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Our exclusive FeelTrue™ outsoles are the only outsole developed specifically for barefoot sandals. Co-developed with the former lead designers from Nike and Reebok, FeelTrue™ soles give you total freedom, a barefoot feel, and the protection you want. That's why we call them “Barefoot… PLUS!®


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Product Description

Our exclusive FeelTrue™ outsoles are the only outsole developed specifically for barefoot sandals. Co-developed with the former lead designers from Nike and Reebok, FeelTrue™ soles give you total freedom, a barefoot feel, and the protection you want. That’s why we call them “Barefoot… PLUS!®


We recommend ordering your regular size.

FREE EXCHANGES: Most people find our size recommendation gives them a proper fit, but just in case, we have a free exchange program for all US orders.
*If you normally buy a Euro, UK or JP Size, check out the handy conversion charts below.

Women’s Sizing Chart:

US Sizes EU Sizes UK Sizes JP Sizes
5 35.5 3 22
5.5 36 3.5 22.5
6 36.5 4 23
6.5 37 4.5 23.5
7 37.5 5 24
7.5 38 5.5 24.5
8 38.5 6 25
8.5 39 6.5 25.5
9 39.5 7 26
9.5 40 7.5 26.5
10 40.5 8 27
10.5 41 8.5 27.5
11 41.5 9 28

Men’s Sizing Chart:

US Sizes EU Sizes UK Sizes JP Sizes
6.5 39.5 5.5 24.5
7 40 6 25
7.5 40.5 6.5 25.5
8 41 7 26
8.5 41.5 7.5 26.5
9 42 8 27
9.5 42.5 8.5 27.5
10 43 9 28
10.5 43.5 9.5 28.5
11 44 10 29
11.5 44.5 10.5 29.5
12 45 11 30
13 46 12 31
14 47 13 32
15 48 14 33
Any questions? Just call us at 303 447 3100 or send us an email. We’re here to help.

Please go to Xero Shoes Return Policy page to learn about our 45-day return policy.

We do! We’ve sold Xero Shoes to people in more than 85 countries around the world.
We use the US Postal service to send our shipments. The cost to ship will depend on the weight of the package and the delivery speed you select; several options will be provided at checkout.

All domestic shipments come with tracking. Limited tracking is available for some first class international shipments depending on the country, and full tracking is available with all Priority Express and Express International shipments.

Though almost all of our international orders arrive without incident, we strongly advise you to select Priority Express International or Express International if you live in a country with a less reliable postal service, including (but not limited to) India, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and Indonesia. We cannot guarantee delivery of packages shipped using First Class International.

International delivery can take anywhere from 3 days to 8 weeks depending on how long your order spends in customs at the border.

Please note that some countries do require the payment of import duties for international shipments above a certain value. We advise you to know the import regulations of your country and understand that you will be responsible for payment of any duties and fees imposed by your government at the border.

All packages will be marked as merchandise; as a commercial shipper, we are not able to mark a package as a gift (if you’re giving Xero Shoes as a gift, that’s not the same as us sending a gift).
Also, check our Stores page. There may be a Xero Shoes dealer closer to you.

After you purchase a gift certificate, you’ll be able to enter an email address for the recipient.

You could email it to yourself and forward it at a later time if you like.

You can also take the Gift Certificate code and send it to the recipient.

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Caring for your Xero Shoes

To clean your Xero Shoes, hand wash with warm water, mild soap and allow them to air dry. We do not recommend putting them in the washing machine or dryer.

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Washington State
Great sandals, more thickness options?

I've been using the 4mm and 6mm sandals for both running and walking for some time now, and really like them. I just finished a trip to southern China and I took a 6 mm pair with me. One of the reasons for using sandals is not having to deal with socks during the travel. Another is going through humid jungle the ability to get feet wet and then dry naturally. Since I knew I was going to be covering some rough terrain I also took along a pair of sandals with thicker soles, from one of your competitors. I found to my dismay that the other sandals developed a stench and if I wanted to wear them I had to give them a lot of attention washing them. This was a surprise I didn't expect, as I thought the open design of any sandal would take care of the smell problem. Not so. Your sandals didn't Develop any odor, and I could wear them constantly without worrying. They were a bit lighter than I preferred for long hikes over rough terrain though. I did end up getting some blisters, and I thought I was long past that with the xero sandals I had been running and walking in. If you would market thicker soles (8mm, 10mm) of the same material I would buy those too and add them to my collection of xero shoes. That would give a clean smelling option for rough terrain.

Cassidy R.
Exactly what I wanted!

I purchased the DIY kit from Xero a few years ago, the one with the Cherry outsoles, and LOVED them! I ran in them often and though I sort of fell off the running boat for a while, I still wore them around all the time. This summer I'm looking to get back into barefoot running again and purchased the FeelTrue outsole to replace the cherry sole, just as a little upgrade and treat to myself! Since the cherry soles worked so well, I just traced that pattern onto the new FeelTrues, cut em out, laced em up, and the next morning I was out on the trail feeling the world! I love this company, I wish I had more money so I could buy a pair of each of the types of shoe they design! 🙂

A Xero Shoes Customer
David W.
4 1/2 years of use, and 5,000 mile warranty replacement

These things are incredible. I hardly wear anything else. I wore the FeelTrue 4mm outsoles for 4 1/2 years before they finally wore through. Xero Shoes then followed through on their "5,000 Mile" warranty and provided replacements at a significant discount. Can't speak more highly of the product and the people!

Xero Shoes FeelTrue Outsoles Review
A Xero Shoes Customer
Barry P.
Love the Xero Brand

Been feeling the world for over 2 yrs now and I am loving them.... Started off just walking then gradually moved to running, hiking, and river kayaking with essentially I have two pair that I put together and two other pairs the cloud and the venture. Love everyone equally... Thank you

jay r.
I love my xeros

I love my xeroes have 6pair run about 75 100 a week no more hi tech running shoes for me XERO shoes for me .

Super durable

I have run and put so many miles on my first pair I couldn't even begin to keep track of the miles. I used to buy four pairs of running shoes per year, I used my first pair of 6mm soles for 2 years and have barely touched another pair of running shoes. There are so many benefits to these sandals: feel the ground allow your feet to breathe allow your foot to flex and spread on impact instead of being constrained to a toe box light weight replaced my sandals replaced my running shoes replaced my light weight hiking boot replaced my kayak shoes Did I mention they are my favorite shoe!

Sharon G.
Freedom, Yea!

I love the Feel True soles of the Xero shoes, they are so thin you can feel the ground beneath your feet, yet they protect your feet from the heat . I live in a place that in the summertime the sidewalks feel like there thousand degrees and they feel like they can melt your feet I certainly have had blisters before. With the xero shoe soles they have been perfect to run outside do whatever I want to do and still be healthy, they are awesome !

Ground Feedback

These soles provide the best ground feedback of any shoe/sandal I've tried. Highly recommended.

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