Barefoot MYTHS debunked on Fox31 Denver

Barefoot Myths with Xero Shoes CEO on KDVR Fox Denver

What are the Myths and TRUTH about being barefoot (whether you’re walking, running, climbing, lifting, or just getting into a store)?

Xero Shoes CEO, Steven Sashen, takes a look at a few of these on @KDVRDenver

* MYTH — being barefoot is dangerous. TRUTH — for a looong time, humans have been barefoot on terrains WAY worse than anything you’ll encounter. BUT… if you feel you want some protection and still have that fun, natural, barefoot-like experience, that’s why we made Xero Shoes.

* MYTH — you can’t go into public places, stores, and restaurants barefoot. TRUTH — while some of those may have *rules* about wearing shoes, there’s no law against it.

* MYTH — you can’t drive in bare feet. TRUTH — 100% false. There is no law in any state preventing you from doing so. It’s totally legal.

For those times where you want a bit of protection, some traction, and a stylish way to have a barefoot-inspired feeling, check out the performance and casual shoes, boots, and sandals at

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