive to the ground. Cool design!

  188. I’m super excited about these! All of the new products, but especially the new lace adjustment system! I have a pair of the original design Xero Shoes, the ones we had to trace and cut out ourselves. I even bought a leather hole punch just for these. I actually have two pairs for myself, and I’ve made pairs for friends. Years later, I still wear those same pairs, but I’m definitely ready for an upgrade! Can’t wait!

  189. I like my feet to function and move like they were made to.

  190. I don’t want to win these great sandals – my feet do! They are demanding of nothing but the best and rebel in any other footwear but Xeros. i know them – my feet would be tickled to put on a new pair of Z-Treks and show them off.

  191. 48 year old doctor, athletic. I’ve been using Xeros because…. for 30 years I struggled with overuse injuries. All of them. Shin splints, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, back pain, even a (severe) stress fracture of the femoral neck. All of it STOPPED when I started using Xero minimal shoes. I know this is anecdotal, but I refuse to go back to those fancy expensive shoes with padding, arch support, and firm heel cups. My feet feel strong, springy, and I love walking and running naturally. I work in a large hospital and people ask about my shoes all the time. Usually they seem very interested when I explain why I use them. Occasionally there are scoffers with the whole barefoot/minimal running issue, but they get quiet when I say I run and jump with impunity now, injury-free, and the only difference between now and those injury-prone years is I am older…. AND use these Xeros shoes. Sold for life.

  192. These look cool! I need them for after a long run, especially when walking to the lake to go for a quick swim!

  193. In getting others interested in barefootwear, it was either the aesthetic or the discomfort of the thong. These new Z-Treks are absolutely beautiful, and with no thong, you’ve just eliminated the biggest barrier to foot freedom for the rest of the world. The perfect fusion of modern form and ancient function.

  194. I have been using a pair of Xero shoes with the 4mm contact soles and love them! I wear them everyday, even at work, and have come to enjoy the “Jesus sandals” comments. I ditched my orthotics and bulky footwear, and my knee and hip pain has disappeared completely. I used to feel stress on my knees every time I went up and down the stairs but now I can leap up them with no issues. My 4mm soles are a bit thin for hiking, so I would love to win the new Z-Treks so that I can take more hikes in minimalist footwear. I’d love to put them through their paces at Joshua Tree National Park next time I take the kids camping there. Thanks for all you do and for your great products. I hope the Z-Trek sells like crazy and tons of people rehab their bodies and their lives!

  195. I am a super nitpicky person, and I’ve never been able to get a fit with the lacing thongs that is just perfect. I am excited to try a new Xero show that has webbing for a simpler fit.

  196. I want the new Z-Trek because I have half a brain. I know this because you only need half a brain to know what a great shoe this is.
    I’ll save the other half for ideas where to walk in my new Z’s.

  197. My son is a beleiver of your shoes and I want to try them.

  198. I am a barefoot guy with sensitive feet. I love the Amuri Z-Trek – it’s like performance tires for my feet!

  199. I had a very strange experience in my closet the other day. I still regularly wear the original invisible shoes (now xero shoes) I made out of a kit years ago. I travel ultralight and these are so flat and light I slip them into the side of my 9lb (total) pack. I wore them all through Thailand, countless road trips, hiking and jogging, to temples…

    All that said, I found myself scrounging for my old Chacos. I remembered having lost one months back and it was still missing. I sighed and thought about buying another pair, but was frustrated by how insanely heavy they were. Immediately I thought, “if only I had the straps of a Chaco on my xero shoes. I wonder if I could make those.” That very day the email arrived and, through the tiny window of my phone, I watched the announcement of exactly the shoes I had in mind. It was eerie. And wonderful. The world, through xero shoes, knew my pain the moment I did. I can’t wait to try them out. It must be destiny.

    Here’s a post about my travels with the sandals:

  200. I’ve been a runner all of my life. I made the transition to near-barefoot running after college, when reading about the Raranuri of Mexico. I found that the same feel from competition racing wear could be had in an everyday training, and that most common running injuries could be prevented thereby.
    I bought the custom Xero shoes years ago and still run in them. Everyone asks when they notice my footwear, and I let them know that this type of sandal is the way humans throughout history have always run effectively. With the new lacing of the Z-Trek, I suspect that my friends who prefer hiking sandals will have a chance to try the footwear that I have come to enjoy without the between-toe lacing.
    I’d like a pair to be able to recommend something to them that I’ve tried and tested over many miles.

  201. Why I love xero shoes. My feet feel great and enjoy running and my knees doing complain anymore

  202. Why do I want a pair of Xeros? Simple put because they are something I would most likely never buy on my own but would love to try. And if I tried them and liked them, well then I would be spreading the word. People would be sick of me going on and on and on and on about a product I love.

  203. I own one of the original models (from just before the company name changed from Invisible Shoes to Xero Shoes), and while I enjoy wearing them, lacing is a pain. I bought them to run in, but because I was not getting a good fit, they weren’t working for longer runs. It seems like the lacing system on these would overcome the difficulty, and I’d be able to wear these for running and not just as a casual pair of minimal sandals.

  204. I would like these since barefoot sandals that don’t wrap around the toe are rare. Outside of Pah Tempes, I cannot think of a zero drop sandal that will encourage foot splay by not encouraging the big and index toes to pinch. Thankfully your huaraches that wrap around the ankles discourage this behavior. I’m a size 13 flat footer that wants to get an arch, and have encouraged my jogging girlfriend to consider shoes with less heel cushioning and more toeroom.

    Also, it’s below 0 where I live and I want to be optimistic that I can wear these in a month.

  205. I live in NYC and rather than run, I do a lot of walking. I believe the Z-Trek shoes would allow me to take longer walks without my feet hurting at the end of the day.

  206. I like em because they are always improving and make me think about the design of everything

  207. I was always a heavy shoe/maximum support wearer for years. I started reading about barefoot running and decided to try it out. Due to the area I live not being runner friendly I was limited on routes I could run (and not worry about glass or other sharp objects). Then I found xero shoes. They opened the world up for my barefoot running! Plus I always get asked about them when I’m out and about…

  208. My girlfriend thinks I look like a gladiator when I’m wearing my Clouds. So ship a free pair of those hot new Amuri Z-Treks care of Xeronimus Maximus…and UNLEASH HELL! 🙂

  209. I just love these barefoot sandals. I take a pair everywhere with me when they aren’t my primary footwear. I take them with me when I’m camping, hiking, backpacking, pack rafting, etc. they are extremely comfortable and well made. My girlfriend refers to me as the sandal guy. I take that as a compliment though.

  210. Since I began wearing my Xero shoes, I’ve become a better person, and all my dreams have come true. Thank you Steven Sashen for making dreams come true and changing lives. I like vegetables.

  211. I love wearing Xeros everywhere. I’ve had a pair since they were called Invisible shoes, and have gotten an upgrade pair every time a new model has come out! Of course I have to get a pair of Z-trek! I love them. Once I started wearing Xeros, I have never bought a pair of another kind of sandals since. People always ask me about it, and I’ve even recruited more customers for you guys! The best way to teach curious onlookers about barefoot health is wearing Xeros in the rain. They are my favorite footwear for the rain. People say “Aren’t your feet cold!?” I say, “Nope! Being barefoot is so freeing and I become one with the earth! I love feeling the rain and it helps me have better circulation!”

  212. Total foot freedom! With Xeros there is “xero” interference with feet functioning the way nature intended. My feet—unencumbered, unencased—can breathe, expand, flex, and painlessly feel the ground. Toes re-discover their role in foot dynamics, moving and grasping as I walk. Feet released from bondage, my whole body regains correct alignment and my legs remember natural muscle tone and balance. Walking feels like floating; running feels like flying.

  213. O.k , as a barefoot-loving great grandmother I know I really need the new Z-Trek! I will be helping deliver my newest great grandchild in October. I want to be able to run that race with style, grace and endurance. I truly dislike wearing shoes as they make me feel uncomfortable all over. Since birth I have done everything I can to spend my life barefoot.. I already have a couple of pairs of Xeros, and I was really sad when
    it got too cold to wear them this winter. I am working toward being o.k. with them
    even in very cold weather because I know that “barefoot is the best. I gets lots of questions about my crazy “shoes”. Then when people hear why I wear them, they ask how to get them. I would love to show off a new pair. Please consider me as your new Z-Trek winner. We need to get some more great grandmas out of their stiff, ugly shoes into some barefootin Z-Treks. After all, we don’t have to be runners to love Z-Treks.

  214. I have 3 pairs of Xeros and they are so comfortable! I highly recommend them to everyone. They are the best!

  215. I love my Xeros! (My first pair were Invisible Shoes 🙂 I’ve got two pairs now. The toe posts are a genius idea, and have eliminated problems with knot wear. I’ve never had any issues at all with rubbing; they are the most comfortable things I have ever worn. They’re the closest thing to being barefoot in the warmer months – living in London, you don’t want to be walking on sidewalks with bare feet! I love that you can customise them with different colours and beads, and best of all, my four-year old daughter loves hers (she’ll need new ones this summer), as does my husband, who previously would only wear flipflops! We are a happy Xero shoes family, and we all get so many compliments on them and spread the word whenever we can!

    I hope that your wider range of items (including tshirts, I really want one!) will be available in the UK soon. I’ve ordered through the US store via my family, but it’s complicated with remailing and all that and gets a little expensive. Also, I think it would be awesome to get different coloured toe posts as well.

    I don’t think I could choose between the current Amuris, but I’d love to try the Z-Trek simply to have the option of having support across my foot for a change! I also think they would be great to alternate them with my regular Xeros to counteract the tanlines I get with them 🙂 Having the toe strap would leave the rest of my foot that gets covered open so I could have nice brown feet without the V-shaped white lines I get every summer!
    And of course it appeals to my lazy side not having to fiddle with laces, as I wear the Xeros so much that the laces do stretch so require adjustment every few weeks.

    But aside from anything else, they look great, and I love having shoes that are different!

  216. Because everyone I know wears Chacos and I want to make them jealous!

  217. I am the brave runner who wears Xero shoes in below (X)ero weather in South Dakota. I love the pair I have but have been waiting for something without the toe thong so these are a dream come true for this winter wearer. MY friends will all attest that I really do wear Xeros in the snow so who better to wear Xeros at Zero degrees?

  218. I’ve been wanting to try some Zero shoes for ages!

  219. I want the Z-Trek because, while I have to wear closed zero drop barefoot type shoes at work and at formal occasions, I’d really love to have something to let my feet breathe when they’re off duty, and I like the straps!

  220. I currently use the clouds as my backup running foot attire as apposed to going barefoot. Honestly, they are “Okay” in by book. I’ve scrapped the original lacing system for an all 550 paracord because the rubber toe anchor agitated my big toes on long runs (10mi+). This is why i want the Z-treks. I think the new strap lacing will fix all my issues and be THE perfect foot attire for me.

  221. This is an amzing opportunity for us to make people feel the volcanic ground on Tenerife, Canary Islands!!!

  222. I want a Z-Trek because I love the idea of minimalist shoes. I love them so much I am dreading getting a pair of hiking boots for the Pacific Crest Trail that I am walking this season. I would love to walk all 2650 miles of it in a Z-Trek. It’s like fate that I got the Z-Trek email and a prayer has been answered.

  223. I’m a world eco-traveller and photographer, and am frequently running up against weight limits on airplanes, specifically on small planes. I carry a bunch of camera equipment that really cannot get any lighter, so I’m looking to save in other areas. So I really want to check these out to see if they can replace my heavy-ish sandals, running shoes, and maybe even my day-hiking boots!

  224. I’ve been walking barefoot for over two years. Usually it’s fine, but my feet get pretty filthy from the grimy streets, and every now and then I’ll get a tiny shard of glass stuck in my foot. I had heard about Luna sandals but they were way too thick. Then I heard about Xero shoes and I knew I’d found the sandal for me. So thin it almost feels as good as being barefoot, but I’m protected from environmental hazards and city grime. I love my original Xeros for general use but it can be hard to get them to fit just right, so I’d like to try the Cloud or Z-Trek for more intense activities like hiking and trail running. In any case thanks so much for making these products, they are a blessing and a gift to barefooters the world over!

  225. That would a great present for my Brother!

  226. While I do really like the Clouds I have now, I have a problem. I have ridiculously soft feet. I’ve literally never been able to wear flip flops due to the blistering between the toes (yes, it’s as uncomfortable as it sounds). Each year as the weather warms up to a temperature where I can comfortable wear sandals again, I have to retrain my feet to take the thong, which starts with bandaid between the toes, then a bit of tape, then finally just the sandal. While I totally dig the bikini tan line from the old Ventures and current Clouds, I’d like to forgo the whole readaptation thing. I have very high hopes that the new Z-Trek will do the trick. I have been able to wear Chacos and the like with only relatively minor strap issues, and those are mostly due to the pulling caused by the hard thick rubber. I can live with the more boring tan lines 🙂

  227. I want the Z-treks because as great as my Xero customs are, I just suck at getting the lacing right. I have the same problem with regular shoes. I’m just not very good with my hands, so the Z-trek is right up my alley. I want them. You shall give them to me! NOW! …pretty please? 🙂

  228. I have a pair of your earlier “kit” shoes that I put together my self. The shoes are comfortable but, I just don’t care for the string between my toes and the fact that my daughters make fun of the way they look on me (yes, they are fashion snobs). I’d much prefer this new Z-Trek because: 1) nothing between the toes, 2) looks great! and 3) I’ve been waiting for decent looking, minimalist sandals for years now! I don’t think daughters will laugh at these. Well, I can at least hope they won’t! Thank you for your innovative products!

  229. Why do I want the new Z-trek? I used to run with my Xeros every day. I met the love of my life and she couldn’t stand them. After running with my Xeros normal running shoes just aren’t the same. Since I had to get rid of my Xeros I haven’t run almost at all. The new Z-trek would be perfect for her and it would get me running again.

  230. Aw man, your shoes just keep getting better, I still haven’t worn out two earlier versions, but I’m pretty sure I need these new ones too!!! They are my camp shoes, day hike shoes, beach shoes, and occasional run shoes (I have some older ones that make a bit of a slapping sound, I feel self conscious when running in a group…). I do run minimal, and would like to transition to your shoes for running, if I can be more ninja like…

  231. I have been wearing Xeros for a couple years now, and I can honestly say they are the ultimate in casual footwear. I originally bought the 4mm contact kit. Since then I have worn through several straps, but the soles are still running strong. I have walked, hiked, ran and lived in them. I am mainly interested in the new Z-trek because of there strap design. My only problem with my original Xeros has been that, when I’m hiking up steep inclines my feet tend to get sweaty and the Xeros slip out from under me. This also causing a large majority of the strap wear that I have experienced. I really feel that the new design addresses this problem completely, without making sacrifices to what make Xeroshoes great. My one concern about the design is that I am afraid the toe section will have a tendency to flip under if it gets caught on anything, but I will have to see if that is the case by putting them to the test on the trail. Thank you for everything Xero shoes!

  232. I switched to the minimalist Chi/Barefoot running style about 4 years ago after having not been able to run for about 5 years due to psoriatic arthritis. This style of running has allowed me to run again and I have found that the more minimal the shoe, the easier the running is on my joints. (my body accommodates for the lack of cushioning by using my muscles as shock absorbers instead of relying on my shoes.) I would love to try the new Z-Trek because is seems to take minimalist running to a new level! I am also one of those guys who would rather walk around barefoot (or as close as possible) all summer after a ‘brutal” Chicago winter 😉

  233. A few years back, when you had to outline your foot on a sheet of paper and fax it in to the company, I bought a new pair of Invisible (now Xero) sandals. Color laces were all the rage.
    They arrived and I immediately laced them up and went for a brisk mile run. I felt like I was floating. The next few days were a struggle since I had never ran other than striking my heel and let’s admit it, my calves were really sore!
    They quickly became my favorite pair of footwear and over some beers with friends I did something that may not have been the smartest idea at the time. I vowed to wear them as my only footwear (other than my work boots solely for work) for the entire winter. Mind you I live just outside of Philadelphia where we can get some rough weather at times.
    I received many comments from folks that admired the fact that I was sticking to it, and from several concerned people as well. Needless to say, my feet and those sandals got a lot of attention. To ease the pain I made a trip to Colombia with them. That trip was memorable mostly because 8 inches of fresh snow was ready to walk in when I came home.
    My feet survived and I was hooked. While I don’t recommend anyone following my lead I did enjoy feeling like I was barefoot and almost floating everywhere I went.
    I don’t think I could ask for a better, more versitile sandal.

  234. This Z-Trek shoe kicks my ass and I would like to get new experience for barefoot run.

  235. When I was a lad, Boy Scouts was not for me; I was bullied and my only friend there quit. And thus I never learned to tie knots very well. A few years ago, I sprained my ankle. Only when I tried minimal sandals did I start to feel some improvement, truly feeling my muscles and calves for the first time. If I get a free pair, I aspire to meet the 5000 mile warranty in 3 years (I’m being realistic!). Keep on improving your products and our lives, y’all!

  236. As great as it would be to win a pair. I’m more than willing to pay for a pair right now. When I was in the military I did not enjoy running for various reasons, the biggest being cramps in my arches. Once I separated, I realized that it was the footwear that was the biggest problem. I wanted to do barefoot running but did not want to run barefoot, these were the best solution I have found so far. The only drawback so far being the thong does cause blisters after awhile. This new iteration seems to be the best solution so far. Win or lose, I just want to be first on the waiting list to buy a pair. Thanks for continuing to perfect the perfect running shoe.

  237. Say whaaat?! A no-toe design?! My toes can’t wait to feel the love. I tried both the DIY kit and the Amuri Cloud but could never get used to the toe feel. The Amuri Z-Trek may very well turn out to be THE perfect sandal. Cross my fingers and toes that it does!

  238. I love your original sandals… still use mine (although the cold weather has forced me into boots for the time being). I had some issues with my pair of Ventures breaking on me (thanks for helping me out with that, you guys have great customer service and when my daughter starts walking I’m totally gonna recycle the busted sandals and make her her first pair of Xeros!) In my years B.X. (before Xeroes) I used to wear a lot of sport-style sandals that had a similar arrangement, and the wider straps on this one have definitely got my interest!

  239. If it were socially acceptable, I’d run around barefoot all the time! Xero Shoes (almost) allow me to do that.

  240. I made my first Tarahumara sandals in ’95. I lived in the woods barefoot or with sandals or moccasins for six years. I am now a part of Naval special warfare and want to remake us as a nation who can fight barefoot if needed. Every other nation can. Love your innovations! Brothers of mine have gone on missions with 5 finger, I want to be the first to go on one in your sandals;)

  241. I want a pair so people can make fun of me at the start, then have the joy of watching me pass them with a dignified posture and secret smile as they cramp up, sprain something, or are just darn slow.

  242. I’d like to win them because the pair of Xero Shoes I currently own are the most comfortable shoes I have. I have neuromas in both my feet. A foot doc told me I just needed cushier shoes. I thought that meant I’d never be able to wear my Xeroes again. I got some cushier shoes, and they made the neuromas worse. One day I put on the Xero Shoes anyway, and – Holy open shoes, Batman! – my feet felt better. The Xero Shoes allow the bones in my feet to spread out, not scrunch them up and irritate the nerves. I need another pair!!!

  243. Because I love lightweight sandals & I can’t wait to try one without the strap between my toe, although the ones I designed myself don’t bother me.

  244. I want Z-Trecks because im SICK AND TIRED of people telling me to put on a pair of shoes! Which I HATE to do because my options are tennis shoes, which make my feet feel like they are in jail, or flip flops, which just suck in general. But these shoes look AWESOME!!! These shoes would give me a break from being yelled at about running around barefoot and give me the stability I need to keep from falling and harming myself, like I do in flip-flops (these shoes are very dangerous). Plus, they are very comfortable looking. I have already bought a pair of your other shoes, which my dog has sence eaten along with some other pairs of shoes, so I KNOW that your shoes are the best there is. And, lastly, I’m a girl, so I have a deep, deep love and appriceation for shoes.

    Thank you!

  245. Toe posts are so yesterday…

  246. Why? Because! Oh and living in a small country kike New Zealand means I have access to the wilds all around, from mountains to seas, heat to snow and I wear my amuri clouds doing it all. Xero shoes think of the photos I could send you at no cost to showcase the versatility of your product. Have you seen my feet? I think I have supermodel feet and New Zealand is supermodel landscape. Just add xero shoes new supermodel z-trek and voila advertising sensation! I still because 😉

  247. I recently moved to Hawaii and with the hiking I do, the new design would be much more comfortable than the toe thong holding my food in the shoe on the down slopes. For that reason, I’ve been hiking in tennis shoes rather than my Xeros. I love wearing them otherwise and do like answering questions about them because I also teach classes about the Paleo Lifestyle…going barefoot is part of my interpretation of “Paleo”!

  248. I love the minimalistic design. Would love to try these out!

  249. When the knot died on my original Xeros, a little part of my running heart died with them. Since getting the laces exactly right was the thing that stumped me the most, I know that the Z-Treks will be the one thing to resurrect me and bring me back to running heaven.

  250. I want my feet to breathe fresh air and be able to feel terra firma.

  251. I want to wear a Xero to be a hero.

  252. As a 69 year old runner, after reading Born to Run I found Xero shoes. I ordered a pair and started running in them. When my running mates see me doing so, they are amazed. I let them know what barefoot style of running has done to help me continue running, actually improved my joy along with the speed. Barefoot is so much better than heal pounding. I draw lots of attention because of my age and activity. I really could care less about winning a free pair, I just want a pair and now. I Have been waiting for the Z style as I am not as comfortable with the between the toe lacing. It is ok for short distances, but I want them for halves.

  253. I bought a pair of the 4mm xero shoes 2 years and some months ago. In that time, I have gone through two pairs of converse and am onto a pair of keds as the shoes I regularly go to work in (sadly can’t wear sandals at my office job). I used the Xeros as my main athletic shoe, running regularly and walking around town. Only a few months ago did my my they begin to develop a hole at the ball of the foot, finally rendering them less than ideal, but still entirely wearable footwear. I could definitely use a new pair soon, and these new Z-treks look great! Keep up the great work!

  254. Vivo’s hurt my feet,
    Vibram’s make my feet smell bad,
    Xero’s win the race.

    -A Xero Shoes haiku

  255. I love my “original Xeros” and my Amuri Cloud sandals because they help keep me healthy and happy- like a good diet, good sleep, good friends and good movement.
    Now coveting the Amuri Z-trek for its improved lacing system.

  256. After years of debating whether I should get a pet and what would happen if I did and then it needed emergency veterinary care and I couldn’t afford it, I got a kitten and as I write she is at the vets prepping for surgery for swallowing something and getting it stuck in her intestines. So it will be a long time before I can buy myself shoes again.

  257. Wait, wait, a contest and all I need to do is be clever or persuasive, oh well I guess I have no chance then with no cute picture or great story.. All I have is a deep burning desire to own the newest Xero shoes and I doubt that will be enough. How do ordinary people communicate a deep burning desire? If I knew that I’d probably be a best selling author or multi millionaire rock star. Oh well I guess there’s not much chance for an older than I ever wanted to be teacher. Good luck to all the funny and talented people with their entries.

  258. I am barefoot as much as possible. Your shoes are the next best thing! Everyone always asks me where I get my xeros and I am happy to tell them.

  259. I’ve wanted to try out the no shoe concept for years. This would be a great way to stay.

  260. Wi am an avid barefooter,who loves hauraches ,and would crawl overbroken glass for a shot at these !

  261. I want them because I HATE shoes! Barefoot and minimal is totally the way to go! I have a pair of Xeros and they are so comfortable, except, as mentioned, I do have trouble getting the tensions just right. The Z-Treks look AWESOME, and great for traveling too!

  262. Dear Amuri Z-Trek,

    I love you.

    Forever yours,

  263. Love my5 pair of clouds can’t wait foe my Z- Trek no toe post ya

  264. “A self,” the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins speculated in 1880, “will consist of a centre and a surrounding area or circumference, of a point of reference and a belonging field . . . the inset and the outsetting.” Barefoot shoes are a way of decreasing the distance between insetting and outsetting, between myself and the world in which I live and move.

    Less theoretically, over the last three years barefoot shoes have really helped my arch pain. But I could never get used to the stringy feel of the huaraches. The Z-Treks look like a fantastic improvement!

  265. I love to run barefoot but too many people like to break glass on the side of the road. My older pair has been great, but I really like the advancement of the technology on these newer iterations.

  266. I want Z Trek shoes because I want to be barefoot all the time and I can’t…imagine: sidewalks hot enough to fry eggs, cactus and scorpions! 🙂

  267. I love your sandals because I hate shoes.

  268. I have the Vivobarefoot achilles and my wife won’t be seen with me. She would like these.

  269. I ordered my first pair of Xeroes a few years ago. I loved them so much, I wore them everywhere. When I wore them to a friend’s chiropractic practice, he was amazed that I willingly went running in them. As I wore my Xeroes around town, I would tell folks all about them.Then, I met Leslie at Cool East Market (dot com). I talked them up so much, she started selling Xero Shoes out of her store. She was so happy, she gave me another pair of Xeroes which I took to Spain. And now, when I see folks wearing Xero Shoes, they tell me that they found them at Cool East Market, and I get tickled pink.

    And now you, Steven, say there’s another model of Xero Shoes? With webbing that eliminates the between toe sensation that keeps some folk from enjoying these fabulous shoes?

    Amazing! One way or another, I am getting a pair!

    1. In fact, that’s EXACTLY what I’m saying 😉

  270. I love my Xeros but the lace loop is about to tear so I need a new pair. They have been with the last six months on a world travel adventure. The perfect footwear for hikes, runs, and exploring a new city. Hello from New Zealand…we’re off to South America in a few weeks.

  271. I am a martial artist and in order to stay in shape during summer, when our training session are on hold until autumn, I started jogging with a friend. That was about 6 years ago and it was terrible – I ran because I felt I had to. I had to keep good physique. I had to build stamina. I just had to. I’ve wasted several years (!) by going through this forced exercise. Seeing my friend doing better all the time didn’t help either. Our usual path – by the river, then uphill to the dam, then further uphill to an abandoned quarry – became my personal hell. What am I doing wrong? – I was thinking that all the time.
    Last year, while preparing myself for another season of torture, I was searching for some tips, running techniques, whatever that would help me to improve. And then it happened – I stumbled across a blog praising the benefits of “barefoot lifestyle”. The author made his own sandals and went to run Prague marathon; it sounded so strange and crazy that I was immediately possessed by the thought of trying it myself. So where do I find an affordable DIY kit for sandals? … “Xero Shoes”? Why not? I don’t even have to be worried about the size because I can trim the soles to fit… that’s a great deal!
    After a week or so my order arrived – I didn’t waste a second and in an hour I was tying the laces of my new sandals around my ankles to have a quick run. It felt great! Through grass, on asphalt road, the feel was perfect. My body naturally accustomed to the new footwear and what used to be unpleasant became wonderful. Since then I wear these sandals everywhere, from spring to autumn (or even the beginning of winter, and the Czech Republic isn’t particularly warm), everywhere I go. I run on forest trails, roads, countryside, anywhere. My neighborhood deems me strange, but I don’t care. I feel happy, healthier, and a better person. I don’t run because I have to anymore, I run because I love the philosophy behind running. The freedom. Thanks to Xeros I changed my way of life and I can say it was for the better. Thank you!!

  272. Love my Xeros. I find the DIY kit ones fit the best; my Amuris tend to need adjustment frequently because the heel likes to loosen. Perhaps there’s something along the lines of pre-stretching the laces that could help solve that problem? Will it be possible to retrofit existing Xeros with the new lacing heel device? I already have about six pairs so I’ve probably got a lifetime supply (but new colours are tempting!).

    1. Yes, you’ll be able to retrofit… but we don’t know when we’ll get the extra heel straps necessary yet (they’re still on the boat, heading this way).

  273. I’d like to win because xero shoes suit my feet but I broke my last pair. I need new ones to regain my superpowers 🙂

  274. My feet are wide at the tip, with short toes, the huaraches that I cut myself (from a set here) are almost flat across the top and my amuri ventures don’t fit exactly because of that so I wonder whether I’d have to get men’s or women’s on the new Z model, or whether the shape’ll fit at all. But I really want to try a model without the toe strap!!!! I LOVE barefoot shoes. I’m currently wearing sole runners at work and many people have commented that they look comfortable, and they are. 🙂

  275. I love Xeros because my feet are too wide for most shoes but fit perfectly with the DIY Kit and hopefully the Amuri Cloud I just ordered will too. I’ve never liked things between my toes so that part of the Z-Trek looks wonderful.

  276. From days on the streets of Chicago to the rugged mountains of Maui – I Love love Love my Xeros!!!!!

  277. People stare, point, and wonder “What the heck is that guy wearing on his feet? And, how is he able to run like that?”
    For that alone, I will continue to rock Xero Shoes!

  278. I am a competitive olympic weightlifter. We have to wear thick soled shoes for our training. They provide wicked stability but I spend so much time in them that I like to get as close to the ground as possible when I’m not training. Looks like the new Z-Trek fits the bill. They will also go nicely with my lems Boulder boots on my Yellowstone hikes this summer. I think they will be great especially for River crossings.

  279. I live on The Garden Island of Kauai, Hawaii, one of the top hiking locations in the world. Hiking boots are awful when crossing streams, and regular slippahs (what we call flip flops here) hurt my feet after a while. In a place where bare feet is the norm but rocks are, too, I really need some Z-Treks!

  280. hmmm looks fun!

  281. Because I am one of those crazy people that wears sandals 365 days a year, through the Wisconsin winters!

  282. Xeros Rock, or atleast I hope… I have never tried them before.

  283. Why would I like a pair of Amuri Z-Trek Xero Shoes? I’d like a pair to piss off my wife! It’s just so much fun to have another pair of “weird shoes” that I love to wear (because I know they’re much better for me than an 80,000 mm heel lift!) In addition, to balance out pissing her off, I’d like them to replace my stinky-no-amount-of-washing-will-ever-help-get-that-aweful-stank-out Vibram Fivefingers. Let’s face it, Xero Shoes just don’t have the stink-factor, and in my wife’s book, that’s a major plus! Finally, I’d like a pair because I haven’t owned anything from Xero Shoes since the Invisible Shoes huaraches that I had the joy of hole-punching myself. I always loved hearing, “Dude, did you know you’re running in flip-flops?!” and, with equal love, screaming back, “They’re NOT FLIP-FLOPS! They’re HUARACHES! DUH!” Oh yeah, and I’m a personal trainer and my clients buy stuff I buy or use – so there’s that whole marketing aspect to giving me a pair!

  284. p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }a:link { }

    is scientific reason why I like your shoes:

    shoes are not healthy, even the sport training shoes are not natural
    to our feet. If you sit on your wallet in your back pocket it will
    cause you spine
    problems, even if you sit on two wallets
    one under each
    hip it still will
    be negative impact. So ordinary shoes is like two wallet-ish hunks
    under your fleets, they not suppose to be
    there. When you
    step on your feet it effects every single joint north over your ankle
    and your body compensate that all day long ore entire
    time you
    loose parts
    your body, sarcomeres
    that little make up your muscle
    which means you loose range of motion, you moving less of you. Your
    body works better if you fix what you put on your feet everyday. You
    will put some shoes any way it doesn’t mater what they are. Xero
    shoes are equivalent like new work out in
    a sense that we need to move in order to function properly. There is
    nourishing movement with biological function. You can introduce
    whole new loud spectrum to your body just to changing your shoes. In
    a cellular environment nutritious movement is as important as
    nutritious food, we don’t want to miss those nutrients,
    do we? Our movement
    should be more reflexive, because
    we are like
    animals. An ordinary shoes its like casts on our feet. Wen you broke
    your arm and then take away the cast, you can see obvious atrophy of
    muscle mass and function, same harm shoes do to our feet. There
    is 25% of your muscles down from your ankle. Thats why it takes time
    to recover after ordinary shoes. If you go bear foot you will learn
    how to pay a lot of attention Your brain will be in a healthy habit
    to have higher awareness. You will became less dull in a rest of life
    situations. Even siting bear foot makes a
    difference. Every small part of human body has a function as a part
    and role to the whole system.

    My feet is 28 cm long and I need your shoes as necessity, don’t care
    how they look a like send me one pair
    of those I am jobless. I bought one pair previously, people was
    asking why and when I explain why, some one stole it from me.

  285. Hello Steven & Xero shoe crew – thanks for all you do!!
    I’m moving into a RV full time in May; Spending the next year growing Organic food and living a minimalist way of life.
    Acquiring a pair of the Z-Trek shoes will help my life in the following ways:
    1. My knees; I gifted my last pair of Xero’s to a friend with knees in need – now I have knees in need. haha
    2. My closet; I LOVE how compact Xeroshoes are – perfect for a minimalist wardrobe.
    3. My social life; I enjoy sharing my knowledge about the shoe conspiracy and joint health with others. Xero shoes are always a conscious conversation starter.
    Thanks so much for the consideration. I will put the Z-treks to good, eco-friendly use.
    ~ Kaeli Yarwood
    (pic: Myself, my Xeros, my pup Pavlove and a big ol’ wind turbine)

  286. Why do I love and need Xeros shoes? Because the very ground cracks under my feet as I stride the Earth as a titan. Standard running shoes flee before me and shrink into my shadow in fear to avoid my terrible gaze as I run. Leaving only my Xeros and me as the miles fall away behind me.

  287. Since I’m prohibited to be barefoot while teaching my students P.E. & Health… I’d love to spread the Xero Shoes / Feel the World movement by wearing the new Amuri Z-Trek! Seeing others walking the walk makes a world of difference! And look… my feet are naked!!

  288. I really would like a pair of the z-trek because they look like the best of Xero shoes put together in a great product!

  289. Fantastic update to an already stellar sandal – The reason why I want a pair of these sandals can not be limited to just one reason… so let me talk about them:

    Lets get started… I am not marathon runner, nor ultra marathon runner (though that title would be great), I have terrible plantar fascitis (PF) which is a pain in the arse, well foot. After many trips to doctors who only wanted to immobilize my foot, and thus affectively prevent the strengthening of muscle tissue, I searched for answers. I bought my first kit from Xero shoes two years ago, strapped them on, and hiked the narrows of Zions National Park. I admit, me feet still hurt, but got better after time… and what freedom was gained and confidence.

    Last year, I bought my second pair the sensori venturi… LOVE them. My feet get sweaty very easily, and the cupped heal helped out a lot. On my first pair, since I heel strike a little, it would catch and fold over some times. But this pair helped with that.

    Last before my final statement – plain and simple… customer service by far. I worked with Mike in customer service to resolve an issue with the knot I was using, and he went above and beyond any expectations. More of talking to a friend, than a business…

    Z-trek looks like it accomplish several of my tweaks I have always wanted… the straps are the cats meow (sorry North Face). The stability with my slippery sweaty feet would embrace these fantastic straps, and make this repeat customer happy!

  290. For the first 25 years or so of my life I hated running. I loved athletics, but running in and of itself was just a means to an end. Running gave me awful blisters. Running made my arches hurt. Running made my knees, hips, shins, and lower back hurt, and I was a relatively fit guy who played sports my whole life. All that started to change 5 years ago after I had done a couple of Sprint Tris and decided that I had to figure out a way to love running and I decided to give minimalist running a try. As fate would have it, the dozens upon dozens of running shoes I’d bought and tried over the years were never going to solve my running problems because THEY were a big part of them. So I gradually transitioned into Five Fingers, but still had some problems with blisters which I solved with Injinji socks, and fell in love with running in a way I’d never thought possible as my mechanics themselves changed. Still, as the miles added up, the years went by, and I started running more and more races, I gradually became more & more dissatisfied. The wear & tear that Five Fingers endure, the way they enabled me to have bad habits with my running if I didn’t watch myself, the fact that it still felt like my foot was “cooped up” and my toes weren’t able to flex as much as I’d like, and the big issue of simply not being able to wear them in public. After several more pairs of Five Fingers over that period, I thought maybe this is as close as I’m going to get to that “perfect run” feeling. Then, after finally getting around to reading “Born to Run” over 4 years after I’d adopted the actual running mechanics advocated, I began my search anew for a better running shoe and discovered the Xero Shoe and felt like I’d taken another leap forward in my life as a runner. After promptly sizing myself and getting a pair of Clouds, I put the Vibrams away. I’d found a better shoe. Still, the only, the ONLY, drawback I’ve experienced has been that no matter how I adjust my footstrike, the tensioners, or the strap angles on the Cloud, the toe post gives me symmetrical blisters on both feet between the toes every other time, or one in three times I run in them, which is why I want to try a pair of the new Z-Treks and finally achieve that running Nirvana after my years of searching.

  291. I’m a nun who loves my xeros, sounds crazy but it’s true.I’d like my mom, my friends, everyone to know so they can love them too! “The Sound of Music” everyone has seen-a classic, none can detest.I can literally “climb every mountain” and let my xeros do the rest! Not many nuns walk around in their garb with xeros strapped to their feet, but working outside or the streets of the city I know these sandals can’t be beat! While some think them strange and look a bit funny, I beg you please give a pair to this “nunny!”

  292. Love my Xero Shoes! Ran a hole through the 4mm True Feel DIY rubber soles and would rather run in “holy” Xero Shoes before running in anything else. Obviously it’s time for a new pair haha. Please buy Xero Shoes and help change the world!

  293. I already have a pair of Xero shoes and love them, but can’t wear them as much as I would like because I have nerve damage between my big toe and it’s neighbor on my left foot. So….when I saw that you are now making a shoe that doesn’t go between the toes, I let out a squeal of delight! Thanks for always striving to improve an already perfect product!!

  294. I’ve tried all of the running sandals on the market and none stack up to Xero shoes. I’m eager to try a xero shoes model without the toe-strap.

  295. My feet are divas: they are impatient, thirst for adventure, and are extremely sensitive. They want to feel close to the earth, and hate feeling stifled by a stuffy shoe. They can’t tolerate the frequent between-the-toe rubbings of a thong, or wasting precious time to tie laces. Slipping on a minimalist sandal and immediately running off to experience all of life’s adventures would finally please my little prima donnas!

  296. Why I want the Z-Trek… I just bought the Cloud and in my excitement to use them I ran 2 1/2 miles and wore a hole in the side of one of my toes. A little neosporan and some time though and I hope to try it again shortly.

  297. I love xeros because of all the different options you have. You can inexpensively customize them to whatever size and configuration your OWN FOOT NEEDS! The material is top notch, tough as nails and VERY long lasting but you can still feel everything you walk on. As humans it’s absolutely critical to keep in touch with our surroundings, these products make that so much easier.The z-trek looks awesome because of the lateral strap that goes across the forefoot. I have very wide feet and need this configuration for my sandals to feel secure. Thanks for the awesome products guys, and thanks for the promotion!

  298. Love the new design and the new lacing system! I would love to get a new pair to wear this summer while I get back into shape!

  299. Simply put , I want these awesome pair of Xero Shoes because I don’t want to go through the agony of losing all my toe nails again from wearing restrictive trail shoes on long runs!

  300. After I saw you on Shark Tank I bought a pair of the zero sandals. I had a few problems with the customizing because I have such a narrow foot. I would love to try these new and improved models. It would really help me think warm thoughts during this snowy winter:) ( I hate shoes and socks)

  301. I want a pair because I need a new pair of running shoes 😛

  302. Six months back, I went backpacking with some friends. We decided to do a particularly difficult trail, and me being the smart fellow I claim to be, I decided to wear my original pair of Xero shoes.
    (These were all I had at the time)
    Forty pounds on my back, and many miles later, those wonderful huaraches still held up(my socks on the other hand-non existent).
    Since this trip, I have used my Amuri Cloud for every activity, save for snowshoeing. I’m sure you understand.

    Y’all did real good. Thank ya kindly!

  303. I would love to try out your new shoe because your Cloud product line worked to helped restore my broken down feet to their pre-Marine Corps shape. I can now run all day without my feet killing me all night. It doesn’t matter if I win or lose this giveaway I will keep spreading the word about Xero Shoes.

  304. I own original 4mm and Amuri Cloud, they’ve become part of me and makes
    my life a lot easier but that’s not the only reason why I want new Z-Trek.

    I want new Z-Trek because Xero shoes are part of my charm and new Z-Trek will make me look more attractive!

  305. My build-your-own Xero Shoes are awesome enough; they’re light enough to carry with me on my bike commute, and comfortable enough to wear during the day before hopping back on the cycle to head home. Only thing is, here in Seattle, sometimes it’s cold, sometimes it’s not, and my feet change size depending on weather and how recently they’ve been working hard. The Z-Treks have the one thing I missed about my Chacos: a strap I can adjust! Just let me get my … uh, feet … on these, and no more wishing I had Chaco-Tevas with Xero sole. Xero Shoes Z-Treks raise the bar on awesomeness!

  306. I really enjoy running but unfortunately running in shoes is just not as enjoyable. I like to run barefoot, but there is not a lot of greenspace where I live, and it can be painful to run barefoot on sidewalks and streets. I actually purchased the original xero shoe years ago, and unfortunately I just had too much difficulty using the lacing system and have not really used them very much. I’ve also tried Vibrams multiple times and they just don’t fit my feet properly. The new Z-Trek shoes look unbelievable and I am really excited about them. I feel like I’ll finally be able to get the awesome barefoot running down with comfortable shoes that protect my feet, and are easy to put on. Hopefully I can win a free pair, that would be really awesome!

  307. I bought my first pair of Xeros last summer. They were a bit tricky to fit, but I love them. I would love to win a pair of any of these…I do hope you add a hot pink option for the women’s shoes. 🙂 Keep up the good work. These made a huge impact on my comfort over the summer. I plan on walking/jogging off 110lbs this year and these shoes would make it much more comfortable.

  308. I’ve had every style of invisible and Xero shoes that has made it to
    market from the beginning .. and they just keep getting better! i walked
    barefoot for 10 years and can honestly say their is no other foot
    protection out there that sufficiently leaves you feeling virtually
    barefoot.. but keeps you from having to slow down on holly leaves or
    briars.. or other pokey or public footwear required spaces. feeling the
    textures of the ground below my feet is an essential connection in my
    life. boots are my least favorite part of winter.. i am hoping with
    the new z-treks i will be ably to keep my feet warm in the waters during
    the colder season whether boating, biking, running, or walking by being
    able to put on wool and or waterproof socks without having to negotiate
    the thong. I do love my clouds though! i work as an outdoor educator
    for a couple of Montessori schools, a contract naturalist & earth
    skills instructor, a canoeing instructor & for a canoe outpost, as a
    window cleaner, and as a mushroom farmer. I get inquiries about my
    Xero shoes a good bit and always talk them up! In fact, are yall
    looking for a rep in North Ga.? I would only consider representing
    something i truly believe in.. and these i do 🙂

  309. I prefer going barefoot, but my feet are too tender to go outside without some kind of shoe. So Xero shoes are perfect. I have both the 4mm and 6mm kits, but I have a bit of trouble keeping them laced comfortably. So the new style is exactly what I need!

  310. I bought the Connect kit last summer, and I love them. But I’ve definitely had issues with finding the perfect tension all the way around on the laces, and sometimes after a long day I find that the heel strap is really cutting into me. The newer versions of all of the shoes look like they’ve solve these problems beautifully, and the Z-Trek looks like the absolute perfect sport sandal for me. I’d love to have a pair!

  311. I would really really like the new Z-Trek sandals for my son because I love him more than life itself and he’s getting thorns in his feet because he has recently taken to going barefoot. He used to LOVE pretty much all shoes. He slept in his new shoes as a kid. But, now the only shoes he will wear is your Xeros. Fortunately, there are many professions you can work from home – whew! He is training his feet to be the way God intended. His posture and gait have improved, plus his toes are properly splayed – all very good things for sure, and I can respect that, but he needs more shoe options. Your new Amuri Z-Treks look like they will work for him AND keep me from aging unnecessarily worrying about his feet.

  312. I don’t know much about these ‘Z-Trek’ shoes that you’re selling, but I’m going to assume that the ‘Z’ part refers to Zombies. Now we all know that the Zombocalypse is just around the corner, and that having the right gear is paramount. With a weight of just 6.6oz, these shoes will be perfect for quick getaways and easy packing, leaving more room for dry rations, medical supplies, and dynamite. I can’t wait to get my feet into a pair!

  313. I bought 3 sandals just before the new update heel strap. Is there an update kit? Had an injury and haven’t even worn them yet!

    1. We expect there will be, but probably not right away… the extra heel straps we made are still on the boat heading towards us.

  314. I love the fact that they are Vegan! Sometimes on a long run, one can get pretty hungry. And with the low cost of these shoes, it is not a big deal to eat a pair once in a while and do some raw barefoot running on the way home.

  315. Need Z-Treks to replace sandals that didn’t make it thru last summer’s trek!!!!

  316. Hi
    I want a pair of the new Z-Treks for myself and my husband. We both are die-hard Zero shoe wearers year round! Tis true in the winter months we both look like Hoofed Animals out running the country-side with socks shoved under our thong-style ones we now wear. We both have multiple pairs but adding the Z-Treks to our winter running attire will definitely add to our comfort zone!!!

  317. I love Xero shoes. They are helping me improve my arches and posture. I’d love to have the Z-treks since they look so comfortable and stylish, as well as not having a strap between the toes.

  318. I only need few things, the necessary or the minimum. I just want the feeling of the ground, the idea on the way and a pair of these Z-Trek.

  319. I own myself a pair of the Amuri Cloud Venture i bought last year. Before that, I was cheated by the big companies that what you need for a better comfort on your feet while walking, running, hiking, etc. is a pair shoes with an advanced shock-absorbing system only they could offer.

    Thanks to Xero shoes I have been able to take off the blindfold and feeling better with my physical activities.

    For sure I will be keep buying Xero Shoes products!

  320. How much will the Amuri z-trek cost?

    1. We’re not sure yet… that is, we’re having an introductory sale, but the amount depends on how many people SHARE this with others and how many “entry points” we get. As of today, the discount is 10%. When we get to 6,000 entries, it’ll go up!

  321. I like the look of the new Amuri-Z. I had a lot of troubl with the fitting that my Clouds gave me and the knot actually cut into my foot. I really look forward to the possibility of getting a pair of barefoot Xeroshoes without the knot. Thank you for developing these.

  322. The Z-Treks look awesome! Isn’t that reason enough? Haha.

  323. I am old user of your original xero sandals, but I am a little tired with natural wear of the knots. I would like to test new Z-Track lacing system! it looks awesome.

  324. I like how sandals can actually be used in running, like they used to do, when, you know, they didn’t have shoes.

  325. Cant wait to try the new Z-Trek! I love the looks and comments I get from people as I pass them on a long hike wearing my Xeros! They make me smile:)

  326. My aching feet! My shoes either give me blisters, make my feet sweat profusely, or have to stay on my feet because if I took them off nobody would like me. I want to change the way my feet connect with my body and the ground. Going barefoot is my first choice, but it’s 20 below zero here with 3 feet of snow. When spring comes, it’s just me and my feet – unless I win the new Z-Treks.

  327. I love running barefoot but living in AZ the road gets too hot, and there are cactus thorns, so the xero shoes let me go as barefoot as possible while not damaging my feet!

  328. Wearing regular shoes with thick soles the world feels muffled around me. With lots of small children around it is crucial i have more foot sensory awareness – otherwise little fingers have been known to be stood upon! 🙁 I owned all of the previous zero shoe models but weren’t a huge fan of the look. The new z-trek fixes that and would be a shoe i’d be happy to wear anytime!

  329. Five days a week, I walk 25 minutes twice a day, to work an 8 hour shift at a busy coffee shop in a hospital. After standing all day in unventilated non-slip work shoes, my sweaty feet need relief for the 25 minute walk home. A pair of Z-Treks would be sweet for my sweaty feet!

  330. Love my clouds I have now. These new sandals would make the perfect winter sandal with heavy wool socks.

  331. I would love a pair of these new xeros because I am already the proud owner of a pair of untameable flippers. Too thin for mens shoes. Too long for womens. I would love to go naked barefoot altogether, however I travel Australia all year round and need the support and protection of shoes. I am also recovering from a stress fracture in my foot and really feel that barefoot is the best way for my foot to regain the strength and flexibility it needs to support me through the rest of my life. Thanks. x

  332. Can’t wait to get a pair to do my housecleaning in! My feet feel like they’ve been on a cloud all day (not slaving away cleaning!) when I wear my Xero shoes!

  333. I second the question posed by “Ann Onnimus”. My feet are abnormally wide for a woman (my USAF oxfords were special order EE) and the shape is a bit curved. Any flip flops I have ever worn wear down on the inside heel first. I HATE wearing shoes and going shoe shopping is a week long multi-store trip. I never buy shoes online until I bought my Xeros 2 yrs ago and love them!! I am going to buy the Z-Trek first chance I get, but would like a choice of a wider foot with a narrow strap.

  334. I want sandals so I can show my barefoot running sister that I can do it better by running a 50 miler in them, and am therefore the better daughter. Sibling rivalry at it’s finest.

    1. I should mention that I bought my sis her first pair of xero shoes… I started this… I need to END it.

  335. I’ve been wearing DIY xeroshoes for 7 years, but my wife can’t stand the string between her toes and is stuck with clunky Chacos. We’re going to trek across Europe this year and need some shoes that let us feel the character of the cobblestone!

  336. I need the Z-Trek because my feet have told me in no uncertain terms that they refuse to be shod in shoes any longer. They have even threatened to go on strike over this issue. I’ve spied little picket signs in the bottom of my closet, so I think they’re serious.

  337. I need the Z-Trek because my feet have told me in no uncertain terms that they refuse to be shod in shoes any longer. They have even threatened to go on strike over this issue. I’ve spied little picket signs in the bottom of my closet, so I think they’re serious.
    (forgot to login, hence the double post)

  338. I got a pair of xero shoes last summer and I love them! They’re great for trail running as well as running on pavement or even wearing while out and about. Not only do they provide comfort and that great feeling of freedom, they also look great! I’ve gotten many compliments and everyone is always intrigued by them. I’d like to win a pair of the new xero shoes to help me accomplish some of my goals this year. I want to run 1,000 miles, run a half-marathon, and even train for a full marathon; and i’d love to be rocking a new pair of xero shoes while I do it!

  339. I love my Xeros already but find the thong style a bit annoying sometimes so this new design looks like a winner for me!

  340. I want the Z-Trek because I have broke Cloud model by ripping out the toe hole multiple times but I love the feel of wearing Xero sandals. I think the Z-Trek would be perfect for me. I love to keep them on while hiking, running, and doing just about anything. So even though I still wear my Clouds, I feel that the Z-Trek would be better for how I use my Xero sandals!

  341. I’m an avid barefoot runner and order a pair of the original Xero shoes, right after the re-branding. Unfortunately, after receiving the uncut soles, being inexperienced as I was I cut too much and made them rather unusable. I never really got a chance to try the shoes that everyone was raving about, but I would love to try these. I’m sure it would keep my feet from blistering and my mind calm from the paranoia of small sharp objects.


  342. So I’ve always liked the idea of running, but the first time I ran with Xero’s, I actually had fun. Last spring my husband and I went on an exploratory hike. What should have been a lake was so flooded that the trail was a stream and the field was a marsh. I happily made my way through flooded blackberry patches in my Xeros, but my husband tried to walk barefoot to keep his shoes dry. You can guess who had more fun. I’ve hiked in them ever since. I would love a pair of the Z-Treks so I could get my hubby into them too!

  343. because chacos are bricks.

  344. I need a pair of the new Z-Trek shoes because I absolutely love my old Zero shoes, and they are nearly worn to death after 1 year of running, hiking, and mountainbiking many, many miles. My only soreness that ever arose was from the between-the-toe strap, so the new design will be perfect! With a neuroma in my foot, my Zeros are the only shoes I can wear for for all of my sports….I can wait to try the Z-Treks!

  345. I LOVE my current Xeros, and would love to give these new Z-Trek ones a try! 🙂

  346. It’s all about evolution! Did our ancestors’ ancestors where Nikes? Nope! I gotta have my feet free to feel the world because our feet have been designed, by millions of years of trial and error, to run barefoot.
    Also, I really love my homemade pair of Xero shoes and I’m ready for a big upgrade 🙂


  347. My boyfriend loves his Xero shoes, and I love him, so therefore I would love to win him some more!

  348. To show them off to my Brother. And while he’s ogling surprise him with his own pair!

  349. I love my Xero 6mm Connect shoes because I forget that I’m even wearing them . . . until someone asks, “What are you wearing on your feet?@#$.” I’ve started calling them my “Scandals” because so many people are shocked and scandalized by them. Then I get to share why I love them so much! I’m a minimalist at heart so I couldn’t imagine anything less for my feet ; ). The one issue I do have is wearing out the nub and being with a flopping sandal. Granted I live in the concrete jungle of Philadelphia, PA so they get a lot of abrasion. Is there a better way to create a long lasting, durable nub? . . . a free pair of the new Z-Trek would help.

  350. I wear barefoot style shoes 95% off the time (they aren’t safe when you are seated behind the bars of a Harley). Xero shoes are great for trips through airport security (black pants, black Xeros, black socks = no shoe removal) (but I didn’t say that). They are also great for pedicure appointments – giving plenty of time for the nail polish to set. 4 pair of Xeros aren’t enough.

  351. I’m just curious. I just made a pair of 4mm contacts to help prevent blisters and painful rocks on asphalt from bare foot running. I’m still getting use to them. Today i tried on two different pairs of barefoot merrells and was very disappointed in there fit. These are looking more and more attractive.

  352. Why do I want to win a pair of Z-Treks? Because Z-Chacos are are heavy and z-hiker would like to shed some pack weight.

  353. I’d love to win a new pair of running sandals to help me get back into shape after having twins 8 months ago! (^_^)

  354. these are the sandals i have been holding out for.

  355. I love the concept of zero shoes, but have yet to perfect the knot at the bottom of the shoe. This new design takes the guess work out of tying the knots and laces, simply slip on and go. Perfect concept for the active person on the go. I cannot imagine a pair of shoes more comfortable than my zero shoes, so excited. I am so excited about this sandal and cannot wait to get a pair.

  356. I want some because….sandals. Yeh. love ’em. Got the Cloud ones last year and wore them everywhere…but this new one has me quite intrigued.

  357. I just started running (for fun, not gym class) a few years ago, and I’ve never done it with anything other than minimalist or barefoot shoes. I love the sandals I got from you already, and these Xero shoes look that little bit more durable, which will come in handy when I’m racing through forests rather than city streets.

  358. Yes, finally,I need the Z-Trek’s!!! I have ,or should I say ‘had’, the Amuri Cloud but was having a slight issue with the between-the-toe strap/post, but still not willing to give them up. My 25 year old son tried them on now I can’t get them back. My 15 year old grandson tried on my ‘hijacked’ Clouds and has placed second dibs on them. Between my computer gaming son “Captain Spaced-Out” and my “I have a new girlfriend who wears Zero shoes too” grandson, I’ll never see my kidnapped Clouds without feet in them again…….and at this point, I wonder if I really want to!? ‘Woe is me’, what ever shall I do?! Low and behold,now you have introduced the Z-Trek with a strap system I can understand and I know will be perfect comfort-wise for me. I know I can’t come up with the ransom demand to recover my Clouds, so I implore you with all that is sacred to my feet to provide me ,somehow, with a pair of the Z-Treks. I beg of you to make this 64 year old father/grandfather have some comfort left in my waning years, and restore my faith in humanity again…….while “Captain Spaced-Out” and “I’ve got a new girl….” reap the spoils of their ill-gotten Clouds. (Yes, that last statement was a “pity ploy” but this is where brains must triumph over brawn!!!)

  359. I got two pair of Xeros for my wife, and four for me (early ones and more recent ones, I forget the models). The lace-’em-yourself pairs both have CorrectToes laced in. At the office, Xeros are all I wear. This is great in the summer, mostly OK in winter, the office being indoors and all. But there are no heavy toe socks, just moderately thin, really thin, and so thin they have only one side. So, when I found myself outside on a fire drill, for 20 minutes in the cold – and we’re talkin’ Canadian cold here, not like that guy bragging about wearing Xeros outdoors all year ’round in (snort! guffaw!) Florida – I wished for a sandal that would let me wear my Darn Toughs or some other unfurcated woolies. Now I’m gonna get one. AND one for the other foot, too.

    I’ll buy, of course.

    But if someone wants to GIVE me a pair, well that’s OK, too.

  360. My ankles have been killing me for a few months now. I have always had “weak” ankles. I researched what type of shoe could possibly help me with my problem, I really wanted to avoid orthotics. I stumbled across a website about barefoot running (which I had heard of but didn’t really know anything about) so I decided to pay attention to the way I walk. Being barefoot is very natural for me, I love it. But now I had to start paying attention to the way I was walking. Withing two steps (literally!) my ankle pain disappeared! When I woke up if I forgot to step mid-foot first I experienced a sharp pain shooting up the inside of my ankle. I immediately started the mid-foot strike step and the pain would cease completely. I am completely sold on the idea of a minimalist shoe. I live in NC so being barefoot is pretty easy except for the fact that we have fire ants like crazy and they find me easily. I need something without feeling like I have anything on my feet. I would love to give Xero sandals a try!

  361. I bought my first pair of Xero shoes at the end of 2013 (I think it was September). I immediately threw away all my other shoes and I have worn NOTHING but those since then (except when flying – then I wear a pair of zemgear water shoes and I can’t wait to take them off after the flight) and put Xero’s back on). I have made two orders since in the last 6 months for new laces and I took part in the 70% off sale. I LOVE Xero shoes SO much… I can’t thank you enough,

    I wear my Xero’s to formal functions too, I just dress up fully and put a pair of new laces on with colourful nail polish. It’s worked so far but slightly nervous about having to attend anything super formal…. I’m dreaming up leather shoe ideas using the spare soles that I have but have not made anything yet.

    I’d love to have a pair of Z-Trek’s because they look super cool and comfortable and I know I’d use them everyday – also just for a change to look at something different on my feet.

    Thanks for making these best shoes in the world!


  362. I would like the new xero shoe, because I love these shoes and I would love for my wife to wear them too, but she hates having something between her toe! So this would be perfect!

  363. Evangelizing for 32 years why barefoot running is the best way to go has been a fantastic thing to do. Now, many of my students, from 10 to 40, run barefoot or use xeroshoes. Recently, I moved to a beautiful spot in the world and I’m surrounded by expats and mountains. People are catching with my sandals, which I wear all the time. They want to have at least one pair. Some have bought them in this two-month stint. But, to be sure, I’d love to have even more xeroes to run in and show… many more people will join the club!

  364. I blew my knee out and split my tibia straight down below the knee over 12 years ago. Prior to that my favorite things to do on this Earth were running and hiking. Any attempt to do either(in conventional shoes) since always ended in pain and disappointment. Two weeks ago I got my first pair of Xeros and I’m running again! Pain free!!! I’m ecstatic! I feel my feet and calves getting stronger every day. My connection to the Earth and everything on it is growing. I FEEL THE WORLD!!!!!!!! AND I WANT THOSE FREE SANDALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  365. I love my xero shoes because they are the only thing that can form to my feet and not make me feel like I’m dragging while running. I love the lightweight feel, and the changeability with the laces. The best part though, is that the shoes have lasted over two years with only replacing the laces once!

  366. I love my original Xero shoes! I have big, wide, flat feet and absolutely despise most sandals. The Xeros, however, are super comfortable, feel like they’re barely there, and remind me of my childhood when my brother and I would run around outside without shoes on. Wearing these is, of course, a lot safer now that I live in a major city. 🙂

  367. I want the Z-Trek because I started running again and can’t run in Chacos. I need your help, I moved from Chattanooga TN to Richland WA, I have been hiking with my son and daughter. I only have old school Adidas. I need to fit in with all the naturalists out here. Plus I want to have my son and daughter see first hand that you don’t have to fall prey to the big C (companies). The move has us scraping our piggy banks so I could use a pair of Z-Treks.

  368. I would love to win these because they look like they would be more comfortable with no post AND my pair of Zeros….just broke 🙁 . Sadly I am now in a shoeless place, causing me to cram my feet into shoes that are painful because my sandals are no longer wearable. My feet are begging for freedom again!

  369. I hate flip flops because pf all the flopping and discomfort and I don’t like heavy sandals, but I want a versatile summer shoe. Xero shoes are perfect for every thing I like to do from running, to hiking, to ultimate frisbee, or just wearing to the pool. I love the light barefoot feel without having to worry about sharp objects hidden on my path.

  370. To the tune of “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin:

    There’s a runner who knows that he must feel his toes
    And he hopes that he’ll win the new Z-Trek…
    If he gets them he’s sure from cramped feet he’ll be cured
    He so hopes that he wins the new Z-Trek…
    Ooh, Ooh, he’ll be running with sun on his insteps…

    So this post on the blog he is leaving today
    With the hopes that he’ll be in new footwear…
    If he happens to win he’ll be grateful for sure
    While strolling around in his Z-Treks…

    Ooh it makes him wonder,
    Ooh this barefoot runner…

    Ok, ok, I think I’ve butchered this classic rock anthem long enough. I am totally psyched about the new Z-Trek and I hope I am lucky enough to win. Thanks for continuing to innovate and bring barefoot running to the masses!

  371. I love xeros for me and my kids! The hard soled, constricting shoes on the market for kids seem like some kind of foot-binding torture compared to zeros. I hope the ztrek comes in kids sizes.

  372. I was in a bad van accident 5yrs ago and sustained neck & back injuries. I also have fibro and arthritis. Last summer I purchased my first pair of minimal shoes and fell in love with them. Due to our horrid winter I have not been able to wear them and my back and neck are really feeling the difference of having to walk in so called normal shoes. I actually find myself balanced wearing my minimal shoes. I bought a diy pair of Zero sandals and am so impressed with the high quality of the soles! I have not been able to wear them outside yet but cant wait for the snow to leave so I can enjoy them. I am much more comfortable though with a sandal that has a strap going across the toes and this is a huge reason I would love to try the Z-Trek.. also the ease of putting them on. At 57 with the health issues I look for ease. Having these sandals will be such a blessing and encouragement to help me reach a goal I have not yet been able to attain. I used to speed walk and I just cant wear regular shoes or sandals for long periods of time. I need these sandals and I’d love to write you and give you details of my summer journey wearing these awesome new Amuri Z-Treks!! Thank you!!!

  373. It may just be puberty, but my feet smell terrible when I wear shoes. That’s why I tried cutting off the soles from my nasty Nikes to trick my conservative high school authorities! Unfortunately, thanks to too much publicity from my classmates, the teachers caught be red-footed. Now I’m roaming the halls, stinking up every which way I step! Could you spare a pair, Mr. Xero, could ya?

  374. Why is this the product. People today get boomed with commercials left and right all day long today. And it is really thinks that isn’t essential for our general living and health. I can have any type of gear on, but the most important sports and everyday grar is by far the shoes. Without a pair of shoes that is really letting my body move the way it was designed to move, I am impacting alot of different areas of my body in a critical way. Xero shoes is the natural way.
    It is the product, the most important thing to get right.

  375. I’ve been following and loving the evolution of XeroShoes since the original cut-your-own cherry sole Invisible Shoe kit came out. Since then I’ve become a trail runner and am training for ultra-distances. I eat mountains for breakfast- I would LOVE to do so in a light, well-made sandal!

  376. I would love to win the new Z-Trek Xero shoes. I have not been able to walk very far for a while. If I walk even 1/4 mile or try to even walk my ankles swell up and I am in excruciating pain. I was in a bad accident a few years back when I fell off a roof breaking a couple of my vertebrae and messing up my walking in the process. After discovering minimalist shoes I was able to walk and even jog short distances. I live by the beach and a pair of minimalist sandals would be great for the beach.

  377. I was a physical education teacher who had bone spurs on her heals since 1997. I was told never to walk barefoot. I found out the opposite is true. It felt better walking barefoot in the grass than putting my foot in a cast called a sneaker. Ouch.. I am no Indian I have tender feet so I need the Barefoot running sandals from Z-Treck to protect my tender feet and allow me the freedom to move they way nature intended me too.

  378. I absolutely love my Xero’s – I love to feel the earth…experience the feedback from my feet – what a brilliant design.

    I feel like I am the Ambassador for Xero’s everywhere I go…every since I bought my Xeroshoes last Feb I haven’t looked back. I’ve corrected my gait, fixed my migraines, my hip flexor problems, my hurting knees, I’ve influenced people and help people convert to minimalism. I get stopped in shops, on the beach, whilst doing races to answer peoples questions. Last winter I couldn’t get a minimalist winter-shoe in South Africa so I bought some wool 5-finger-toe-socks and wore them with my Xero’s! Sorted! I even converted my girlfriend to Xeros!

    I absolutely love my Xero’s and just bought a spare pair JUST in-case :o) I wear out my shoes in a few years…

    I would love to try the new Z-Trek and the added few mm’s on the bottom will assist in the hikes/walking/running plus the lacing system is absolutely brilliant. The Z-Trek will be brilliant to go SUP/Skating or Surfing in!

    Cheers from Cape Town – Please send me a pair! :o)

  379. I REALLY need a pair of the new Z-Trek because I have recently switched from my beloved Xero Huaraches and Venturi’s to………..UNSHOES PAH TEMPE!!!!! And I love the feel of no toe thong!!!.. But deep down I am a Xero shoe girl … Win me back Steven 🙂 <3

  380. I am new to barefoot/minimalist footwear. So new that I’ve just been researching different brands available. Would love to try Xeros and I’m sure my feet would appreciate them too 🙂

  381. According to several orthopedic doctors…My foot at rest is a woman’s size 8.5. Once standing, it stretches to a woman’s size 11. Ridiculously high arches, bony feet, and this span of 2.5 shoe sizes with each step has made living with my feet a rather unpleasant experience. After years of stiff orthotics and struggling to find anything to ease chronic discomfort, I took a wild risk and ordered my first pair of Xero sandals last year. And after 40 years, they are the closest thing I have found to heaven. That said, I must admit that the area between my toes gets really aggravated after pushing into the toe post with each expanding step. This is no fault of the lovely Xero design – just due to the weirdness of my foot. I recently saw your ad for your new Z-Trek and am wondering if maybe, just maybe, this might be the shoe my foot has always been looking for. I’d sure love to give them a try!

  382. The reason I want the new Z-Trek is simple. People who are stuck in the rut
    of wearing shoes with so much support really don’t understand what they are
    doing to their feet. I am in the Army, where shoe wearing is a must and
    minimalist shoes aren’t spoken highly of. I think it’s time for a change and
    would love a pair of Z-Treks to show off and convert the masses!

  383. I am tired of lacing my barefoot sandals- these look great!

  384. I’m a long-time huge fan of Invisible (and Xero) shoes! Great product.

  385. Hoping for a random win.

  386. I’ve been living barefoot for almost a year now, and Xero Shoes are the perfect solution for those times when I’m just not able to go barefoot. I love that Xero Shoes have the thinnest soles that I’ve seen on sandals, and honestly, I’m not sure how other companies can call theirs “minimalist” when they’re not nearly as thin-soled. I also enjoy the freedom of the DIY kits. I found that none of the tying styles I tried worked well for me, so I came up with my own that works just the way I want it to! Anyway, please keep making Xero Shoes and spreading the word of the benefits of the barefoot/minimalist (YOUR idea of minimalist) lifestyle!

  387. Why I want to win? I bought the day kit several years ago but didn’t succeed. Then I bought the cloud which was much better but couldn’t get the perfect fit. If I ran it didn’t fit when I walked and vise versa. I really wanted for my daughter (15) who has flat feet but can’t give her something that I’m not 100% comfortable with. Also 3 months ago I donated a kidney to a yioung girl and the shoes will help me get back into shape (link to photo supplied on request). In fact now that I’m writing this I remember that she also likes running so I’d like to donate her the shoes also!

  388. look at them – they are normal
    try them – they are special

  389. Hi..I think that I should be one of the winners…here’s my story….I came to Italy on holidays 30 some years ago and decided to Live here. I live in the north eastern part of the country near the Alps. Being that I have large feet and couldn’t find shoes or sandals that fit, I started making them on my own!!!! …. And my homemade sandals resemble the xeroshoes!!!! I keep telling the people here that walking and running inthese types of sandals is much better for the health of their feet but no one wants to believe! So…in the end…I’d love to be able to show off a pair of “the real thing”!!! Thanks for reading my wishes & have a great day! Best regards from Italy!!!

  390. I love my Xeros because my feet love them, simple as that

  391. I need these super light sandals because I have a crazy Aussie/Border collie and I have to be fast on my feet and connected to the ground!

  392. I need the new Z-Trek because I’m planning to celebrate my 42.2th birthday running a marathon (42.2 km) and with regular – albeit neutral/minimalistic – running shoes, my feet go to sleep around km 5. That doesn’t happen with my beloved Xeros! However, I’ve got to face it, I suck at tying my Xeros. Really I suck at most DIY things. The Z-Trek is what I need! Thanks for these great shoes!

  393. Hi, I have three pairs of zeros. I am not a runner, although I do wear my zeros every day. I use toesox in the New Zealand winters. My choice to wear these shoes is based in biomechanics. I have spent the last 40 years teaching others to go barefoot or to wear flat shoes with equal heel and ball of foot heights. In my experience, one of the most common causes for low back injury and related upper back and neck pain is the elevated heel with too much cushioning. Having the option to tell people how and where they can order Xeroshoes is a fantastic feeling for me. I am really happy you have decided to offer a sandal, as quite a few people I see don’t like the idea of a flip-flop type of construction. I guess some people just don’t like stuff between their toes. Cheers to you, keep up the innovations and thanks again for your fantastic products and service.

  394. I teach dance and would love to be able to teach and dance in sandals. My current Xero Shoes are solid but they are hard to fit perfectly to my feet which is key for dancing in them!

  395. I just need to feel the open road with sandals the way you manufactured them

  396. Just retired @ 62. I want my feet to last and function as well and as long as the rest of me. I hate taking these off my feet! …I can’t ‘bare’ the thought of traditional “footgear”. Recently diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, all my treatment professionals (MD, PA, PT’s) are hounding me about, “the more support the better!!” (Ironically, it was a PT who recommended Xero Shoes for me in the first place.) Now, in ‘treatment’ when I walk into the barber shop during a Syracuse snowstorm, I’m getting teased, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH SHOES ON?”

  397. My husband has a pair of “lace up yourself” sandals that he has been walking/running in for four years! I have always wanted a pair of the Xeros sandals, for the same reasons my hubby wears them…..foot strengthening, all-over body alignment and wonderful, natural comfort. In the last three years, I have transitioned to walking barefoot or with minimalist foot coverings and love it……and so do my arthritic knees! A pair of your new sandals would add a wonderful benefit to my physical well-being and happiness! Oh yes…….congratulations on the continued success of your business! (what did those Shark Tank people know? HA!) Love your videos!! 🙂

    1. Cheryl… you are one of our randomly selected winners! Email me for details about getting your prize!

      1. Woo Hoo and Yippee!!  I won a prize!!  Tell me, Steven, what did I win? Wonder-full day to you!
        Cheryl  🙂
        Do not ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. – Howard Thurman

  398. I will use the sandals to free oppressed peoples everywhere!

  399. I have a 4 mile stretch of river bed that I have yet to run completely. Sand invades standard shoes. My ventures have gotten me the furthest, yet the toe post + sand caused too much irritant to finish rapidly. The Z-Trek will be utilized in finishing this course for a PR.

  400. Because I suck at tying my huaraches.

  401. I have two problems: repeatedly getting killed while running in sandals, and a fervent love of Z-shaped straps on footwear (like Chacos). Let me elaborate. A few years ago, I was out for a run near Kilauea volcano in Hawaii (you know, where lava flows into the ocean). I was wearing Chacos, jogging along the razor-sharp igneous rock near the shore, jumping over the occasional lava flow, the usual. Suddenly a rogue wave washed me into the sea. That water was HOT, let me tell you. I tried to swim back to shore, but my Chacos were so heavy, they dragged me to the bottom of the ocean, and I died. Major bummer. Fast forward a few months. I was out for a run along the railroad tracks of the Trans-Siberian railway near Lake Baikal in south-central Russia. I was wearing Chacos (love that Z-shaped strap!), jogging through twelve-foot-high snow drifts, dodging the occasional ornery moose, the usual. At a junction in the railroad, my right Chaco got jammed between two intersecting tracks. The Chaco sole was so stiff, I couldn’t yank it out (yup, just like that scene in Fried Green Tomatoes. Crazy coincidence, I know). Sure enough, a train came along, and I died again. MAJOR bummer. Fast forward a few months. I was out for a run near Salisbury in south-central England, so I decided to jog over to Stonehenge. I was wearing Chacos, and when I got to Stonehenge I thought it would be cool to “slalom” run around and through the standing stones, like you do. However…I’m six feet tall. The bottom edge of one of the stone lintels was six feet AND ONE HALF INCH above the ground. I go to run under it…but my fat Chacos ADD ONE INCH to my total height. So I slammed the top half-inch of my noggin on the rock. I fell to the ground with traumatic brain injury, and died from rapidly escalating intracranial pressure shortly thereafter. MAJOR BUMMER!!! What to do? I love my Z-strappy Chacos, but they’re too dang HEAVY, STIFF, and FAT. If only there was a Z-strapped sport sandal in the world that was light, flexible, and thin. Then I might be alive today. If only…

  402. For so long my feet have been trapped, enslaved, and bound to the relentlessly unfeeling “average shoe.” Finally a product exists that allows a true nature lover to truly embrace nature and to feel all that is below while seeing all that is above. My Amuri clouds are my #1 running shoe from roads, to trails, to deep distance hiking. The Z-trek seems to offer even more freedom without that pesky toe thong (which on the whole isn’t’ that bad anyways!
    If you need xero weight and xero restrictions Xero is the way to go!

  403. I need such sandals for running sessions both in the city and outdoors, in summer, when the whole family travels to village. The roads differ from asphalt to gravel and just packed earth, so I have to be sure my feet feel themselves comfortable and working. Hope that these sandals will do the work.

  404. Havent had a good experience with Xeros. All 3 pairs I got broke off at the thong area (between big and second toe; right hand side)…so maybe this could be the model that’ll work for me

  405. I can’t WAIT to try the new Amuri Z-Trek! I’ve loved every previous product you all have come up with—-and they just keep getting better and better.

    The comfort is truly amazing! Since I’ve started wearing Xero Shoes almost exclusively, my feet have gotten so much stronger. I used to be totally addicted to arch supports and orthotics but still continued to have foot issues. Now my feet feel so much better that I will never, ever go back to more traditional shoes! I’ve gotten some looks of credulity when I wear them in the winter here in North Carolina, but those people just don’t know what they’re missing! haha But mostly I get compliments from people about how cute my Xero Shoes are—–which is just an added benefit! 🙂

  406. These look so comfy, and I am all about comfort! I gave away 6 pair of Xero Shoes for Christmas to family members!!

  407. Last summer I ran 47 miles of the Smith river in Montana on a paddle board. I wore my ventures, and frequently the toe attachment would pull out when I was walking in fast water. The Z-treks are going to be perfect for these sort of adventures! I have a pair of ventures and a pair of the original DIYs, and most of my body loves them for walking running, giving massage,etc. However, I have a high instep and a sensitive nerve on the top of my foot that gets irritated if I wear them too much. The Z-Treks look as if I would never even have to take them off.

  408. I want to win because I wear these sandals EVERY DAY. I will put them to good use I promise! And am willing to test out any future products haha 🙂 I live in South Florida so most of the time it is hot; i hate wearing shoes and having my feet sweat! I hurt my ankle pretty badly a few years ago and had to get rid of all my heels and cute shoes because they HURT now. I haven’t found a single pair of comfortable shoes to wear to work every day, even flats dig in all the wrong places and hurt by the end of the day. These were the first shoes I was excited about buying, I have the original Xeros and love that I can pick the colors so that they match all my work clothes. Also, I have 3 large dogs a lot of daily exercise… I don’t want to do that in regular sneakers because its too hot! and my feet hurt walking/running miles with the pups. My Xeros solved this problem, they are the best $ I have invested in a pair of shoes. I pretty much wear them all the time now… weekdays to work then after walking the dogs, bike riding, etc. and on weekends to the beach and other activities around town. They are my go-to shoes, they look good with all types of outfits (dressy or casual), and my feet don’t hurt 🙂 I would love to try out the new model because I do plan on being a loyal customer continuing forward.

  409. My wife thinks that I want these to encourage odd sideways looks from the neighbors, and my kids think it’s because my original DIYs bug me a little between the toes. The people who watched my last race probably think it was that my DIYs get a little too mobile when they’re really wet. It might be because I won’t be able to justify buying another pair of “hippy-looking-nazarene-style-sandals” until my DIYs wear out (and after thousands of miles, they’re sadly showing no sign of wear).

    But, truthfully the need is strictly professional. I’m a professor and keeping a group of undergraduates engaged and focused on learning requires a certain chaotic aura. I can’t let myself get too predictable and let’s face it, a guy who runs around town in a pair of Z-Treks might do just about anything. Please help me, Steven! You might be the difference between tenure and unemployment.

  410. I kayak regularly and have really bad knees. After 20 years in the Military and 3 knees surgeries, the original Zero shoe being so minimal seemed to relieve some of my pain. I am really looking forward to Z-trek’s

  411. I have extreme lower vascular disease making it so hard to walk when my shoes have any kind of weight to them. Being on disability it’s hard to afford the ones I need that are usually not covered by my insurance. If these are as light as stated, they would be a dream come true for this summer and probably the next. Please just consider.

  412. I recently started running in Surfing Shoes in the Freezing Cold Winters
    of the Midwest and really have been enjoying the ground feel of very
    minimal shoes; like being a kid again flying over the snow drifts.
    Looking to continue running into the sunset in the spring and summer
    with an ultra minimal shoe, as it is true living ‘flying barefoot’. The
    Z-Treks look much more natural than running in the fivefingers as
    running in the surf shoes is one step closer to running in sandals and
    this would be the ultimate gear to advance my technique and mileage.

  413. I LOVE my Xeros, but they are constantly coming untied on me during a run/workout. Seems like no matter how tightly I tie them, the knot always slips out. I would really like to try the new Z-Trek shoes, as it looks like they would totally take care of this problem. Can’t wait to check these out!

  414. I would LOVE to win a pair of Xero’s newest sandal. Since first seeing them presented on Shark Tank, I knew I had to own a pair as minimalist running is EVERYTHING. I hesitated to construct my own so I sent in a foot stencil and I received my Xero’s back faster than Jimmy John’s delivers a sandwich. I live in these shoes and never hesitate to recommend this company when people ask me. Xero shoes also has the greatest customer service!

  415. I’m going to college at Duke in the fall, and I’ll be running on their track team. It is a fallacy how much money athletes and schools spend on running shoes, and I want to wear the Z-Treks in training and long runs. In high school I’ve worn the Xero’s and have gotten many strange looks, but I’ve also “converted” several of my teammates!

    1. BTW, I’m Duke ’84 😉

  416. I love the minimal feel of a Xero Shoe but don’t like answering all the questions from the unenlightened. I think I’ll get less attention in the new Z-Trek.

  417. To represent and teach wherever I go with a smile: that Xero Shoes is best for the barefoot experience!

  418. I need these sandals because my bunions are killing me!!

  419. Hello, I’m not a mountain climber or a runner or an extremely sporty person. I’m just a Mom of three who is very busy and active and I love Xero Shoes! I’ve been wearing them for 3 years. I still have my first pair, by the way, and they’re in great condition for sandals that have literally been worn every day from spring to fall for 3 straight years. I’ve always loved being barefoot and whether I’m at the grocery store, or the park, or camping in the woods I need that feeling of the Earth beneath me. I get that with Xero Shoes.

  420. Amuri, amour – a loveaffair – oh, yeah! Riveting running and rescuing our ruined and rioting toes. Therefore I choose Xero Shoes – with them you can never loose – so now choose me – to be – frolicking free forever from frustrating fracturing shoes and I will in turn tempt and tell thousands of people of the ‘Trek’ -‘it’s not a trick, nor a trap, but a gob-smacking gift of the greatest grandest and most genious’ kind.

  421. I’ve been a chacos fan for (hate to say it) decades. In that time I’ve since discovered barefoot running – began with several 5 fingers, then trail gloves, astros, but no sandals to replace the chacos. Trail running is what i love to do. My feet hurt running in anything not “barefoot”. So do my knees, back, mood, whatever. Found Xeros on line a while back, but the weird knots threw me off. I kept looking at them, but I need simple. (Read whatever you want into that). I want to put them on & go, no fiddling. Finally, last fall, I did it. I bought a pair of Xeros, put them on, & couldn’t even tell I had them on! Except the knots. I still have to mess with the knots. I run in them, but I still don’t think I have them tied up right. Besides that how would I even know? What are they supposed to feel like when they’re right? So – simple. It sounds like you now have them! So yes, I think these may be the ones & I want to try them.

  422. I need sandles for those hot days especially when I go visit my father in law and we go to the ocean shoes and heat do mot mix at all

  423. I want the Z-Treks because I’ve been looking for a rugged
    yet flexible thin sandal with wide webbing as opposed to the stiff heavy ones that have always
    been around.

  424. I think it’s critical to “walk your talk.” We are the best conduits of our healthful living messages. Actions truly speak louder than words.

    I work in public health, so I advocate for healthier lifestyles for a living. I also want my children to make healthy choices. My actions are the best weapon I have in my arsenal to influence others to make healthy choices, too. Wearing Xeros is a way to show people that I support barefoot walking for the way it facilitates an enhanced mind-body-environment connection.
    I already own two pairs of Amuri Clouds, and