Spreading the word about minimalist footwear…

When I’m on the track for a run, or in the gym, or even just walking down the street, people stop me, point at my Xero Shoes, and ask, “Where do you get those?!”

There’s something about a minimalist shoe or sandal that catches people’s eye. There’s something about a running shoe that’s shaped like a foot that makes people immediately think, “Oh, that looks comfortable.” There’s something about the low-to-the-ground design, that makes people instantly think “lightweight.”

When I get out of my car, a Subaru BRZ, I get similar responses. “What is that?!” “That is cool!”

Well, thanks to my new license plate frame, I’m hoping to combine these two events into one. I’m waiting for the first person to drive behind me, read the frame, then pull up next to me and say, “Cool car… tell me more about the shoes!”